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    Monday, 29 October 2018

    Love triangle at Erekisheni body

    Chegore rino tichati baba, kumaGumtree kwatonhora zvamunoona hedu, chando kungouya zvisina notice as a result this restricted HOTH’s movements. HOTH ended up foraging in the surrounding areas, kundoinda muberere imomu munana Hellet Street. 
    Yes I mean the red light zone of Masvingo City, where you find women of sizes and shapes, I literally mean that, shapes and sizes, maybe men as well.
    What HOTH is hearing is so depressing, depressing semunhu aona status yaasingafungiri, ex and ex or future and future, something like that. As for the statuses HOTH will tackle that next week because pane achiri too fresh, regai vambochema. 
    There is this guy at the body that is responsible for the holding of free and fair erekishenzi in the province. He takes his junior workmate’s wife, kutora mukadzi wemunhu here.
    You know the guy I am talking about, namaNcube kudai munomuziva, nhasi zvangu naMukanya gudo guru. My uncle don’t forget me baboon! Sekuru musandikanganwa gudo shava!
    The guy whose first name has something to do with Maximum or a Scottish baby name and the woman friend’s first name has something to do with the female in the Bible who is said to be the reason behind all our troubles. Mai vevanhu, for easy of reference let’s call her Evermore because she gives more and more of the forbidden fruit to the opposite sex. She answers to the surname Shitoro, ivo vana Shitoro ava maspokesperson enyu awa eku Gory Tembere, ini zii because the latest on Gory Tembere is coming next week. Watch this space. Kurikukamwe mbwa, ibishi nemhere mhere.
    For now let’s concentrate on this one.
    What ekes HOTH more is the fact that Maximum is maximising someone’s dear wife, waanototi mukadzi wake apa the three work together vachitotambidzana mafiles and sometimes food.
    Instead of serving the boss she is now serving Maximum, isu mwii zvedu setisingavoni wakati Macheso in his latest offering. Setisingaoni.
    Maximum goes on several trips, Chiredzi, Chivi, Gutu, Zaka, Bikita and Mwenezi with this whore married woman, Evermore, but usadaro so considering that your husband hardly suspects anything. Sinyerere zvake, Mwari pachake zvake.
    You drive the car as well as the waist of your subordinate’s wife, ravaging the forbidden fruit left right and centre kusvika kwati ngwee, ndopika nemombe kudai, Nkomo, inkomo or ehiii. After all it is HOTH’s duty to preserve the little that is remaining of our morals.
    In this case HOTH had no option but to expose the misfits in society, if land barons are being exposed what about sex barons, what’s so special about them.
    On the counting of the results, the very day of counting the two disappeared for 2 good hours to enjoy the golden sausage, they could not wait to finish work.
    Surely in this day and age of shortages munhu anodya chikafu murume wacho akatarisa apa ariiye atenga, amana musadaro.
    For now it’s enough, but if nothing changes HOTH will be forced to go further and disclose the finer details, so my advice is simple, muroyi royera kure kuti vepedo vakurevererere.
    Asi zvakaomawo hazvo mungati mukadzi ngemurume same workplace, recipe for disaster.
    As for what happened kuGame uko kumagreen, most gobhora, HOTH will gladly give you the full details next week as well, keep your fingers crossed, pachatsva mikono, nemazigadzi, ambuya Dhori. Akadii matwins. Komwana walegislator arisei. Zvivi izvi. 
    Maiweee regai ndimanye kuraini reCooking Oil ndigobika muponja wangu.
    Till next week makuhwa ngaatsve!

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