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    Friday, 28 September 2018

    Residents in trouble for dumping waste at Sandara Primary


    GWERU – The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) has pounced on residents of Ascot who were in the habit of dumping waste in the neighbouring Sandara Primary School backyard.
    EMA Provincial Publicity and Education Officer Simon Musasiwa held a meeting with about 10 families whose houses border the school and ordered them to remove the waste they have been dumping or be arrested or fined.
    All the residents except two had by last week complied with the EMA order to remove the rubbish. Musasiwa who toured the area together with The Mirror said that the other two residents were going to comply.
    Sandara head Lilen Mugwagwa said he had reported the case to EMA.
    Some of the waste dumped in the yard includes pampers, plastic, bottles and Musasiwa said that some of the waste found in the yard were dangerous to the kids.
    The school yard recently caught fire and it is suspected that one of the residents dumped smouldering ash in the school yard.
     "I came here two weeks ago after l was told that residents were dumping waste into the school yard. I had a meeting with at least a representative from all those who share the boundary with the school.
    "We agreed during the meeting that the next time I come back there should be no litter in the yard. If that happens then I was going to issue them with tickets. We also agreed that they were going to clear the area. I am happy that some of the residents complied and cleared the area and only two are still to do that," said Musasiwa.

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