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» » N’anga instructed me to fondle daughter’s privates - accused
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MBERENGWA - A 38-year-old man from Hlatini village under Chief Mahlebadza has appeared in court for allegedly stripping his 18-year-old daughter naked and smearing her with herbs all over the body including on the breasts and the private parts.
Gilbert Baloyi who is being charged with indecent assault left the court in stitches when he said that he was instructed by a n'anga to perform the rituals on her daughter so that he could get rich.
He appeared before Sengster Tavengwa on February 7, 2017
"I was told by a sangoma to smear a certain herb all over my daughter's body so that I would get rich. My intention was not to sexually satisfy myself but it was a ritual," he said.
It is the State case that on November 29, 2015 Baloyi called his daughter to his bedroom at around 10pm, pulled up her blouse leaving her breasts bare and applied some herbs all over her body including the private parts knowing or realising that there was a real risk that she did not consent.
The mother of the girl had travelled to a funeral. Baloyi is said to have told the girl that he loved her so much as his daughter.
He ordered her to drink some sour medicine. Baloyi who was wearing just an underwear then ordered his daughter to sleep on the bed and he removed his pants that is when she managed to escape.
 Baloyi followed his daughter to her bedroom and told her not to tell anyone and gave her $2. 
The complainant then reported the matter to her mother who alerted the Police. 
Baloyi in his defense said he went to a traditional healer who gave him the herbs and told him to apply on his daughter so that he get rich.
Wadzanai Shayanewako prosecuted.
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