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» » Chivhu resolves to apply for town status
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CHIVHU – It sounds queer but Chivhu, one of the biggest transit urban settlements in the country is still a growth point.
It has a status which is lower that Mtoko, Gutu and Gokwe which already have town status.
Having no town status means that an urban settlement can barely attract either local or international investment as it is not bestowed with the necessary attractive conditions.
The MP for Chikomba West, who is the Minister of Industry and Commerce Mike Bimha told Chikomba Rural District Council full meeting on Friday last week that he had set the ball rolling by engaging the relevant Minister on the town status of Chivhu.
He said this during the full council meeting that was held on Friday in the council hall.
Bimha bemoaned the fact that Chivhu is regarded as a growth point, the same way Nharira, a rural growth point which is 30km away and has a few shops is regarded.
He said Chivhu cannot get twinning with other cities unless it gets town status and this was a setback because it cannot enjoy sister relationships with cities either in Africa or in the developed countries in Europe.
"Chivhu cannot develop without investors and growth point conditions are not attractive to investors because there are no concessions at all. There are concessions to investors that come with a town status," said Bimha.
He said residents alone cannot develop a town with investors.
"For a place to grow, we need investors to develop the area and other benefits will creep in like creation of employment and human development amongst many," said Bimha.
He said there are already some investors who want their companies to invest in Chivhu, some have come and some are yet to visit the place.
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