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    Monday, 10 April 2017

    Pote drilling, a force to reckon with

    GWERU - Pote Drilling Company has become a force to reckon with in the water engineering sector.
    In Gweru it is the trusted water providing company for residential areas and big corporate companies.
    Pote Drilling was established in 2011 and is a brainchild of Makanaka Investments the brand mother of a strategic business unit. Since its establishment Pote has a clean record in siting, drilling and fitting efficient state of the art boreholes.
    Marketing Manager Kudzai Kanjanda said that Pote owns three drill rigs, compressors and down-the-hole equipment for use in the drilling of boreholes.
    She said Pote drilling is for both private and commercial drilling with a capacity of drilling down to 450 metres. The company has drilled boreholes for various organisations and communities. As part of its corporate social responsibility the company drilled boreholes in various communities.
    The company offers a wide range of specialized services in the field of water engineering. It has Geophysical and hydro geological surveys for siting boreholes.  It does borehole drilling and casing, pumping tests, deep well sinking and blasting on civil works.
    Pote also specialises in pump installations of type B bush pumps, pressure pumps, submersibles, mono pumps and de-watering pumps. Borehole clean out or flushing and supply of water tanks is also done at Pote.
    Because of it being a brainchild of a big brand which has hardware supplies all the equipment used in drilling including rods, hammers and bids are always readily available at any site that the company might be attached to.
    Pote drilling is the only privately owned company in Gweru and the Southern Region, which offers borehole siting services, drilling and pump installations.
    Kanjanda said the company  has great experience in hydrogeological and geophysical surveys and hence its success rate is far from anyone's reach.
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    1. Pote please provide mobile numbers for your borehole drilling teams or sales.


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