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    Monday, 10 April 2017

    Renault KWID takes Midlands by storm

    • Makes an amazing 25km per litre
    • Duly's accepts payment arrangements with banks and mining companies

    At a price of  US$13 000, zero mileage and fuel consumption of 25km per litre, the Renault KWID is an economic car.
    This is the latest offer at Duly's Garage in Gweru. One can buy the Renault KWID on financial terms either arranged directly or with banks. The car will also suit mine employees with arrangements done between their companies and Duly's.
    After the strong commercial success of the Duster, Renault is back with an all new game-changing offering in the Mini Segment.
    An aspirational design which inspires robustness and modernity, flattering the senses of its owner and of people around it.
    ▪▪An affordable price, an easy driving and a serene use that add up for an Easy experience
    ▪▪Modern features in the mini segment, like the Bluetooth® connectivity or Media Nav are actual examples of KWID Ingenious innovations.
    KWID is a brilliant investment for people who want freedom for themselves and their family, in a safe way.

    What is Renault's brand vision?
    Life is meant to be lived. It does not rest, and neither do we.
    At Renault we are relentless in our search for ingenious innovations that are at the service of humans.
    We create cars that enable people to live their life to the fullest: we have a solution to enrich every phase of life, to nurture every passion and to realize every ambition.
    We drive forward with our customers and energize their everyday.
    What about the role of KWID in the mini segment and market?
    KWID DNA comes from the "EXPLORE" petal: it embodies dynamism, sturdiness and adventure.
    In addition to that, a slight dose of "LOVE" brings emotion and sensuality in KWID style.
    Finally, KWID also has a pinch of "FAMILY" in its genes, to fulfil its daily duties.
    "At first glance, the KWID blends an emotional design with the need for reassurance expressed by customers. Its SUV lines mirror its tough, robust character and underpin its distinctive, modern look."
    "Every Customer has expectations. More often than not, products do not meet customer expectations. It is extremely rare to come across a product that not only meets expectations but also goes a step further in bringing to reality customers' dreams. The Renault KWID is that rare product. In its true sense the KWID is not just a lifestyle enhancer but a LIFE enhancer.
    Simply put, with the KWID, Renault provides easy access to a premium product with upper segment features. KWID combines the ease of driving & fuel efficiency
    of a hatch back and the bold styling, comfort and roominess of an SUV.
    Renault KWID will be A true game-changer. Live for More."

    Brand new 800cc engine
    KWID offers a new 800cc petrol engine that is efficient, quiet and economical.

    ▪▪State of the art design
    - Among best weight/performance ratio to completely new design including Aluminum Cylinder Block.
    - Low friction design: Features include steel forged crankshaft with optimized bearing dimensions.
    - Stainless steel close coupled catalytic converter for quick warm-up and best emission/consumption balance.
    - State of the art technology: Double loop Lambda monitoring and Electrical controlled
    Throttle Body for accurate Air/fuel ratio monitoring; Knock sensor for automatic spark advance adjustment to fuel quality.

    ▪▪Optimized for performance
    - 4 valves per cylinder with Double Over Head Cam: low pressure drop and efficient valve lift for a high air filling.
    - Optimized Air filling acoustic for a full load curve giving torque reserve from low to high rpm.
    - Air intake is designed for best air filling at all rev: Air filter of 5 liters directly on Electrical
    Throttle Body and Air Intake Manifold.

    Best in class fuel efficiency
    Customer benefit: ASPIRe to more
    ▪▪KWID new petrol engine is BEST IN CLASS for Fuel Efficiency without compromise on performance and drivability.
    ▪▪It offers good responsiveness and drivability at low revs and a wide torque band across RPM range.
    ▪▪Gear Shift Indicator helps to maximize fuel economy.

    ▪▪KWID the most kilometers out of one liter
    - KWID delivers a best in class fuel efficiency of around 25 km/l.
    - Best competitor is Maruti Alto 800 with 22.5 km/l.

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