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Hot on the heels

​Sculptor Effort Musandinane.

Elizabeth Mashiri
Zvishavane Bureau  - Zvishavane
- Effort Musandinane (39) who made headlines in February for making a huge statue of the President which is yet to be donated to Zanu PF has been arrested and convicted for conning the public using fake US$ notes.
A Zvishavane Magistrate convicted Musandinane of splashing and using a fake US$100 note.
Musandinane was slapped with a 12-month jail sentence and three months were suspended on condition of good behaviour, seven months on condition that the convict performs 315 hours community service and the other two months were suspended on condition the convict restitutes the complainant of $89.
Prosecutor Sheila Mutandi told the Court that on February 18, 2015 Musandinane of Bere township, Mashava got to Jenet Moyo's Ecocash booth where he said he wanted to change his $100 but the complainant indicated to him that she did not have change.
Musandinane then indicated again that he wanted to make cash in transaction of US$11 to his friend who needed bus fare. He tendered a genuine $100 which the complainant took into the shop to get change.
Whilst the complainant was in the shop the convict indicated that he had changed his mind and wanted to take back his money and the complainant handed back the money and Musandinane went back to his vehicle.
After a while the convict returned and suggested that she give him $90 change and that he would give her $101  to facilitate the transaction of $11 and he supplied details of where the money was supposed to be transferred.
Musandinane then tendered a fake $100 note to the complainant together with a genuine $1 note and he was given $90 change. After giving the complainant the fake money the convict rushed to his car and fled. When the complainant went back into the shop she then discovered that the money was fake but when she rushed to  Musandinane, he had already gone.
Musandinane was arrested by detectives after a tip off on February 25, 2015.local news

​Air Marshal Perrence Shiri.

Morris Bishi
Chiredzi Bureau - Chiredzi
– The Airforce Commander, Air Marshal Perrence Shiri has donated computers to schools in Retired Brigadier General Kallisto Gwanetsa's constituency in Chiredzi.
Gwanetsa handed over the computers to Rutandare Primary School in Chief Sengwe's area two weeks ago.
The school is among the seven rural based primary schools located in various provinces that benefitted from the Commander of Air Force Zimbabwe Charity Fund, which donated computers and several laptops and printers.
Rutandare received 5 computers, 2 laptops and 2 printers at an event graced by chief Sengwe, headmen Ngwenyeni, Samu Gezani, councillors, kraal heads, several headmasters and civil servants. This was the second batch of computers to Chiredzi South after the donation made by President Mugabe to Malipati Secondary School.
Gwanetsa said the donation was historic in two ways as some of the pupils had never seen a computer and that Commander Defence Forces General Chiwenga operated in the area so it is like looking back to the areas they operated from.
"Rutandare is the only school in Masvingo to benefit and its quite beneficial since most of the pupils do not know what a computer is.
"This gesture of computers entails that all pupils between Mwenezi and Limpopo Rivers in Chief Sengwe will benefit. This equates pupils here with pupils in urban areas in terms of technology. It also shows that army generals are developmental in thought as shown by the gesture by Air Marshal Shiri," said Gwanetsa.

local news

Ellen Mlambo - GUTU
– A man killed his colleague last week for ploughing along a pathway at Chatsworth in Gutu.
Masvingo Police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Nkululeko Nduna has confirmed the death. He said the accused person was arrested and investigations are still underway.
 He urged members of the public not to resort to violence when they have disputes but seek counseling from elders in the community
The incident occurred two weeks ago.
Herbert Mukova (41) and Emmanuel Makotose (27) of Village 35, Chatsworth in Gutu were coming from a traditional beer drink when Mukova started accusing Makotose of ploughing along a pathway used by the public.
The two had a heated argument which sucked in James Tapwanya (41) of the same village who went on to calm the two.
Tapwanya then accompanied Makotose to his homestead and Makotose found Mukova hiding in a bush near his gate with a hoe. The two started quarrelling and Makotose disarmed Mukova of the hoe, and chased him before stricking himwith it when he caught up with him.
Mukova sustained a deep cut on his right hand and forehead and was taken to Gutu Rural district hospital where he was admitted and died a day later. local news

Chipo Mashavira
Chiredzi Bureau - CHIREDZi
- A Chiredzi woman was slapped with a six-month jail term when she was found in possession of a scud full of mbanje.
Sinele Kaseka (31), a single mother of  three children who resides in Tshovani, Chiredzi appeared before Magistrate Tafadzwa Mhlanga facing a charge of possessing of dangerous drugs.  A tip off was made to Police detectives that Kaseka was selling mbanje at her homestead.
She however refuted the charge and said it was her boyfriend that she used to stay with who sold the mbanje.
Prosper Chipangura prosecuted.
local news

