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» » Substantive Chief Masunda installed after 10 years
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ZVISHAVANE –A substantive Chief Masunda was finally installed in Zvishavane 10 years after the last one and this is because of the a long drawn  dispute  in  the  families  that lay claim to the throne.
Aaron  Vengesa  Nyoni  of  the Mbungani  Hungwe  Shiri  Nyoni clan  was  installed  Chief  Masunda on Thursday last week.
Addressing  people  gathered  for the  event  at  Chachitsa  Secondary
School  in  Sasula,  guest  of  honor Minister  of  Rural  Development,
Promotion and Preservation of National Culture and Heritage Abenico
Ncube said the Masunda Chieftainship  rotates  between  two  families,
the  Mbungani  and  Masunda.  He said Vengesa Nyoni is the 13th substantive chief since the inception of the Masunda Chieftainship in 1850.
Ncube encouraged the new Chief to respond resiliently to challenges
that may affect his people and work with partners of development.
"Chief Masunda, you are expected  to  respond  positively  to  challenges bedeviling your community including  climate  change  induced
hazards like cyclone Dineo. You are required to work together with other  development  partners  and  Government agencies," he said.Nyoni   (94)  who  was  born  in 1923  is  married  to  Enersta  and they have six children, twenty-two grand-children and five great grandchildren. He once attempted to join
the World War 2 but ended up as a Native Commissioner's Messenger and later became Chief Masunda's messenger  from  1953  to  1967.  He was appointed Village Head Vengesa from 1979 to 9 June 2014, the day he was appointed Chief Masunda by President Robert Mugabe.
President  of  the  Chief's  council Chief Fortune Charumbira strongly warned  the  public  against  undermining  the  powers  of  chiefs  who are the custodians of culture, traditions, and heritage."People  must  treat  the  chief's
court with respect for these are the custodians of our culture. The number  of  girl-child  school  dropouts due  to  unwanted  pregnancies  has
increased; hence, I encourage chiefs to deal with mothers that allow their
children  to  dress  in  a  way  that  attract indecency," said Charumbira.
The  event  was  attended  by  top Government officials that included
Minister of State for Midlands, Jason Machaya, director of chiefs in
the  ministry  Felix  Chikovo,  MPs Fred Moyo and John Holder, Midlands  Chief's  Council  President Chief  Ngungumbane,  chiefs,  company directors among others.
The  Masunda  Chieftainship  is part  of  the  'vaera  Shiri'  dynasties
also found in Zvishavane, Shurugwi  and  Chivi  districts.  The  Shiri/
Hungwe people are thought to have originated  from  the  Zambezi  valley and migrated to Zvishavane via, Gutu,  Chivi  and  Mberengwa.  The
chieftainship  is  believed  to  have been instituted by the Ndebele King
during  the  Ndebele-Shona  tribal wars.local news

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