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    Friday, 28 September 2018

    Liebenberg High harvests 1 tonne of potatoes


    CHIVHU - Liebenberg High School has produced 1 tonne of potatoes for sale from its agricultural project.
    The school installed a drip irrigation system to maximise agricultural produce and enhance pupils' learning on farming.
    The potatoes were grown on a half hectare piece of land and these were planted at the end of March and harvesting was done early September. This means that the school got 1 tonne on a half hectare planted with the recommended average of one tonne per hectare.
    There are 700 pupils from Form one to Form six who are involved in the project land and the school's total input costs were $1 700.
    The head of the agriculture department, Salanje Keyasi said the school had utilised agricultural lessons not only for acquiring knowledge but to nurture pupils for self-reliance in line with the objectives of the new curriculum.
    The school is however, frustrated by the lack of a dependable market. The other crops that the school grow for the market are beans, maize, and vegetables and the field is therefore green throughout the year.
    "This is the second time we have grown potatoes in bulk in the school garden. We are motivated by the fact that this year's produce has surpassed that of last year. Pupils now enjoy Agriculture as a subject more so after realising that they are making a positive impact to the school coffers," said Mangwiro. 
    Using the drip irrigation system, the school is also growing crops including beans, maize, and vegetables throughout the year. He however said lack of markets for their produce was a drawback. 
    Liebenberg High School head Rodgers Ngara said the school wants to improve production efficiency.
    "We plan to expand the irrigation system to bring about an intensive farming system so that we get maximum output from the small land we have," he said.

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