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    Tuesday, 20 June 2017

    Naming of streets after prostitutes in Chiredzi

    TOWNSHIP by Charles Kungwengwe

    When the biblical Paul of Tarsus was converted  from a die-hard
    adherent of Judaism into a fire-spitting Christian ,he  converted his
    name from Saul to Paul(Acts 13:9).This was also the case with messrs
    Abram and Jacob. When the latter had a new calling he ,at God 's
    direction , changed his name to Abraham, the father of many
    nations(Genesis 17:5).Jacob also changed to Israel (Genesis 32:28).By
    the same token ,when Paul was proving his newfound Apostolic
    credentials, he boasted that he hailed from Tarsus , 'a no mean city
    '(Acts 21:39).Other similar telling names include Charles ,Munondidii
    ,Muchanyara ,Muchaneta ,Genius ,Nhamo,Judas ,etc

       Names do greatly influence our lives.

    A good number of the  streets in Zimbabwe 's Tshovani Township in
    Chiredzi  have been named after 'ladies of the night' and this
    development has generated a heated debate regarding issues of

    As one travels the length and breadth  of the town ,one is surely
    bound to come across such names as Molly, the notorious prostitute who
    was burnt to ashes after having double-crossed clients. And
    coincidentally ,this street  has gained notoriety for all sorts of
    immoral behavior

    Moralists claim that this development tends to give the impression
    that the town glorifies prostitution and that these prostitutes
    are\were  role models. This  picture ,goes the argument ,would surely
    have adverse implications on our youths and their impressible and
    impressionable minds. And the influence  of  names should not be

     As I see it, these names have nothing to do with either  condoning or
    condemning the name –bearers ' conduct but are simply a part and
    parcel of the town 's history and  it is also a way of  acknowledging
    the role played by these 'fallen heroines 'in the birth and growth of
    the Lowveld Capital. Yes ,they have contributed immensely through
    paying rates ,sharing ideas with the council on development issues and
     also used to provide entertainment to the entertainment -starved
    community. After all,  history is not all about positive issues, but
    also the vulgar aspects of life. Moreover ,prostitution is not the
    only vice which people can talk of\about. We all default in different
    ways and that equally applies for other 'normal people ' whose names
    feature on all the locations' roads. No sin is worse or better  off
    than others. Yes the likes of Molly were immoral but how about our
    Fathers ,whose names decorate the streets ,yet they were also Molly 's
    most regular clients? .And most of us are also male prostitutes but
    our names  are displayed on virtually every street. Why not treat
    equals equally?

    As such ,the noise against the naming process can best be viewed as a
    gender issue. Whether theses names are removed or not ,we cannot think
    –away that history in Chiredzi. Neither can we stop the oldest trade
    ,which will always be there ,especially in these days when formal
    employment is hard to come by.

    In conclusion  , this writer believes the naming of streets after
    prostitutes is long overdue and is a commendable exercise.
    // Opinion

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    1. Its not Molly road only in Chiredzi, there is Elizabeth Mirosi Alice Dhliwayo to mention but a few


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