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    Sunday, 15 April 2018

    Who is stealing meat at Beitbridge Independence Day Celebrations?


    BEITBRIDGE – Government officials in Beitbridge and other stakeholders spent almost an hour during their Independence Day Celebrations preparatory meeting on Tuesday trying to find ways of stopping massive thefts of meat that occur at the event every year.
    The meeting which was held at the District Administrator's (DA) boardroom was chaired by Acting Beitbridge DA Kiliboni Ndou.
    A Government employee raised the issue during the meeting and said meat donated for the Independence Celebrations was stolen every year and the rate is alarming. He also said that people go hungry at the event because of the thefts which have over the years tarnished the event.
    The employee who cannot be named said this  also tarnishes Zanu PF as most of the people who don't get food are those who are not active in politics and an impression is created that Independence Celebrations are for the ruling party members only.
    The meeting unanimously  agreed on the issue and called for action to stop the thefts this year.
    Ward 4 councillor Sarudzai Moyo said she was aware of the issue and she also knew the perpetrators although she was not at liberty to divulge their names.
    She however, accused several Zanu PF party chairpersons of using their authority to steal the meat. She said such powerful persons bring containers including buckets to the function which they will use to stuff with stolen meat.
    The meeting was also told that at one time a chairman went away with a whole hindquarter.
    "We are now tired of this, some bring buckets at the event to pack the meat they would have stolen, we know their names and these people harass people to steal the meat. Let's make a change, people are complaining and yet we are their leaders.
    "The whole episode is so embarrassing because the chairpersons are the ones stealing the meat. Everyone in the public domain is aware of this information and then it circulates on Whatsapp thereby damaging the party's good reputation," she Moyo.
    However, some stakeholders at the meeting blamed lazy Government officials for allowing the meat to be stolen. They said that no Government official was found at the places where meat is stocked although some of them would have been assigned to the task.
    "Some Government officials that you put in the catering committee are very lazy. They use youths and women to take care of catering and someone comes and say he or she is the chairperson of a certain district, and these are the people who steal," said Moyo.
    One Government head of department said the issue was a party issue and should be solved at party level.
    "All councillors are aware of the names of people who are stealing meat at Independence Day Celebrations. These are not people who are doing the cooking but the bosses. A district chair comes and say I am in charge and steals," said the Government official
    Ndou said a meeting will be held for the catering team a day before Independence to come up with the way on how to conduct themselves.

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