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    Sunday, 19 November 2017

    Mugure private school to open


    CHIKOMBA - A multi-million dollar unique high school, Mugure House Institute is taking shape in Chikomba District, 90km from Harare along Harare Masvingo Road and the institute is opening its doors to students in January 2018.
    Daniel Chapinga, who is the chairman of Mugure Group of Companies and director of Mugure House Institute did not mince his words about the quality of the new school.
    He said Mugure will match any school in the country but will offer places at 33% of the fees charged at similar schools.
    "Schools with facilities of the level of Mugure House are charging fees of between $5 000 and $ 6 000 per term and we are saying we will do it at almost a third of that price. Ours will be $1 850.
    "I have children who are in private schools and they are paying $5 000 a term and I have said to myself that parents are being short-changed. This is one of the reasons why as an entrepreneur I decided to invest in a private school," said Chapinga.
    He said the first 10 students to get places at the school will be awarded scholarships to study at a University of their choice anywhere in the World.
    Mugure House has taken Zimbabwean parents by storm particularly because of its billboards and marketing. The school has a huge billboard 100km from Harare across Ngezi River and it has caught the eye of every traveller.
    It is perched on a 25hectare piece of land 9 km from the Harare Masvingo Highway.
    Although Chapinga would not say how much the school would cost when it's completed, he said that $2,8 million has so far been sunk into its construction. The school will absorb 200 students in January 2018 but its capacity is 1 000 students when it's completed.
    He said that the curricular for the school is different from the rest even though the same syllabus would be used. The school will produce entrepreneurs and captains of industry, said Chapinga.
    "We are not going to recruit students on the basis of their academic results. Yes academic results are important but our mission here is to produce entrepreneurs and captains of industry; graduates who go out there to build industry and create jobs," said Chapinga.
    The school has top notch facilities. Its boarding houses are ensuite and there is a saloon and a barber shop in each hostel for the students. Each dormitory also have a sickbay used for quarantining students who are not well.
    On Sundays students spend two hours learning self-sustenance; to make their beds, to iron their clothes and to do their laundry, said Chapinga.
    Academically, the school is a computer environment. Every desk has a laptop and students will have laptops in all their lessons. The student teacher ratio is 1;25. Pupils who are not in exam classes will enjoy a three-week cultural exchange outside the country.
    "We believe exposure is one of the best methods for learning and our pupils will go on cultural exchanges outside the country every year," said Chapinga.
    He said that pupils are going to get five meals a day at 6am; 10am; 1pm; supper and a cup of coffee before they go to bed. The meals are buffet, he said. 
    The organogram of the school comprises of the rector, director studies and director human resources who are at par and then teachers.
    The school will also extensively promote sports.
    "We believe that children learn through play and we will be offering all popular and minority sports including cricket, hockey, tennis volleyball, rugby, basketball, soccer and netball," said Chapinga.
    Chapinga was born in Buhera and went to primary schools in the area including another one in Mutare. He did his secondary and advanced level studies at Mutambara High in Manicaland and then went to University.
    He went into entrepreneurship and started a haulage and fabrication company that makes furniture for schools. He briefly did business in the Congo around 2007 and came back to Zimbabwe and continued with his businesses.
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