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 ‪+263 71 252 1458‬: Swop from Shamva District, school near Madziva Township, (130km from Hre) Electricity and Borehole water available to any school in Seke, Chitungwiza, Beatrice, Chihota, Goromonzi, Domboshawa or Harare.
+263 77 938 4176‬: Swop swop from Muzarabani to any school /district in Masvingo,chipingedistrict,Bhuera district,mash east chivhu ,murehwa ,midlands mvuma chirumanzu
 ‪+263 71 252 1458‬: Swop from Shamva District, school near Madziva Township, (130km from Hre) Electricity and Borehole water available to any school in Seke, Chitungwiza, Beatrice, Chihota, Goromonzi, Domboshawa or Harare.
 ‪+263 77 446 7121‬: SWOP SWOP SWOP
Frm Mashwest(Kadoma dist) to Manicaland or Midlands
+263 77 247 4789‬: [2/24, 21:06] Roy: Swop swop
Mash east,goromonzi district ....munyawiri pry
I want areas n mash central prfrbly muzarabani district
Hoya,chadereka,dambakurima or mmuringazuva pry schools
Thnks n advance


MBERENGWA – One of the most famous businessmen in Mberengwa and a member of the Mposi-Lemba royal family, Sheperd Tseisi is no more.
Tseisi who is popularly known as 'Chief' because he was an heir to the Lemba chieftainship was swept away by the flooded Mwenezi River when a canoe made from a tree bark which he boarded to cross from Chegato to Jeka Business Centre capsized as the tides rose.
The incident happened at 1pm on Saturday after the heavy floods had destroyed and swept away the Jeka - Tandavarai Bridge. Tseisi was swept away in the full view of villagers who were gathered on either side of the river.
As a businessman who had a shop at Jeka, Tseisi got into a canoe in order to cross the river and check the damage reported at his shop there. The canoe he boarded overturned midway across and he drowned while two other men who owned the canoe swarm to safety.
His body was found four hours later at a point five kilometres downstream.
Chief Potsai Mposi who is brother to Tseisi confirmed the tragic incident. Midlands Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko said they were yet to receive the report.
Tseisi had excellent public relations and as a result he was a loved man in Mberengwa District. He was employed as a registry officer at the birth certificates section at Mberengwa but was dismissed in 2002 after being accused of being sympathetic to the MDC T.
After his dismissal he started taking pictures and became a reputable photographer and then a successful businessman. He had wide social interactions and he was elected deputy secretary for Information and Publicity for the Lemba Cultural Association (LCA) and Information and Publicity secretary for Mposi Old Students Association.
LCA chairman Doctor Takavafira Zhou described Tseisi's death as a great loss to Mberengwa and the nation at large.
"We have been robbed of a brilliant man with a bright vision for the development of Mberengwa. You fought a worthy battle muzukuru and we will forever miss you. Go well Kwendakwenda Chamakofa, Mposi wamiseve, N'an'a, Musoni, Mwenye wangu Sadiki, Dumghwi raMposi. You have fought many battles to their logical conclusion, and your vision for the development of Mberengwa will be pursued without flinching, and so likewise will your quest for democratic change and egalitarianism," said a statement from Dr Zhou.
"It is a double disaster, losing a brother and the bridge at the same time. Villagers were at the site to witness the destruction of Jeka bridge by the floods and that is when Tseisi decided to cross through the aid of some villagers who were using a tree bark canoe. When they were midway the canoe was hit by a wave, the other two men managed to swim but he drowned and his body was swept downstream," said chief Mposi.
Tseisi is survived by a wife who is a teacher at Chegato High School, two daughters and a son. He was be buried at the royal family cemetery near Chegato Mission.local news


MASVINGO - The MDC T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has told his party youth to join Zanu PF in numbers, do slogans, perform activities in order that they benefit from opportunities that are exclusive to ruling party supporters.
He said youth must not complain that they are being excluded from industrial attachments, training programmes like nursing or even employment.
"Don't tell me that you can't say pamberi neZanu PF. Do it and join them in their activities but know where to vote when the elections come," said Tsvangiai.
"Chinonzi rasa ndechiri mumaoko chiri muninga unofa nacho (Zanu PF cannot take away what is deep inside your heart simply because you did their slogan). There is no need to worry about that, join them," said Tsvangirai.
Tsvangirai said this in response to youth who had complained that they were failing to get places in colleges allegedly because the prerequisite was that one should be a Zanu PF member first.
 "At Mushagashe Vocational Training Centre you are required to bring a letter signed by your councillor or traditional leader indicating that you are Zanu PF or your parents have Zanu PF links otherwise you don't get a place to study, what do we do under such circumstances?" asked one youth who declined to be named for fear of victimisation.
