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    Tuesday, 30 October 2018

    MP Gwanongodza uses fictitious church to acquire school

    Ephraim Gwanongodza.


    GREAT ZIMBABWE HOTEL – An unregistered and fictitious church was used by the MP for Chivi Central, Ephraim Gwanongodza to acquire a stand for his private school in Victoria Ranch in Masvingo, the Commission of Inquiry on the Sale of State Land in and around urban areas since 2005 has concluded.
    The Commission declared to Gwanongodza after persistent denials that he indeed used a non-existent church called Simukai Reformed Church to acquire a stand reserved for a school at Victoria Range. A school called Makanaka High School is now being built at the stand.
    Gwanongodza who is the treasurer of Vashandi Housing Co-operative and the chairman Goddard Dunira gave evidence to the Commission at the Great Zimbabwe Hotel near Masvingo on Friday.
    The Commission also concluded that Gwanongodza got the school stand whose cost is above $50 000 after paying nothing.
    Gwanongodza was also accused of violating the land use plan at Victoria Ranch by turning another stand reserved for a church into a private property where he built a hall under a company called Gatville.
    Cornered with the evidence, Gwanongodza eventually confessed that Makanaka High was indeed his private project and that Simukai Reformed Church Trust which he used to acquire the stand does not exist.
    The Commission called for further investigation to establish whether Gwanongodza has not obtained other commercial and residential stands at Victoria Ranch using fake names or using other people’s names. The Commission concluded that Gwanongodza has been feeding the Ministry and other relevant authorities with a lot of misrepresentations in the running of stands at Victoria Ranch.
    “Hon Gwanongodza you are not acting honourably. You accept that a church called Simukai Reformed is fake, yet you went ahead and registered a stand in its name. This is not expected of Members of Parliament,” said Commissioner Heather Chingono.
    “Hon Gwanongodza so you misled the Ministry that the school stand was taken up by the Church when it was not? So you have been misleading everyone. Why would you do this?” asked Commissioner Muchena.
    “Your worship its true that I used a non-existent church to get this stand but my plan was to get a pastor for the school when it is opened,” said Gwanongodza.

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