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    Saturday, 2 June 2018

    Meet the DJ who humbled Abednico Ncube


    GWANDA – The Minister of State for Mat South, Abednico Ncube is a powerful man and a king maker in the revolutionary party Zanu PF. He is revered in Matebeleland.
    However, Ncube's political future is bleak and for now he seems  to be heading  for political Siberia courtesy of the recently held Zanu PF primary elections.
    It took 47-year-old radio presenter Omphile Marupi to play the David and Goliath on him. Ncube lost the party's primary elections by 1180 votes to Marupi'1284.
    Marupi spoke to The Mirror in an exclusive interview this week and said he has immense respect for his political adversary Ncube but added that he only entered the political fray against him because President Emmerson Mnangagwa had called upon the youth to revitalize the party.
    Marupi is known for his saying 'young and inexperienced in politics but rich in ideas'.
    A man of many hats, Marupi is a presenter-producer with ZBC's Radio Zimbabwe and has been working in this position since 2001. He initially worked for National FM before he switched on to the earlier in 2011. 
    From 2016 to date Marupi has also been a part time BED lecturer speciliasing in SeSotho at GZU. He is also currently a senior executive producer and manager for Khulumani FM.
    Some of Marupi's outstanding achievements are that he translated the primary and secondary curriculum to SeSotho and Ndebele and primary text books to SeSotho language. He boasts of being the first presenter of SeSotho programmes on National FM in 2001.
    "I was the first BED SeSotho lecturer at GZU and I drafted course outlines for the program and course regulations for the same programme for LSU. I am also a member of the translation and interpretation panel for ZBC and a board member of SeSotho Language Board," added Marupi.
    His academic pursuits reflect ambition, determination and accomplishment.
    "In 1992 I was at Tennyson Hlabangani for my secondary education. I completed my A' levels at Zezani High School. In 1994 I graduated with a certificate in Travel and Tourism with ICM UK. In 2012 l graduated with a B.A Hons degree in Applied Language Studies with LSU. In 2014 I got a Masters of Arts in African languages and Culture with MSU. In 2017 l obtained a post graduate diploma in Tertiary Education with GZU and in August this year I am graduating with a PhD with the University of Fort Hare in SA," said Marupi.
    Marupi was born on September 18, 1971 and he is married to Mufanedza and they have two boys and a girl. Marupi is the sixth son of Tseko Marupi and the late war veteran Ezekiel Dukela Malapela Marupi of Buvuma in ward 18 under Chief Marupi. 
    Being a son of a war veteran meant politics has always been in his blood, says Marupi.
    "I am a son of a war veteran. My father's towering role in politics had a strong bearing on my future. I became active in politics way back in 1992 and affirmed my membership by being a card carrying ZANU PF youth in my constituency until 2001 when I moved to Bulawayo to further my studies.
    "I remained in Zanu PF at a time when many youths defected and joined the opposition. I remained loyal to the party and defended the land reform programme and the sovereignty of my country through my radio programming," he said.
    Answering questions on how he outmaneuvered veteran politicians like Ncube, Marupi said his family being royal in Mat South means he is well known. He said Mnangagwa's call for youth to defend the party also played a big role.
    "People have openly said that they want a leader who will listen to them. My grandfather is a chief who is well known for that. I am well respected in our community," added Marupi.
    He said it was baseless to say that the youth must not lead because they have no experience.
    "Young and inexperienced as we are, we are rich with fresh ideas. We are a generation that is technologically enlightened. We have ideas of reviving our economy," said Marupi.
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