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    Thursday, 23 August 2018

    ‘Bully’ forces pupil to carry trunk filled with stones


    BEITBRIDGE – A Beitbridge parent and her driver reacted angrily to reports of a 21-year-old student at Zezani High  School who allegedly bullied her daughter by forcing her to carry a trunk that was full of stones.
    Muchaneta Zhou (35) and her driver David Kuzwayo (34) stormed the school hostel at midnight on June 16, 2018 and manhandled Faith Muleya (21) before pouring water from two-20litre containers that they had brought with them on her blankets.
    They also poured out Mazoe Orange Crush into a satchel full of books.
    Zezani is a Lutheran-Church run School.
    The two parents were arrested and appeared before magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza who convicted them on two counts; one of unlawful entry and another of malicious damage to property. The charges arise from their entry into the school hostels without permission and the pouring of a concentrated drink onto the student's books resulting in damage worth $180.
    They are now both doing 210 hours community service each after being sentenced to six months in prison. Zhou is carrying out her punishment at the Civil court while Kuzwayo is doing his punishment at the Criminal court.
    Prosecutor Misheck Guwanda said the two accused proceeded to Zezani to see Zhou's child who had called her mother informing her that she was being abused and was therefore not feeling well.
    On arrival at Zezani High, Zhou disembarked from the vehicle and proceeded to Muleya's room where she confronted her for abusing her child.
    Muleya denied the allegations and Zhou then got hold of her and dragged her from the room to where Kuzwayo had parked his vehicle. She then tried to assault her but the security guard stopped her. The complainant fled and went to other students rooms.
    The accused persons then went to the complainant's room, poured water on the blankets that were on the bed and went on to open the container of Mazoe orange crush and poured it inside the satchel that contained school books of the complainant.
    The two accused persons then drove back to Beitbridge with their child. Books valued at $184 were damaged.

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