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Chiredzi orphan with a rare disease appeals for help

​Decide Mutirikidi.

Morris Bishi - Chiredzi
- A grade three boy at Nyahanga Primary School is appealing for help to access medical attention for one of his legs that has developed a rare disease.
It has grown big to the extent of affecting his movement.
Decide Mutirikidi (9) of village Masekesa under Chief Tshovani told The Mirror during a visit to the school last week that the leg is extremely painful. He said it was only his keen interest on education that keeps him coming to school.
Mutirikidi said he is an orphan and is staying with his father`s young brother.
The Deputy Head at Nyahanga Primary school Temba Sithole said for the past three years many people were visiting the school to see Decide but nothing materialized.
"When he was in grade one and two his handwriting was neat but this is worsening. It seems that the problem is spreading to the whole body,"  said Sithole.
"As a school we are appealing to well wishers so that Decide could go for an in-depth medical checkup to save his life, the problem is affecting him and it is worsening" said Sithole.HEALTH

Deputy Minister opens Mpandawana BSPZ

Ellen Mlambo - Mpandawana -
The Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Professor Paul Mavhima has officially opened the Gutu Better Schools Programme Zimbabwe offices built at a cost of $341 000 at Mpandawana.
 The opening was on Friday last week.
 Tens of people including senior Government  officials, parents, the business community, chiefs and pupils from various schools in the district turned up to witness the opening of the building that is probably now the most modern and expensive at Mpandawana Town.
 Mavhima congratulated the acting deputy provincial education director, Sylevseter Tererai who was the project manager for successfully arranging private-public sector partnership that saw the mobilisation of resources to construct such a massive building.
 The BSPZ is probably the best in the province for any district, according to Tererai who also narrated how the Gutu community came together to raise the funds.
Also thanked by Mavhima was the former Delta Corporation chief executive officer Joe Mutizwa who donated $10 000 from the family trust and another $53 000 from Delta Corporation for the construction of the building.
 Mutizwa comes from Mutero in Gutu.
 "It is remarkable for Mutizwa to come back and support his community. He used his influence to mobilise resources from the companies that he led and from his own personal resources to see to it that this dream is realised. Today he comes back again to donate books on leadership to the headmasters of all the schools in the province," said Mavhima.
 He said heads of schools needed to be entrepreneurs and Mutizwa's books which are on business leadership were a must read for all school heads.
 Mutizwa donated 360 books, one on his personal life and another on business leadership which he had just written and were launched in Harare last week.
 Parents contributed $20 each per child for the construction of the building and Gutu Rural District Council chipped in by providing the land on which the offices are built.
 Chief Gutu who also spoke at the occasion said although Gutu does not have mineral resources, it was rich in quality human resources.
 "My land does not have minerals but I am proud to say that I have highly educated people who are a source of pride for us wherever they go. The successful completion of this wonderful building bear testimony of what they are capable of doing," said Chief Gutu.education

Marapira officially opens school block

....donates furniture

Tawanda Homba - Zimuto –
Davis Marapira, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture (Mechanisation Irrigation Development) who is also MP for Masvingo West has officially opened a $20 000 classroom-block at Chinyanganya Primary School under Chief Zimuto.
The opening was done at a colourful ceremony held at the school on Friday last week. The School opened its doors in 1945.
Marapira also donated 40 chairs and 40 desks for the new block while the Minister of Energy and Power Development, Dzikamai Mavhaire is expected to source 10 computers for the school.
 Cosmas Musasa, the education inspector for the area also attended the function.
Speaking at the same occasion, Musasa urged parents to invest in their children's education.
"Please make sure that your children go to school and I want to encourage all the school children here to work hard. I commend parents for the support for the construction of this one and only standard block at this school.
"It is also my hope that you will continue to support your head and School Development Committee (SDC) in constructing more standard infrastructure in the school. I would like to thank the parents for paying pupils levies in time because without money, the building of the block would not have been achieved," he said.
Chinyanganyana primary school has an enrolment of 309 pupils and eight teachers.
The headmistress of the school, Elizabeth Nemera thanked parents for their support and appealed for more support as there was need for more buildings and infrastructure in the school.education

FOG donates to Mayor’s Christmas cheer fund

Patience Magora - MASVINGO -
The Family of God church (FOG) has donated groceries to Masvingo City mayor's cheer fund during a family Sunday celebration last week at Masvingo Polytechnic.
The Bishop of the church, Erasmas Wutaunashe handed over on behalf of FOG some groceries to the Mayor, Hubert Fidze as part of their contribution to the Mayor's Christmas Cheer Fund as way of sharing with the elderly and less privileged.
"I'm very happy and it is my wish that the elderly and less privileged also have a happy Christmas like us," said Fidze.
FOG also donated 24 bibles and 48 English text books to Mutimurefu prisoners.  The church also donated blankets to two elderly women from Mucheke Old People's Home, Enety Dube and Elizabeth Ndhlovu who also attended the church service.
"Nhasi ndovata ndichinhuhwirira storo," remarked Dube who could not hide her joy upon receiving the blankets.education

