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    Friday, 23 November 2018

    Beehives worth $2 250 burnt in Buhera land feud

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    BUHERA – A villager from Ward 27 under Chief Nyashanu in Buhera has lost honey worth $2 250 after his 10 beehives were burnt to ashes in a land wrangle.
    The beehives were destroyed when villagers allegedly led by councillor Charles Mukanwa tried to push out John Dzere from a piece of land that he used for farming when the community considered it a grazing area.
    Dzere confirmed the matter and although he reported the case to the Police, he told The Mirror that he was no longer interested in pursuing it.
    The Mirror heard the 10 beehives produced $75 worth of honey each per quarter and this brought the total amount to $2 250 per year.
     “I am no longer interested in pursuing the matter because the people who destroyed my beehives with fire are my relatives, hence, I have forgiven them all,” said Dzere.
    Amos Marowa during a telephone interview with The Mirror confirmed that his piece of land was burnt by youths who were under the guidance of councillor Mukanwa.
    “Yes my piece of land was burnt down by councillor Mukanwa and his team of youth together with the 10 beehives that were near the fence of my farm. I had used tree branches to fence that piece of land but it was destroyed by the fire and I have been trying to revive it ever since that incident. Officers from Agritex came and inspected the area and concluded that the burnt area covers 1090m after they measured it,” said.
    He said that the youth used petrol and match sticks to burn his piece of land.
    Councillor Mukanwa also confirmed the incident and blamed Dzere for farming in a grazing area that was too close to the river.
    He added that EMA and Forestry Commission officials had advised Marowa against cultivating close to the river.
    “As the councillor of this ward I cannot allow people to destroy the land, forests and cause siltation in the river because they just want to cultivate anywhere they feel like it,” said Mukanwa.
    The matter was reported to the police under CRB 17/9/18 and CRB 18/9/18 for the destruction of the farm and the beehives respectively.


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