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    Tuesday, 31 October 2017

    Buhera villagers plead for electrification of Ndyarima Clinic


    BUHERA – Nurses at the newly-opened Ndyarima Clinic in Ward 19 under Chief Nyashanu frequently use candle light to help pregnant mothers to deliver because of lack of power.
    Villagers said they were happy that the Ministry of Health and Child Care opened Ndyarima Clinic on April 23, 2017 but the new challenge is the absence of power which is necessary for lights and refrigerators.
    The nurse-in-charge at the clinic, Beauty Manyara (35) confirmed the situation but declined to comment on the matter.
    Villagers who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Mirror that mothers who deliver at the clinic at night are doing so under candle light.
    "Using a candle to help mothers giving birth is dangerous as the light is too weak for the delicate process," said a villager who said her relative once faced the predicament.
    Buhera District Medical Officer Dr Shelton Kwiri said he was aware of the situation and the problem is being worked on. The Rural Electrification Agency (REA) has a programme to electrify rural clinics and so far four clinics have been electrified in the area.
    Villagers also called for the connection of water to the clinic as nurses and patients are currently getting water from a borehole. 
    In addition the clinic needs assistance in terms of furniture, and stationery.
    Clinic chairperson Lovemore Taisiyepi said that the community is also appealing for help to finish the construction of the waiting rooms for expecting mothers so that they will not have to travel long distances to deliver.
    Buhera council chairman Ngoni Musakaruka also called for those who can assist the clinic to do so.  
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