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» » Fletcher High to buy $105 000 school bus
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GWERU - Parents at Fletcher High School have resolved to buy a $105 000 new 48 seater Yutong state of the art bus.
This bus will be procured by the end of this term.
This was resolved during the school's Annual General Meeting held at the school on Saturday.
SDC chairman John Mutonono said Fletcher has ordered the bus for $79 000 but the price shot up to $105 000 because of duty and a cost factored in by the manufacturers.
"We had already agreed on the $79 000 but when duty and another cost factored in by manufactures came in, the cost of the bus shot $105 000. The bus has been shipped and it is on its way to Zimbabwe and the decision is on parents to leave it or take it because we had not yet paid," said Mutonono
The issue however received overwhelming support from parents who attended the meeting saying that a second bus was necessary for their children and the school should just go back to the bank to ask for a loan for the difference.
On another note, the school head, Stephen Njiru reported a significant increase in 'O' and 'A' Level pass rate for the November 2016 exams.
He said the pass rate at 'O' Level was 88,03% compared to 80,3% in 2015 and at 'A' Level it was 93% compared to 94,8% in 2015.
Parents however, expressed dissatisfaction in some areas and Njini said he wanted to see an improvement in Maths and Religious studies.
The parents asked him to push some of his heads of departments harder and complained that unsatisfactory pass rates for Fletcher will affect the school's image.
"I agree with all your contributions. These low pass rates are even affecting our 'A' level enrolment and l am always talking to the departments heads and l am glad you have alluded to this matter as parents," said Njini.
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