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    Monday, 6 August 2018

    Girlfriend clears Jerera’s Musisi Hosp driver’s household goods

    This time HOTH is not going to waste your time because, the subject is very familiar and the purpose is to preserve the little that is left of our morals. 
    You all know Jerera rekuZaka riongocha and this familiar Hospital that is Church run, yes you guessed right it goes by the name Misiso and the driver at the respectable institution has done it again.
    Last time it was this male nurse now it is Mr Driver himself, the 54 year old driver who answers to the name Philipio Mupangaz who stays in the Teachers' Cottages. KumaCottage ikoko.
    The old man is tall, dark in complexion, puts on jeans, black cap on his white head and he loves his Chibuku Super from his favourite watering hall, Chikandiwa Bar. Namanjenje kudai mudahra akaoma uyu. Chimamamabhanzi.
    His girlfriend of two years caught him red handed with another girlfriend and the cottages were on fire as the two tussled for the little property that Philipio owns.
    The girlfriend who goes by the name Heneria Mutabaruka yes the famous Allan Hope aka Mutabaruka Jamaican Rastafari dub poet. She is short and quite huge with drumstick legs, sha hails from Village Muzhangiri. Nhasi zvangu namadyira pazhe chitova wegona.
    Chitova nedzevamwe.
    All along mai nhiya thought that she was the only one enjoying Philipio's golden sausage but last week she got the shock of her life when she found him in the big arms of this whore from Jerera, kuzviTogwi Mukosi.
    Unfortunately when HOTH arrived at the scene she had bolted away as a result I can't describe the love stealer, all HOTH was told is that she is huge and light in complexion, kuda ndiwo mafanta coke akati kuuya awa, vemafuta ekutsvukisa kwai Diprozona.
    Dear gentle readers, Heneria was not bitter about sharing the golden sausage but she was bitter that Philipio was sharing it without a condom, yes without protection yet she used to s..k his d..k the blue movie way.
    To say the woman was bitter is an understatement, she could literally eat someone alive, "Unesure kundidhlisa chako pedzezvo woti nemahure ako, kundidhlisa svina ini, hazvigoni," before she could finish the statement she was all over Philipo.
    She sunk her teeth into Philipio's left arm and the old man screamed like a new born baby while trying to extricate himself from the dog like bite from Heneria.
    It took the whole small community of the Hospital to beg her to leave the screaming old man.
    After the fracas she went straight to the cottage and packed literally everything, including the one and only bicycle, stove, blankets (mind you its winter) and disappeared.
    Philipio had to seek the services of an intermediary called Matanda a workmate and parted with $100 in order to get his property back.
    Gentlemen stick to your one and only one, wawakati I do I do, kwete kukakatana nezvese zvese, dzingidzi gonyera pamwe maruva enyika haaperi.
    Musazodaro amana munosara muripamhenhe nechando ichi ask HOTH kuti kumaGimtree kunotonhora sei.
    Congratulations to those who made it, tough luck to the losers try hard next time, unfortunately HOTH doesn't have the necessary documents so I could not participate.
     Till next week makuhwa ngaatsve!

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