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    Friday, 15 December 2017

    Masvingo shops selling banned lighting bulbs


    – Zimbabwe is losing about $10 million every year due to the continued use of the incandescent bulbs banned in the country on January 27 2017 and the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) was recently on a campaign in Masvingo creating awareness of the ban.
    The Government promulgated into law the ban in January and that law became enforceable in May 2017.
    Speaking at an awareness workshop held for stakeholders in Masvingo a few weeks ago, ZERA research engineer Tanda Chisi said all incandescent and other inefficient light bulbs have been banned in Zimbabwe for manufacturing, distribution or for sale. Those found manufacturing, distributing or selling these light bulbs are liable of an offence that carries a six months prison term or a fine.
    In Masvingo, all 20 shops visited by ZERA officials were found to be selling the banned products. Chisi said there were no arrests in Masvingo because the energy regulatory company wanted to create awareness about the ban first before enforcing the law.
    The incandescent bulb was banned because it uses too much energy thereby costing the consumer in terms of electricity bills. The use of the inefficient bulbs also costs ZESA since it has to import a lot of power from the region.
    ZERA recommends the use of LED bulbs which consume 10% of the power consumed by incandescent lights.
    "Using an LED bulb will cost you $1 in electricity bills per year but using the incandescent one will cost you $10 for the same period. A typical 10 watts LED bulb will give you the same light as a 100 watts incandescent bulb. Where an LED bulb gives 6 000 hours, an incandescent bulb will give you a maximum of 1 000 hours. The incandescent bulb  is expensive for nothing; it costs the consumer and it also costs ZESA," said Chisi.

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