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    Thursday, 20 July 2017

    Teachers’ sex scandal spills into court


    CHIKOMBA – A female teacher accused of bedding her workmate's husband at an overcrowded school where 10 teachers are sharing one farm house has applied for a peace order from Chivhu Magistrates' Court.
    Pindai Mutukwa of Pimbi Secondary School in Featherstone was allegedly caught red-handed with Leona Mutungwiro's husband, Taruvinga Chikoore leading to an altercation between the two women.
    Chikoore who went missing during the night and could not be found despite a search by a party of teachers eventually sneaked out of Mutukwa's bedroom at around 8am after Police had been called to assist in investigating the matter.
    Doors leading into Mutukwa and Mutungwiro's bedrooms are less than one metre apart according to court papers.
    Mutukwa has since sought a peace order against Mutungwiro who she accuses of insulting her in front of other teachers and school pupils and calling her a whore.
    Mutukwa teaches at Pimbi Secondary while Mutungwiro teaches at Pimbi Primary.
    The matter was brought the courts last week and it has been set for hearing on Wednesday next week.
    Mutukwa also accuses Mutungwiro of calling 8-year-old daughter a whore and of trying to bar her from attending her classes or coming anywhere near her.
    She also accused Mutukwa of being in the habit of insulting her whenever she sees her.
    However, Mutungwiro who is defending herself against the peace order said she only argued with Mutukwa once on June 19 after her husband was found in former's bedroom.
    Mutungwiro said there is less than one meter distance between Mutukwa's bedroom door and hers and had she been of violent disposition she could have attacked her since they come face to face all the time.
    She therefore said it was not justified for Mutukwa to bring a peace order against her. She also argued in her papers that the peace order sought by the applicant was only meant to keep Mutungwiro docile while the later took her husband.
    Mutungwiro said she and the applicant and several other teachers share the same house and Mutukwa is the immediate neighbour.
    On June 16, this year, just after 3 am, she was startled from her sleep by her child who had cried and found his husband Chikoore not in bed and went to check for him in the kitchen where he normally does his school work from but could not find him.
    She then alerted other teachers including the applicant that her husband was missing and teachers including Mutukwa woke up. She made a Police report and Chikoore emerged from Mutukwa's room in view of other teachers.
    When Police arrived at arround 8am, Chikoore is said to have publicly confessed and apologised for having an adulterous relationship with Mutukwa.
    Mutukwa then immediately disappeared from the school premises until June 19.
    Mutungwiro said had she been of violent disposition she could have attacked the applicant but she never and therefore there was no justification for the granting of a peace order.news
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