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•   Adolf Gusha walks away with Megafelt best CEO
•  Chivi wins best Rural Authority Award


MASVINGO - Masvingo City Council is the Best urban local authority of the year while Chivi is the best rural council, according to the Public Sector Management Awards held at Rainbow Towers in Harare recently.
The two local authorities raised the flag of Masvingo Province high.
Masvingo won the Best Urban Local Authority Award while Chivi walked away with Best Rural Authority Award.
The prizes are for outstanding service delivery.
Masvingo Town Clerk Adolf Gusha also won the Megafelt best Chief Executive Officer in the Public Sector award.
He was selected for this award because he demonstrated integrity, accountability and honesty in perfoming his duties.
The event was sponsored by Stallone Consultancy represented by its Managing Director Zack Murerwa.
Masvingo Mayor, Hubert Fidze said he was proud that the council had won the prize.
He said the prize was an addition to three others which the local authority won last year.
Chivi RDC Chief Executive Officer Tariro Matavire expressed joy that his local authority was selected as the best in the country.
"Rural authorities were previously not included in the awards so this is a great recognition to be winners of the award at its inception," said Matavire.
He said the criteria of the award was based on how authorities manage resources and their contribution towards the principles of Zimasset.
"Success comes through co-operation and commitment and this showed that there is mutual understanding between the executive and councillors.
"It is this co-operation that saw us successfully drilling boreholes for the provision of safe and clean water to our people. We were motivated to provide more this year despite limited resources," said Matavire.
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