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» » Chiredzi Constable in rare bravery as he pursues robbers
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CHIREDZI – A Chiredzi Constable understood to be working under Police Internal Security Intelligence showed rare bravery when he woke up to a screaming voice at around 4am, found a woman robbed and then pursued the two robbers whom he engaged in a fist fight until he recovered all the stolen goods.
The incident happened on Thursday last week.
Efforts to get an official comment were fruitless but several sources at Chiredzi Police Station as well as those who witnessed the fight confirmed the incident.
One of the witnesses, Knowledge Mazuru said the cop identified as Cst Owen Manjengwa woke up at 4am after hearing a voice screaming for help from a bushy area near the camp.
He rushed there armed with a CZ pistol and bumped into Perlagia Manaso who had been robbed of her handbag containing two cellphones, passport, national ID and $114 cash while on her way to board a bus to Masvingo.
Manjengwa tracked the robbers and caught up with Brighton Masaiti Chivanganyi and Steven Sibanda whom the woman identified as the culprits. The two ran away and Manjengwa took after them until they reached Chiredzi New Bus Terminus. Sibanda fled but Chivanganyi picked up stones and struck the cop several times on the face.
Manjengwa continued holding the suspect by the shirt. The suspect picked up an even bigger stone and tried to strike the constable's head and that's when Manjengwa fired a warning shot but the accused would not stop attacking the cop.
On seeing that Chivanganyi was not deterred by the gun Manjengwa went for a bare knuckle fight with Chivanganyi and eyewitnesses said this lasted for sometime until the suspect was overpowered after sustaining serious injuries.
All the stolen property was recovered and further searches revealed that the two robbers were wanted in Zaka in connection with other crimes.
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