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    Monday, 10 September 2018

    Turmoil in Masvingo as Chamisa orders Maboke to step down

    ·      Suspends 6 of the seven MDC councillors
    Mirror Reporter
    Masvingo – MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has ordered newly elected Masvingo City Mayor, Collen Maboke to step down after his favourite candidate Godfrey Kurauone failed to land the mayoral position.
    Maboke whitewashed Kurauone by seven votes to three but both candidates are now accused by Chamisa of canvassing for Zanu PF votes.
    Chamisa has called for fresh mayoral elections and it is understood that he now prefers Ward 5 Councillor Daniel Mberikunashe who is believed to be his close relative for mayor after the suspension of both Kuraunone and Maboke.
    Chamisa confirmed to The Mirror that he had issued an instruction for Maboke to step down.
    The Mirror heard from impeccable sources that Maboke, a lawyer with Ruvengo Maboke and Company Legal Practitioners  was summoned to Harare on Friday where the order was given in the presence of senior party officials including Zwizwayi Murisi (elections secretary), Charlton Hwende (deputy treasurer general) and Morgan Komichi (Chairman).
    Zanu PF councillor Wellington Mawende was elected deputy mayor for Masvingo.
     Masvingo provincial executive including its chairman James Gumbi was part of the meeting. The Mirror understands that the decision shocked Gumbi and his executive that faces a daunting task against Zanu PF after the MDC lost 3 wards out of 10 in Masvingo Urban and 25 out of 26 seats in Parliament.
    Mberikunashe is unemployed and has a certificate in welding
    A top administrator at Masvingo City Council laughed off MDC Alliance as a big joke for trying to overturn results of elections conducted transparently and in the presence of hundreds of residents.
    Maboke is a lawyer while Kuraunone did not go beyond A Level and dropped out of his certificate studies at Masvingo Poly.
    "Yes we have asked Maboke to step down and we need fresh elections. This is because councillors defied party position," said Chamisa in an interview with The Mirror.
    Maboke switched off his phone when The Mirror reporter introduced the topic.
    Chamisa threatened to expel all the four MDC Alliance councillors who voted Maboke if Maboke fails to step down.
    An analyst however, told The Mirror that Chamisa was pressing the self-destruct button because Zanu PF will emerge stronger after "this circus".
    He also said that Chamisa was creating booby traps for himself ahead of the MDC Alliance congress due by March 2019.
    'Chamisa has been accused of imposing friends and relatives since his time as the party national organiser. He is firmly confirming this and arming his enemies in the party," said the analyst.
    A party supporter said it was hypocritical for Chamisa to accuse Kurauone and Maboke of going to bed with Zanu PF councillors when he himself formed an alliance with Grace and Robert Mugabe at the just ended elections.

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    1. I am not an expert in politics but am forced to argue that the MDC is no longer serving the interests of its supporters. I am not sure if what Chamisa and company are doing is for the good of the generality of the Masvingo Urban Population or whether it is for satisfying the ego of disgruntled political leaders. I am sure it is the duty of Councillors to elect a Mayor of their choice and in settling for Maboke, they exercised their constitutional right to do so. While we may not discount underhand political manoeuvres between Mahwende and Maboke, these two do not make a majority and they could simply have been outvoted had other councillors not been in favour of such a settlement. In one way, the MDC exposes itself as a party of corrupt persons, that is, if we are made to believe that the whole lot of recently elected councillors- themselves endorsed by the MDC only a few months ago. I am surprised that Chamisa and Komichi want to choose a Mayor for us in Masvingo, when they do not even reside in the city. Whose interests are served by the removal of Maboke, Chamisa's or the residents of Masvingo's? I am of the view that the bigwigs in the Party should stop micromanaging cities and towns, particularly where they do not reside. We need somebody who is literate and fully comprehends the mandate of his assignment, not a handpicked stooge whose call is to mimick the irreverent whims of their master

    2. Chamisa and his cohort of advisors need to be reminded that they cannot dictate everything to everyone. Jonathan Moyo once talked of an open mouth and shut mind and now I am persuaded to side with him for once. Komichi and Chamisa may well be digging their political graves by poking their noses into businesses that ordinarily should not be theirs to handle. I am not sure if in carrying out their threats and expulsions they tried to listen to the electorate in Masvingo, or simply thought because they were leaders then we had to follow. As much as they have national appeal, these two and others of their ilk, risk losing the support base of Urban Masvingo. One fellow dared this province to form their own party, and the next week his political fortunes had plummeted. Chamisa cannot dictate to us what to not do. He has gone to the School of Law at the UZ and I am really as to why he should exhibit such dictatorial tendencies as only matched by those of RGM. I know I risk the fury of public sympathisers, but what we now have in Chamisa is a staunch admirer of the RGM school of though, ALL or nothing idealist who will bulldoze themselves into power regardless of the consequences. Komichi and Chamisa, please give Masvingo a breather and a.low the city and nation to go forward. You can wage your battles with ED on other platforms.

    3. Chamisa ngaambomira kuda kutonga kwaMugabe. He is an all or nothing idealist whose ambitions for power need to be reined in sooner rather than later. Muchachema nako kamupfana aka mukkakaregerera kachikutanyangai


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