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    Monday, 22 October 2018

    Pastor dupe members, sell 97 stands on open market


    GREAT ZIMBABWE HOTEL - The  State Land Commissioners expressed shock during a court session last Thursday when they came across a housing co-operative that has a full constitution that is only one page long.
    Masvingo Pastoral Fraternal Association has never had a meeting of its members since 2012, it also has never had an audit of its financial books and of the intended beneficiaries of its residential project, only two out of a target of 97 benefitted.
    Two leaders of the Association gave each other a monthly allowance of $700 per month plus a free stand of 1 600 square metres each.
    The Association received 97 residential stands in Lot A of Victoria Ranch from the Ministry of Local Government National Housing and Public Works for distribution to interested pastors from all over Masvingo but the chairman of the association Pastor Muneyi Mbonya and his vice chairman, Tota were the only beneficiaries as the rest of the stands were sold by the two on the open market.
    Pastor Muneyi Mbonya is of Rivers of Life Church and the church has about 100 members while Pastor Tota is of Kubwinya kwaVapositori Church.
    Asked why the Fraternity went to Government and looked for 97 stands for members but ended up with just two benefitting, Pastor Mbonya said it was because by the time Fraternal got its allocation of stands, most of the members had already benefitted from other housing schemes.
    The Mirror reported last year that members of Masvingo Pastoral Fraternal took Mbonya and  Tota to court for duping them in the scheme by selling stands that were intended for members. The case which was heard at Masvingo Magistrate Court resulted in a complaint being made against the latter for the ruling in favour of the two pastors.
    Commissioner Dr Heather Chingono then asked whether anybody from the churches then benefitted but he could not say any names.
    Commissioner Chingono asked what the Association’s constitution says about the project and she was shocked to hear that the association has a constitution which is just one page long. She further asked how that constitution addressed the issue of the stands and she was told that it had no section on the residential stands.
    Justice Uchena then put it to Mbonya that he was a land baron and the stands were not for the association but his private project. Commissioner Uchena then told him that the said constitution was not adequate as a legal document to cover the governance of the organisation.
    “Do you tell me that you are getting a salary of $700 a month plus a free stand of 1 600 square metres, Pastor really? Don’t you see that this project is not developing because all money is going towards your allowances? You are pressing a heavy burden on others. Don’t you see that you are dealing with a natural resource in a selfish manner?” asked Commissioner Uchena.
    Pastor Mbonya said he embarked on the project and it was his hope that God will help the people.
    Mbonya told the Commission that he heard about the stands from Obadiah Musindo of Destiny of Africa.

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