The Mirror contacted Mushagashe the Principal William Guzuyo who denied the allegations and said they are not partisan.
Tsvangirai also said one of the main reasons why they are advocating for a coalition is to instil confidence in the securocrats so that there is smooth transfer of power.
"We want a coalition because we don't want to scare the securocrats so that there is smooth transfer of power, we need to assure them that there will be no revenge for various crimes committed if we win the next election," said the veteran opposition politician.


MASVINGO - Zimbabwe Film and Television School of Southern Africa (ZIFTESA) has trained yet another 38 people in Masvingo under its crash programme for content and film producers which kicked off in Chiredzi recently.
The four-day training was held together with Zimbabwe Film and Television School of Southern Africa (ZIFTESA) at Charles Austin Theatre in Masvingo to enhance content for 12 new television stations expected to come with the imminent digitalisation of television in Zimbabwe machines.
The 38 received certificates and Fungai Mbetsa the Masvingo Provincial Administrator was the guest of honour. The training programme covered areas like Cinematography, Directing, Script Writing and Editing.
The training was also to introduce the trainees to new television equipment such as cameras in HD format.
Mbetsa encouraged the trainees to put effort and commitment in the arts industry in order to achieve or produce best artistic products for the audience.
"Good planning and logic are the basic techniques that one can use to produce good marketable products that enable money making", said Mbetsa.
He thanked the 4 ZimDigital trainers for dedicating their time to the programme.
"Artists must be confident and value or respect themselves for the audience to value them also," said Mbetsa
Trainees included film makers from Zaka, Gutu, Masvingo Urban and Masvingo Rural. According to the Provincial Information Officer, Ishmael Irimayi, the training is a planned project that will help production of abundant programmes to 12 television stations to be introduced.
"The 12 television stations have created employment and money making opportunities to the youth that are in the film making industry.
" The training was successful as evidenced by the practical products which the trainees produced in the form of short films", added Irimayi.
The trainees managed to produce short films which were Bhegi and Madamburo. The short films were produced in groups composed of individuals from the 4 production crew roles.
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MASVINGO – For residents of Masvingo particularly those who work in town, Chiedza Zano is just a banana vendor who is seen daily carrying a basket of the fruits on her head.
She enters offices, service stations and pleads with people whom she meets along the streets to buy her product.
Her simplicity conceals her true character; a determined widow with a big resolve to see her children make it in life. She is one woman who has walked the most difficult road that any African mother can ever go through.
Zano is a mother of four and she has two whiz 'twins' Ishmael and Maria Mutobvu and they have given her hope of realising the most in her children. Staying in a single room with their mother and two other siblings and surviving on a meagre earning that their mother brings from selling bananas, the two have set a record of their own at Ndarama High School in Masvingo
Maria and Ishmael have send the community talking and suddenly people are starting to have second thoughts about that 'poor woman' who is a vendor. Many have become inquisitive; they want to understand how she does it. How could she have sent her children this far just from selling bananas? The community view her differently and with more respect.
Ishmael and Maria Mutobvu have some of the best Zimsec November 2016 'O' Level results in the province. Maria has 9 straight As' and a C and her brother has 5 straight As' 2Bs' and 2Cs'.
Maria is the 9th best 'O' level student at Ndarama and Ndarama is among the best four schools in the province in 'O' Level exams this year.
The success of the two siblings has sent tongues wagging. People have been asking why such a struggling woman would think of investing all her little resources in the education of her children.
Zano has struggled with her children throughout and when they were in primary school she would do menial work at many different homes in the town like digging gardens, weeding, washing clothes etc. With the money she would pay rent for her room which is home to her and her four children, buy food and send her children to school.
The 'twins' got 9 units each at Grade 7 and they went for form 1 at Ndarama High. The fees suddenly went up as this was now secondary education and Zano had to pay $105 for each child.
"She really was struggling and we always had to have payment plans for her. We noted that her children were brilliant in class and we as a school had to do as much as possible to help and hence we bent backwards to accommodate her," said Shirley Makausi, the head at Ndarama.
Zano said the situation became particularly difficult in 2014 when the siblings were in form two.
"The situation became so difficult even those who used to give me part time jobs did not have money to pay. I almost gave up on my children's education but Mrs Makausi encouraged me to soldier on. I almost got to the breaking point and it is just at that time that I met Alice Machingambi of Capernaum Trust who used to buy bananas from me and she advised me to apply for assistance from her organisation.
"It was a big break-through when Capernaum agreed to pay the full fees for my children. They have been paying since then including the exam fees. All I do is buy uniforms.
"I have no words to thank Capernaum. The organisation has enabled me to go over an impossible hurdle. My children would have been out of school by now if Capernaum had not come to my rescue," said  Zano.
