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    Saturday, 18 March 2017

    Mashava Mine workers foil forced relocation to King Mine

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    MASHAVA – Shabani Mashava Mines management was last week on Thursday forced to abandon the eviction of employees from Gaths Mine houses to King Mine location after families and workers staged a mini demonstration at one of the affected employees' residence.
    The demonstration was staged at one of the longest serving mine employees' house Eunice Mbedzi after she was ordered to relocate to King Mine location but the other families and workers ganged up and blocked the move when the tractor arrived to collect her belongings.
    They started singing and dancing denouncing the Mine management for being greedy as they wanted to sublet the houses to Great Zimbabwe University students who pay rentals which they allegedly pocket for their own benefit.
    "We are being forced to move because management wants to lease the houses to University students and keep the money for themselves, the workers will not even benefit anything from that arrangement if we let them force her out we will be next, enough is enough she is not going anywhere," said one irate resident.
    It is alleged that over 50 employees were issued with eviction letters but this has been put on hold after the demonstration.
    The demonstrators were holding placards which read "tajamuka; hapapindwe; no more king" while singing and dancing blocking the entrance to Mbedzi's house.
     They also said King Mine section is not habitable as there are pits that have been left open by panners and there is no running water.
    The Mirror gathered that the workers are owed various amounts in salaries and wages ranging from $10 000 to as much as $25 000.
    Former Shabani Mashaba Mine works council chairman Andrew Makwanya  said they are relocating employees without following proper procedure and without consulting the workers committee.
    "Workers are being forced to relocate from Gaths Mine to King Mine without following proper procedure, the works council should agree first otherwise they are violating the workers' rights," he added.
    The mine representative identified as Lydia Sigauke who was at the scene said the relocations were above board.
    "When a worker signs a contract there is a clause that states that the mine can relocate the worker at any time to another house similar to that he or she was living in," she said while walking away.
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