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    Saturday, 8 July 2017

    Tavaruva ‘Mhunga’ family lands Gutu Chieftainship


    GUTU - The Tanda Tavaruva family, one of the most prominent business families that ran Mhunga Bus Services in Masvingo has landed the Gutu Chieftainship, the most powerful and biggest traditional leadership in the country which is linked to President Mugabe's late mother Bona.
    Sources told The Mirror that Tanda Mhunga, the owner of Mhunga Bus Services, his brother Mareya Chivasa or one of their sons are touted for the chieftainship once a meeting of the family to choose the heir is held in the next few days. The chieftainship went to the Chagwiza family and  Mhunga is from the Chagwiza family following a clan meeting on Monday.
    The new chief will become the 22nd Chief Gutu and the fourth installed after Zimbabwe Independence. The Chagwiza family succeeds Edmund Masanganise who has been running the chieftainship following the death of his brother Amos Kasirai Masanganise in 2013
    The Chagwiza family emerged the chief-elect following a heated six-hour meeting at Gutu Rural District Council offices at Mpandawana attended by over 100 delegates from eight families on Monday. Masvingo Provincial Administrator Fungai Mbetsa confirmed the development and said the new chief from the Chagwiza family is going to be announced once the family submits the name of the heir to Government.
    The Monday meeting was jointly chaired by three chiefs from the Chiefs Council and these are Chief Marozva, Chief Chitanga and Chief Nemauzhe and also in attendance was Gutu District Administrator  Lovemore Chisema
    Speculation is rife that one of Tanda Mhunga's sons will land the position but the sons refused to speak to the Press and directed all questions to the Gutu District Administrator.
    Although there were eight families contesting the chieftainship, the meeting resolved that there were only two families that were legible and these were from Gutu's sons Rusina and Goronga. It was also noted that although Gutu had other sons, most of them did not have a right to claim their father's throne because they were given or they started their own chieftainships elsewhere. Examples of sons who were given separate chieftainships are Chitsa and Denhere.
    According to the family tree the two endorsed sons Rusina and Goronga had their own sons. Rusina had four sons while Goronga had two namely Chagwiza and Chiriga. Chagwiza in turn had two sons Mufumisi and Chikara and the chieftainship is now in Mufumisi's family where Tanda Mhunga and Mareya Chivasa are the remaining sons who can be installed as the new chief.
    However, the decision is on the two brothers to take up the chieftainship or pass it on to one of their sons.top story
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