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    Friday, 10 August 2018

    Buhera teachers to raise $3 091 for Heroes


    BUHERA – The District Education Inspector for Buhera Godfrey Chimbwanda has asked teachers to pay $1 each to be used for Heroes Day celebrations on Monday.
    There are 1 853 primary school teachers and 1 238 for secondary and if they all pay the event will receive $3 091 from the teachers.
    Many teachers called The Mirror to complain against the practise and said failure to comply results in direct or indirect victimisation including being labelled opposition party activists. They said if they go to the event they are neither acknowledged for their contributions nor given food teachers  served at the function.
    They said no one comes back to account to them on how their money has been used.
    The chairman of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Elasto Mugwadi said he cannot commment before a formal complaint is raised with the commission.
    They also complained that they were among the least paid professional in Government with salaries lower than soldiers who don't even have qualifications and yet they are called upon to finance national events like Independence, Heroes and Unity Day.
    They said because they are on holiday, they are being asked to send the money via ecocash. They said the names of schools that pay the money are published on social media as a way of manipulating others to follow suit.
    Chimbwanda told The Mirror that it was true that he had asked the teachers to pay a $1 each but the process was not compulsory. He said teachers were free to either pay or not.
    He said the appeal was not just to the teachers but to all Government Departments and added that heads of departments were paying $2 each.  This procedure is done annually and there is no need for them to panic.
     "Yes I can confirm that I have asked the schools in Buhera District to contribute towards the Heroes celebrations, but the teachers are not being forced to pay the money if they can't. We also don't make follow-ups to establish who has paid or who hasn't," said Chimbwanda.
    He said that the money was not going to his offices but to the District Administrator's office.
    "We are being forced to pay a dollar towards the Heroes celebrations set for Monday next week. We do not even know what that money is used for because if we attend these functions we are not acknowledged, we are only viewed as common villagers and we do not even eat the food served there," said a teacher who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals.
    Some of the DSI's messages on school heads platform that were later send to teachers.
    Heads of schools you are being reminded of the Heroes contributions which are long overdue
    Heads who contributed towards Heroes celebrations kindly give me amount. Right now attending meeting at DA's Office
    St Phillips Mukamba pry. Paid $9 heroes celebrations through ecocash
    MATSVERU $10
    Chimbudzi Primary Paid$14 Heroes Celebration just now from Magada P 0783893073
    Moses The Prophet Sec School $8
    Bangure pry paid $20
    Kandenga Secondary. $12
    Muzokomba pry  $11
    Zimuto C Chapungu Primary paid £11 towards Heroes Celebrations through eco cash
    Mavangwe Pry  paid $8 thru DAYS Biller Code
    Mkondomi pry paid 10.00
    Kàndengà P $10.00
    Makumbe CPS $5 paid through ecocash
    Chakanetsa  v paid $10 for  St Anthony
    St Johns Pry 21 dollars
    Chipudzana $10
    Chiteshe Sec School paid $6 towards Heroes Day activities
    Bangure high $5
    Munyira Pry $10
    Chawatama High School  paid $13.00 towards Heroes  celebrations.
    Nehumambi primary school $19
    Kuenda Pry $7
    Gunura Primary School has just paid $5
    Hlatshwayo T paid $10 for Mukwasi pry
    Paiswa biller code
    Machiragwama primary school paid12dollars
    What's the biller code we never saw it We can also send

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