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    Sunday, 12 March 2017

    Gwanda residents reject plastic money, service fees too high


    GWANDA – Gwanda residents have rejected the use of plastic money claiming that the service charges are too high and that money is meant to finance the operations of the central Government which is facing financial difficulties.
    The residents told officers from the central bank and Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers during an awareness campaign on the use of plastic money in the mining town last week on Friday at a local hotel which was attended by hundreds of residents.
    Phillip Maphosa who is the Councillor for Ward 14 said the use of plastic money is not practical in the rural areas because there is no electricity.
    "How are we expected to use plastic money in the rural areas where there is no electricity and already we face network problems, address the issue of networks first before the introduction of plastic money," he said.
    "This is not an awareness campaign and I am sure that you are doing this as a formality but in actual fact we are now forced to accept this expensive use of plastic money because the Government is financially strained," said a lady who identified herself as Nosizo Moyo.
    Others said the use of plastic money was being abused by retailers who are hiking prices.
    Denford Mutashu president of C ZR said the purpose of the campaign was to lobby the society to embrace plastic money.
    "The world has moved to the use plastic money hence the need to change. We have noted that our minds have been convinced that hard cash is the preferred kind of money. We need to embrace plastic money," he said.
    Kasanda Sibanda who is the Deputy Director of RBZ told the gathering that plastic money serves the same purpose as hard cash.news
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