​MDC-T leader
Morgan Tsvangirai

Tawanda Homba - Masvingo
– MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai is coming to Masvingo where he is expected to hold a rally at Mucheke Stadium on Saturday.
Party spokesperson Obert Gutu confirmed the rally in an interview with The Mirror.
"President Morgan Tsvangirai is continuing with his nationwide tour of all MDC structures as the party galvanises its organs.
"The national economic crisis is worsening and the MDC, as Zimbabwe's biggest and most popular political party has to be providing leadership and solutions.
"The MDC-T is the government in waiting and as such, we are explaining our policies and programmes to the people to enable them to appreciate that we are a viable alternative to the Zanu PF regime,''said Gutu.LOCAL NEWS

Mirror Reporter - Masvingo
– The Zanu PF provincial co-ordinating committee which met at Victoria Primary in Masvingo at the weekend has recommended a list of nearly 100 members, most of them Mujuru loyalists for either suspension or total expulsion from the party.
The heated meeting also wanted acting provincial chairman Paradzai Chakona suspended from the party as he is believed to have been a leading member of the Mujuru faction.
The Zanu PF provincial secretary for administration, Ezra Chadzamira said the recommendations for suspensions and dismissals were just as good as done as the Politburo has promised to implement them as they are.
Chakona is said to have conceded during the meeting that he once belonged to Mujuru but left when he realised that he was on the wrong side.
The meeting recommended that heavy weights, Senator Dzikamai Mavhaire, former provincial chairman Retired Brigadier Gen Callisto Gwanetsa, former resident minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, former provincial commissar Tranos Huruba and Elias Musakwa be immediately fired from the party.
It also recommended the same fate on former deputy health minister Dr Paul Chimedza, Claudius Makova, former provincial youth chairman Oliver Huruva and Shylet Uyoyo.
Walter Mzembi, the Minister of Tourism will be suspended for five years from the party if the Politburo ascends to the recommendations.
Others to be suspended are MP Ephraim Gwanongodza, former deputy minister of social welfare Tongai Muzenda and former provincial spokesman Goddard Dunira, Masvingo Urban Councillor, Lovemore Mufamba.
It is understood that councillors earmarked for suspensions have been targeted because they have expressed an interest to stand as MPs in 2018.
Contacted for comment Gwanongodza said he had nothing to say.
"I have no comment over those issues," said Gwanongodza.
Huruba attacked Hungwe for engineering his downfall.
 "I am not involved in the Gamatox issue. It is Josiah Hungwe's plot to create a dispute between me and my sons but he will not survive this, how can they remove my other son and replace him with another. I am Zanu PF to the core because it is the only political home I know," said Huruba.
 "It is the politiburo that instructed us to recommend penalties for these errand members, our decision is therefore final," said Chadzamira.
It is believed that Killer Zivhu and Chadzamira are eyeing the provincial chairman's position.
However, they both denied harbouring such ambitions.LOCAL NEWS

Today as Zimbabweans we celebrate 35 years of independence! May be I stand to be corrected if I point out that among the chief causes of the Chimurenga were racism, the land issue, Education system (bottle neck), Payment of dubious taxes and the use of Zimbabweans as a cheap source of labour.
Historians have even gone a long way in attempting to open up our eyes and realise to what extent the British race had gone celebrating when Moyana spells out in one of his books that one night Cecil John Rhodes couldn`t sleep out of pleasure of racism as he had to wake up at midnight only to awaken and ask his friend, "Jameson....have you ever thought how lucky we are to belong to the British race, the beautiful flower of civilisation?"
It is racial segregation that irked and triggered pools and pools of blood! A lot of undermining kept on taking place until Mbuya Nehanda died talking "Mapfupa angu achamuka!" Xidohi among the Xangani tribe fought a countless number of battles as he and his battalion would sometimes disappear into mist, ant hills, dwalas, elephants, river, millipedes and any other physical features you may think of once attacked!
It`s unfortunate that nobody has bothered to sit down and pen it. I wonder when I see only two tribes enjoying the lion`s share of the independence cake! Whatever kind of feasts you organise, may you run memory lane and attempt to answer whether the Xangani people are independent. Is it true that Justin Chauke is the only hero among the Xangani people? If we were to awaken Justin Chauke from those shrines, at Heroes Acre, was he not going to surprisingly say, "Take me back to the bushes until what I fought for is addressed!".