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    Friday, 3 November 2017

    Municipal Policeman beds niece in wife’s presence

    Hehede Mucheke iya yoita chisiwonekwi mudzi webwe. HOTH thought it was only the sex workers who are notorious in this oldest township in the ancient city.
    This time ndakakanda mapfumo pasi hunde.
    So there is this Municipal Police officer who is employed to clamp vehicles that would have flouted a Section of the Masvingo Municipality by-laws in the CBD where it all happens, banks, Ritz Nite Spot, Liquids, spare parts, supermarkets, IDs, passports, Chicken chakadero, you name it you get it.
    The officer goes by the name Chikiti and stays in Marinda or Makuva Street in Mucheke in the same street where you find this big church yes you guessed right, AFM.
    Iko kuzogara mudhuze nechurch. Baba vangu Bonga iwee.
    Last week Chikiti was caught by his wife red handed while having quality time with the daughter of his wife's sister, mwana wemukoma wemukadzi wake. Ndomakunakuna zve awa, mashura padunhu.
    They were having it right under her nose, in the same house, mebhedhuru remusikana, iii Chikiti usadaro.
    HOTH used to think that Chikiti was only notorious for taking other people's wives who are from faraway places sezvo vakuru vakati kuroya royera kure. But, this time Chikiti decided to take his Precious fruit to his niece.
    HOTH was told that this was not the first time that the two had Precious time together, this was probably the umpteenth time. Kana ngoma yoririsa yoda kudambuka. Chachatova chijairira.
    Chikiti would sneak out and quickly do it and come back, but this time uuummm damba refu mwana womudhara.
    The wife came to know about this after she woke up last Friday and found that she was alone (eloni) in bed of which she never suspected anything. After 30minutes the wife became worried and decided to search for her dear hubby in the toilet but, there was nobody, in the dining room there was nobody again.
    While in the dining room that is when all hell broke loose, what a sound that was coming from the niece's bedroom, oooh my God, hell hath no fury like a cheated woman worse still by a relative, nemwana wako here waunochengeta.
    She could not control herself as she smashed the door and what does she see, her husband all over mwana uummm.
    To say that the two were bashed is a complete understatement because the woman was furious and neighbours had a hard time removing her from the niece who was under a vice grip.
    By the time they managed to restrain her  the niece was bloodied all over the body.
    When our promiscuous Municipal officer tried to escape he was blocked by the wife who is heavily built in her own right. Chivhindikiti  baba.
    She sat on him and started doing what she knows best, pummelling him in the face and head until he lost consciousness.
    Instead of helping him to stand up properly she roughed   him up and in the process broke his left arm and up to now he is in plaster.
    Anonzi mazvokuda mavanga enyora, he can't tell the workmates what happened because pakaipa guys.
    Teacher wepa Herehere  college bhadhara mantainance usatiza haisati yanyanya kuwanda ichiri pa$900. 
    But if you continue running away we will come for you, be warned.
    Till next week dzino chekwa baba.
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