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    Friday, 17 August 2018

    Indecent exposure at Masvingo Provincial Hospital

    The action of a businessman who sneaked into the blankets of his sick wife in the female medical ward at Masvingo Provincial Hospital and enjoyed the God-given gift of sexual satisfaction cannot go unchallenged. Accordingly, our African culture does not tolerate such a shameful action. There is nothing wrong with being intimate because if we carefully read our Bible God gave Adam and Eve the green leaf. However, it's wrong to be intimate in full view of spectators. Sex should be practiced in privacy. You should have published this man's full name.
    If we analyze the couple's action we can come up with so many reasons why they behaved the way they did; 1. Ritual purpose-maybe he was misinformed by a traditional healer for him to climb the ladder of flamboyance. If done publicly one can realize profits from his business.
    2. To get rid of bad omen.
    3. He is appeasing his god (Devil).
    4. Maybe it's because of their excessive sexual appetite which they failed to control.
    The man should be apprehended and handed to the Police since his whereabouts are known. His wife boastlyfully said that her husband is of violent disposition. Why can't she report him? Zvinonyadzisa izvo vanhu vosika rudzi vachionekwa pamhene vakomana?
    By Luckie

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