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    Sunday, 13 May 2018

    Chirumanzu councillors block move to allocate stands to former DA


    MVUMA – There was uproar at Chirumanzi Rural District (RDC) on Monday following recommendations by the planning committee chairman to allocate two low density suburb residential stands to former Chirumanzu DA Makanzwei Jecheche.
    The stands were to honour some unfulfilled transactions allegedly made between Jecheche and the local authority.
    Councillor Duvai Taruvinga, the chairperson of the planning committee recommended compensation of two low residential stands to Jecheche.
    The reason for offering the stands to Jecheche were that he bought stray cattle that were on auction under Chirumamnzu RDC but failed to collect the beasts which were ultimately resold.
    He was to be allocated a second stand to compensate him for the time he managed the affairs of the local authority for which he made a down payment of  $1 000 for a stand.
    The councillors threw out  the proposal and demanded proof of payments for the transactions the former DA is said to have made 10 years back.
    Chirumanzi Chief Executive Officer (CEO) told the meeting that Jecheche failed to collect his beasts from council pens after paying for them because he then got arrested by the Police on other issues. The argument is that the eight head of cattle he bought then would have multiplied by now. However, other councillors argued that he only bought four head of cattle.
    In a telephone interview, Jecheche told The Mirror that he bought eight cattle on auction but refused to explain why he did not collect them immediately after buying them.
    He also told The Mirror that he had already received two residential stands from Chirumanzi RDC as compensation for money he had paid for stands during the  time he was running council affairs.
    He however argued that he had already withdrawn from the management board when he bought the cattle.
    "I bought eight cattle from council but I am sure they had reproduced and increased in numbers. When I went to council seeking my property, I was told that the cattle were resold.  Therefore, I demanded compensation.  I have all the receipts to produce as proof for  the transactions that I did," said Jecheche.
    But Chirumanzi District Administrator Tapson Chivanga said there was need for an audit on council to authenticate Jecheche's alleged transactions.
    "There were a number of council receipt books that were not accounted for just before he assumed duty as an overseer of council affairs so it is difficult to authenticate the receipts that he might want to produce as proof," he said.
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