The siblings are now going for lower sixth and Capernaum has recommended that they go to a boarding school. They are going to Zimuto high although St Anthony was their first choice.
Zano came a long way. Her family which came from Zano in Masvingo Rural went to Johannne Marange Apostolic Church and she was married to her sister's husband as a second wife when she was only 17. By age 22, Zano had four children.
"Ishmael and Maria are not real twins. Johanne Marange did not allow women to use family planning methods so these two are siblings who are just nine months apart. Everyone has always regarded them as twins because of the slight age difference", said Zano.
Her husband died when she was pregnant with the fourth child and was forced to leave the family home in Gutu because she refused to remarry to her husband's young brother.
Zano herself never properly went to school because the church beliefs were not supportive.
For the good of her children, she moved on. She went to stay at her late husband's house in Masvingo but was kicked out by her brothers'-in-law and that started another difficult


BIKITA - The year 2017 has been for Pamushana High from academics to sports.
After coming out tops in both 'O' and 'A' November 2016 Level Zimsec in Masvingo Province, Pamushana has now turned the heat on its competitors in sports.
On Saturday, the school sent a strong statement on what it intends to do in the sports arena when it easily dismissed 10 other Reformed Church of Zimbabwe secondary schools to win the Inter-Dutch Athletics Competitions.
Pamushana scooped 28 gold medals, 27 silver and 10 bronze at the competitions that were held at the school's home ground on Saturday. The team walked away with $300 in prize money.
On second position was Gutu High School which clinched 19 gold medals, 13 silver and 10 Bronze.
The 11 schools that took part in the competition were Pamushana, Gutu, Zimuto, Chibi, Jichidza, Makumbe, Nyashanu, Alheit, Morgenster, Margret Hugoh and Henry Murray.
Chibi came third and got $200; Zimuto was on position four and earned itself $150.
All other participating teams from position five to 11 got $50 each and these were Nyashanu at position five, Jichidza six, Makumbe at seven, Algheit at number eight, on ninth position was Morgenster and Henry Murray and Margret Hugoh were tied together at the bottom on number 11.
Pamushana Headmaster Johnson Madhuku was elated at the victory and he praised all trainers and athletes for a job well done.
"I would like to express my gratitude to those who participated and the trainers, sports organisers for a job well done,"
Chibi High head Bonface Machingauta applauded Madhuku and his team for organising the event that started and ended well.
Gutu High head, Mirirai Mutanda who is the RCZ schools' convenor described the day as successful and thanked the sponsors for supporting the event
AVM, Flexwood, Kantwater and Mabhuku Bookshop were some of the sponors.
A representative for AVM undertook to sponsor two students including a handicapped with fees.
Some of the outstanding athletes from Pamushana were Kundai Maguranya, Tinashe Guni and Vitalis Dhlamini who harvested the highest number of gold medals. Dhlamini had scintillating performance in high jump where he cleared heights above his head.
Chibi girls Under 18 Isabel Mareva and Muzvondiwa Shephered Under 16 boy scooped Gold medals in Tripple Jump.
 Nyashanu's Clayton Chikandiwa Under 18 and Fanuel Chihire won gold medals in Tripple Jump.
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ZVISHAVANE – The newly appointed Shabani Mine FC coach Taku Shariwa has named Wilson Mutekede and Crispen Moyo as his assistants while Claudius Gunduza takes over as goalkeepers' coach.
Shariwa took over the coaching position from Mandla Mpofu  in a huff just after his appointment.
Mutekede a qualified CAF instructer was formaly with Caps United as an assistant coach before coaching Twalumba FC. His last station was Blue Swallows.
His counterpart Crispen Moyo is a Shabani FC son who played for the club in 1988 and was assistant to Tendai Chikuni in the 2016 period when they qualified to join the top flight football. Moyo once coached Ziyalanda FC in the Central region.
Shariwa's appointment of Gunduza as the goalkeepers' coach shows how serious the club is in trying to maintain professional and quality football as the later coached two Premiership clubs, Mutare City FC and Dongo Sawmill FC all from Manicaland and was Masvingo United keeper during the 2003-2005 Premiership season.
Shabani FC chairman Elias Marufu said they had faith in their coach and whomsoever he would appoint.
"We believe in our coach (Shariwa) and whatever appointment he would have done we give him hundred percent support. He is an experienced man and his assistants' appointments shows that he is here for business," said Marufu.
Meanwhile, the club is yet to finalise on South African Ishmael Moosa who needs an international clearance in order to play for the club.
"They have to finalise the team, so nothing has been processed yet," said Moosa.
The former under 19 Bloumfontein winger impressed during Shabani FC friendly match against Kwekwe Sables FC last Sunday where they won 1-0 before they were held to a two-all draw against ZPC Munyati.
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