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    Friday, 14 July 2017

    Lessons frtom the Jews and Arabs unity

    By Charles Kungwengwe
    PART 1:
    Jews are arguably the greatest people in most spheres of life.
    The following examples will illustrate the above claim: Albert Einstein ,the father of the first atomic bomb ,which was administered on Japan in 1944  was Jewish; Karl Marx ,the god –father of Socialism\Communism  was of Jewry extraction and that equally applies for Leon Trotsky ,one of the architects of the  1917 Russian Socialist  Revolution and Commissar of War ;Bill Gates ,the richest man in the world is a Jew; Sigmund Freud ,one of the greatest psychologists of all time, is also Jewish and this is also the case for Zimbabwe 's Sam Lev. Let us not talk about Disraeli  ,the first British Prime Minister to have two successive terms in office. In addition ,leading capitalists in such countries as the U.S.A ,Britain ,France and Germany are Jews and  that comment also holds true for these countries' intelligence network personnel. Furthermore,Jews are a military powerhouse who ,for example ,after having occupied Palestine in 1947, fought and defeated almost the entire Arab world ,under the leadership of Egypt. To the Jews ,this was a make or break 'ordeal'. Talk about the  Jewish -Ethiopian Emperor ,Menelik ,the only African  leader to subject a European power ,using very sophisticated military hardware ,to a 3 count military pin fall ,during the period of the Scramble ,Partition and Colonization of  Africa. The concept of  Solomonic wisdom is well documented in the Bible .And  Jesus Christ Himself...............I could go on and on but then the  task of chronicling these people 's successes is not the main focus of this paper.
    Are these success stories  modern-day   miracles ,miracles to confirm that Jews  are God's  chosen people?
    Certainly not! There are Three secrets to the Jews 's success story and we must ,as Africans ,take a leaf out of their books: Iron  determination and or passion for success; unity\nationalism and having a positive mindset and attitude.   
    The Jews unity emanates from their nationalism and  or patriotism. This nationalism transcends beyond physical boundaries ,and hence unites those both in Israel and the Diaspora as well. These people have a strong love for  their Country and while in the diaspora they never lost sight of the Promised Land and ,as such , they stayed as a nation within nations which hosted them. It is indeed this patriotic sentiment that forced even the twelve apostles to ask Jesus about the time their country's independence, from the Roman Empire, would be restored (Acts 1:6). They are united by the simple reason that they all claim their ancestry to the 12 'tribes' of Israel. Allow me to call it Pan -Judaism. In fact it is a convenient misnomer to call them tribes for they are just  all sons of Jacob\Israel. United people can perform wonders in whatever endeavor. Africans ,on the other hand ,do lack that national solidarity and opponents take advantage to employ the divide and rule strategy.
    Their (Jews)unity also comes from their common culture and religion ,in particular. Religion has a unifying power as it gives people a common vision. In  some isolated cases,  Africans did put this fact into experimentation: the Zimbabwean 1896-97 Ndebele –Shona Risings ,for example ,saw these 2 tribal groups getting  united  by religious leaders.
     Africa ,on the other hand ,follows foreign religions , especially the religion brought about by their former colonial masters and the same religion which was used to enslave and colonize them; the same religion being used to subject Africans to mental slavery or neo-colonialism as we speak : Either Christianity or Islam. And what would we expect from that development. Our ancestors have  therefore abandoned  or forsaken us. Religion also gives people  the courage to fight for their own conviction. The Jews are known for their Zionism and both them and the Arabs are renowned for their jihads or Holy Wars. In contrast  to Africans, Jews cling to their Judaism at all cost.
    It is this religion that gives both the Jews and Arabs the iron determination to die for what they believe in. In the Maji Maji Risings of Kenya (1905-7)we saw the same as a result of Kinjikitile Ngwale who gave Blacks Maji Maji Holy Water as a protection from the White men 's bullets .And that influence paid dividends but ,sadly ,this approach did not stay long in Africa.
    Because Jews are united ,they uplift each other and that is a sense of Brotherhood. Africans are jealous  of each other 's successes and this tends to  suppress  local talent .
    Apart from their passion for success ,Jews have a habit of clinging tenaciously to what they believe in and that habit has a bearing on success. For example, they waited patiently for the realization of the Promised Land, Canaan, and this is the present day Palestine ,a promise which was made to Abraham in the unforseable  past(Genesis 12:5-13) . Their hope never died a natural death but was attained, first, during the days of Joshua and then ,fairly recently, in 1947 ,after the Second World War. In some countries some Jews in the Diaspora  are still agitating to go to the Promised Land .This is the case ,for example ,with the  Black  Jews in\of  Ethiopia. In this iron determination lies one of the secrets of their successes. We have always lacked this determination as Africans.
    Make a follow-up to this discussion next-week// Opinion piece

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