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    Saturday, 8 July 2017

    Former Chikomba DA to be charged for fraud


    CHIKOMBA – Chivhu Resident Magistrate, Story Rushambwa has called for the prosecution of former Chivhu District Administrator in a case in which his subordinates are being tried for defrauding Government of $8 000 through the payment of ghost village heads.
    Rushamba said Clemence Masawi, the former DA must be jointly charged with three other accused because he also used to go out to pay the village heads their allowances. He said failure to charge Masawi who has since been transferred will be a clear selective application of the law.
    He called upon the Auditor to add Masawi to the list of the accused.
    Rushambwa made the suggestion the trial of Monica Mutsimba (32) Michael Ngiza (48) Douglas Karuru (47) who are all accused of paying allowances to non-existent village heads thereby prejudicing the State.
    The complainant in the case is the State represented by Masawi but the magistrate is in concurrence with an accused's lawyer that Masawi must also be charged.
    "Is it not exclusive prosecution when he was part of the proceedings in the stealing or missing of the money and worse when he was at some time going doing the payouts, paying non existent village heads?" queried Rushambwa.
    The lawyer of one of the accused persons, Tafara Nsingo of Nsingo and Partners questioned the auditor why he would generate circumstances leaving out the former District Administrator when he played an active role in making requisition for the money to pay non existent village heads who were on the paysheets. He also queried why he was completely silent about the former DA Masawi during the trial.
    "Indeed is that not clear selective application of the law when you are completely silent about the former DA considering that he took an active role and was the head of the station then you intentionally decided to leave him out of the matter?" said Nsingo.
    The third accused person identified as Karuru who is not legally represented in the matter also said that the former DA should not be left out since he was the accounting officer and head of the station.
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