XFT now in Masvingo

Joy Mazhinye - MASVINGO-
Extreme Fuel Treatment (XFT), an American Noble Prize winning product that is used to reduce fuel consumption and increase fuel economy now has its first distributors available in Masvingo.
The first distributors came to Zimbabwe in February 2014. XFT is regarded a reliable product used for fuels that include diesel, as well as paraffin.
In an interview with The Mirror, Edmore Sande an authorized distributor said this product is efficient and encouraged people to use it as it performs a number of functions including prevention of air pollution.
"XFT works efficiently. It increases fuel mileage, prolongs engine life, improves engine performance and also helps in preventing air pollution as it  reduces harmful emissions from being produced by the engine by 33,3%. A ten milliliters satchet of XFT treats up to 100 liters of fuel and costs a standard price of $8," said Sande.
The product has been in existence for the past two decades but packaged in larger drums until 2008 when SYNTEK global decided to package it in small packages to benefit the general public.
 The product now boasts of distributors from over 68 countries worldwide.business

ZIMRA garnishes sugarcane farmers’ bank accounts

•    High Court issues interdict against the garnishee
400 × 224 - masvingomirror.com

Morris Bishi - CHIREDZI –
Many sugarcane farmers in Chiredzi are in limbo and will not be able to finance inputs for the next farming season after the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority allegedly garnished millions of dollars from their accounts.
The number of affected farmers and the amounts were still to be established although in one case a farmer is said to have lost $125 000.
Tawanda Mafurutu, the newly elected Chairperson of Commercial Sugarcane Farmers Association told The Mirror in an interview this week that ZIMRA has garnished sugarcane farmers' accounts and many now have negative bank balances.
All the Association has since won an interdict against the garnishee from the High Court, ZIMRA has still not reimbursed the money.
He said that the grounds for the garnishee were baseless and an appeal has resulted in the suspension of the garnishee but still farmers cannot access their funds.
The Mirror contacted the ZIMRA public relations department head Taungana Ndoro in Harare and was asked to put questions in writing but no response could be obtained up to the time of going to print.
Many farmers realized after receiving their payments from Tongaat Hullets last week that their accounts were in overdraft despite payments deposited into their accounts. Many farmers had nothing to take home after their bank accounts were cleaned of all the money.
 "We don't understand the circumstances for the garnishee.
"As farmers we no longer sell sugarcane plants but we sell sugar so we are not bound to pay value added tax (vat) to ZIMRA, we are running the business together with sugarcane millers. We produce sugar and not sugarcane.
"We have a value addition for sugar and we are part of the processing of sugar. We are even involved in marketing sugar since we are involved in all the processes that takes place until the end product which is sugar. It is clear that we should not pay VAT. We pay the millers for the processing of our sugar and that money is deducted after we have sold the sugar", said Mafurutu.
However, Mr. Mafurutu said his association had approached the High Court and won an interdict against ZIMRA but the money is yet to be returned.
Mr. Mafurutu said as an association they are yet to ascertain the number of affected farmers and come up with a figure of the total value of the garnished money but Reuben Madzingo, a sugarcane farmer said his account was garnished for $125 000 and said ZIMRA had since taken $22 000 from his account.
The chairperson of the Zimbabwe Sugar Development Association, another association representing farmers said many farmers under his association had their accounts garnished by ZIMRA and his association had since approached Cabinet and a workshop with ZIMRA is on the cards.
"Every farmer`s account is in overdraft and sugarcane farmers this year will be poorer than in the 2002 – 2003 season when ZIMRA last garnished their accounts" said Veterai.
"We want to pay rates. The price of sugar dropped and currently we produce a tonne of sugar at $500 and that sugar is bought by Tongaat Hullets at $527 and that is a clear loss. We used to get $700 a tonne but now we are getting $27 after sales and that is suicide," said Veterai.
Veterai said every farmer is going to lose $5 after the 8 000 tonnes of imported sugar which was confiscated by Police was released to the market.business

Powertel Communications introduces new look

​Powertel Commercial Director, Willard Nyagwande

Joy Mazhinye - MASVINGO -
In a move expected to highlight its focus on innovation in the telecommunication industry, Powertel Communications the local internet provider recently introduced a new dynamic brand accompanied by a new cooperate look that will move in tune with campaigns and developments at the organization.
The new look seeks to link its strategy with  a new customer centric logo which retains blue as the dominant color with a forward moving arrow signifying innovation in the telecommunications industry.
Powertel Communications has defined their cooperate colors as Blue representing trust, strength and dependability with red representing excitement, boldness and youthfulness while black symbolizes elegance and formality of the brand.
The new look however maintains the current logo name, typography format and retains the name.
Powertel Commercial Director, Willard Nyagwande said the organization endeavors to be customer centric always and will continue to find solutions that address consumers' ever changing demands and needs.
"We are building on the best of the past and the best for the future. We have re-energized our look drawing strength from our history and heritage, whilst consciously remaining future focused," Nyagwande.
Their payoff line remains "Imagine it Live it!" which feeds into the new innovative direction and symbolizes giving customers the power to be in control through access to converged services.
 Powertel also gives customers the power and benefit to enjoy voice, data and video all under a single billing system.
The new branding also introduces a "motion wheel" symbolizing the motion world and how the group is continuously evolving, innovating and moving forward.local news

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