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    Sunday, 26 November 2017

    Cautious welcome for Mnangagwa

    •  Demand number one is democracy


    MASVINGO – Analysts have said that celebrations for the end of Mugabe's rule by Zimbabweans have been more cautious than expected because there is uncertainty on the kind of leadership that Mnangagwa is going to provide.
    Most analysts who talked to The Mirror said Zimbabweans could have been wilder in their celebrations after Mugabe's resignation on Tuesday but they are restrained because they suspect Mnangagwa could be the same or worse .
    "The demise of Mugabe is a phenomenal event that could have torched wild celebrations by Zimbabweans for days if not months. However, a sixth sense must be telling people that beyond Mugabe's departure, there is not much yet on the horizon.
    "The joy that we saw on Tuesday is a celebration to an end of  Mugabe's misrule. People were really tired of him. There are few people who are celebrating the coming in of Mnangagwa because people are not really sure what is in store for them," said a Masvingo analyst who preferred anonymity.
    Some residents who talked to The Mirror said that Mnangagwa was too close to Mugabe during their time that they feared that they are just two sides of the same coin. They also said that Mnangagwa was the man who kept Mugabe in power for such a long time and this raised a lot of questions about his approach to leadership.
    "Mnangagwa was Mugabe's shield; he defended him through and through so how do we get hope of real change with such a man. My prayer to God is for him to change Mnangagwa's heart otherwise I have  fear and not respect for him," said Emelda Mhiripiri.
    Another resident of Masvingo said that the best legacy that Mnangagwa can leave for Zimbabweans is democracy.
    "Zimbabweans went to war in their thousands so that they could have the right to make free choices including choosing who ever they want to lead them. This right which Zimbabweans paid for with their precious blood has never come and my plea to Mnangagwa is to honour those who died for this country by giving us democracy," said Martin Chiuta.
    John Makore said Zanu PF remains Zanu PF and people should not expect much from Mnangagwa. He said that the system of Government is going to remain vindictive and vicious to alternative views even after Mnangagwa becomes President.
    "Zanu PF has always used force to get things done and I don't see Mnangagwa charting away from this path because it is the one that has kept his party in power. The generals who whisked Mnangagwa into power have declared many times before that Zimbabwe is for Zanu PF and Zanu PF alone, so what will  make them change today," said Makore.
    Euleta Simbanegavi said he has a lot of hope in Mnangagwa because the latter has learnt something from Mugabe's bad rule.
    "Mnangagwa is one Zimbabwean who suffered immensely at the hands of a dictator. He knows how it feels to be under the rule of a dictator and that will make him a better leader," said Simbanegavi.
    Taurai Mataka said Chiwenga showed true patriotism and Zimbabwe would not be where it is today without him.
    "His act of bravery is certainly not out of self-interest. He risked life and limb to liberate us from Mugabe and he is a commander who means well,"  said Mataka.
    Others spoke about the need for Mnangagwa and Tsvangirai to work together.
    "Mnangagwa must join hands with Tsvangirai for the economic turnaround. This is time to show unity and I am happy that war veterans leader, Christopher Mutsvangwa has been talking about it," said  Mbuya Tecla Mushushu.
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