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    Sunday, 26 November 2017

    Chamisa in BVR campaign in Chikomba


    CHIKOMBA – Rigging by ZANU PF will be more difficult if opposition political parties win by large margins, MDC- T vice president, Nelson Chamisa has said.
    Speaking at a Biometric Voter Registration campaign at Chambara Business Centre in Manyene in Chikomba District on Saturday, Chamisa urged MDC T supporters not only to register in large numbers but also to go and vote in their numbers as this was the only way in which rigging can be stopped.
    He said that rigging would be more difficult if winning margins are wider and added that rigging is easier when the opposition beats the ruling ZANU PF with narrow margins.
    He dispelled the myths he alleged was being spread around by ZANU PF activists that under the BVR system, it was now easier for the ruling party to know who voted for what.
    He said that Biometric was a far much better system of elections than the system used in 2013 and years before because "there were no dead people who were going to come and vote". He said Bio, refers to parts of the body like for example the fingerprint and system is therefore used to register body parts.
    "No one can get into the polling booth and produce someone else's finger-prints. Dead people are not going to come and vote this time around. Zimbabwe is the only country where dead people have been found on the voters roll. Biometric is fool proof and it is not true that the Biometric System was brought to assist ZANU PF to detect what people vote for," said Chamisa.
    He said that MDC T was this time engaging other political parties including disgruntled senior members of ZANU in order to form a formidable force against ZANU PF. He added that the party was also working with war veterans.
    "You should embrace BVR because it's advanced and chances of rigging are slim and ndokwedu ka kutechnology, ndakatodzidzisa President Mugabe kubaya machine vachitobvunza kuti ko mbira inopenya iyo chii ndikati icomputer.If people vote in their numbers there won't be rigging.
    "We are working together with war veterans kudzorera nyika payanga iri and tirikushanda futi neve ZANU PF vapandukira ikoko," said Chamisa.
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