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    Monday, 15 October 2018

    Mucheke woman remanded in custody for pulling hubby’s privates


    MASVINGO – Magistrate Peter Madiba has remanded a Mucheke woman in custody pending judgment for pulling her husband’s privates to the extent that she nearly killed him.
    Manatsa who works at Bilcro limped into court on Wednesday last week as he could hardly walk after his wife pulled his testicles until he almost fainted. Magistrate Madiba had to ask Joel Manatsa why he was walking with a limb and he said it was because of the pain inflicted on his organs by his wife.
    A report compiled by Dr Themba Nyoni said there was so much damage that his manhood is severely swollen and bruised. He has lascecrations on the left eye and bruises all over the body.
    “You have committed a serious crime and for that you will sleep in custody while I decide on an appropriate sentence for you,” said Madiba.
    It is the State case that Ratidzo Chimbete of Ngongoni Crescent, Hillside, Masvingo made sexual advances towards her husband while they were sleeping in their bedroom at night. The husband did not respond to the invitation for sex and this angered Chimbete who responded by attacking the former.
    The court heard that Chimbete took a hoe handle and battered her husband until he fell over from the bed onto a tool box. Chimbete then went for her husband’s testicles and pulled them as he cried out to neighbours for help.
    Joel was rescued by Precious Masawi who entered the room and stopped the accused from further attacking her husband.
    Asked by Madiba what he wanted the court to do with his wife Manatsa described her as a murderer and said he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. He said he was afraid to live with her under one roof.
     Chimbete however, said she still loved her hubby. She said she was only doing foreplay to her husband and got angry when she realised that he was not responding.
    “I think I was only jealous. When he failed to respond to the foreplay, I suspected that he might be having some girlfriends,” said Chimbete.

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