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EMA closes Ace Garage over environmental standards

Mirror Reporter - MASVINGO
- Environmental Management Agency (EMA) officers on Monday ordered the immediate closure of Ace Garage in the Masvingo Central Business District until it complies with required drainage standards.
Efforts to get a comment from EMA and Ace Garage were fruitless but the Mirror visited the garage and found it closed.
 EMA Provincial Manager, Milton Muusha could not confirm the incident as he was out of office.
 "Currently I am not in a position to confirm as I spent the whole day out of office," said Muusha.
 The Mirror understands that Ace Garage does not have a proper drainage required for a service station.news

Weeping tree causing road accidents in Zimbabwe

Nicholas Nhede - MASVINGO
- Weeping Feed, a tree which originated in Haiti and found its way into Zimbabwe during the era of imperialism era has been identified as the source of road accidents at many black spots in the country.
Timothy Mutoko, chairperson and founder of an organisation called Green Leaf Back to Eden Trust said Weeping Feed had both good and bad uses. However, when it blossoms it is used by Satanists for wrong reasons.
'Weeping Feed heals coughs but when it blooms Satanists make use of it to kill people through accidents,' said Mutoko.
He said the tree was also being used to spread Satanism.
He said the tree is found at many black spots where it is used to cause confusion amongst drivers resulting in mysterious accidents. He added that the tree is therefore dangerous as it is used by Satanists.
Mutoko gave several examples of black spots in the country where he said the tree is found including a point at Masvingo Polytechnic College, a black spot near Southerton Police Station in Harare and Lomagundi Road also in Harare.
Mutoko encouraged Zimbabweans to join his organisation so that they can be taught the correct positioning of different kinds of trees such as Queen of the Night, apple and palm trees which neutralises evil spirits.
Green Leaf Back to Eden Trust is an organisation formed in 2008 which trains farmers engaged in tree planting on how, where and when to grow certain types of trees so that maximum benefits are derived.news

Danhamombe High commissions US$110 000 bus

Artwell Wikirefu - CHIVI
- Masvingo Provincial Education Director (PED) Fadzai Jirivengwa has commissioned a US$110 000 new state of the art bus at Danhamombe High School in Chivi District.
The bus is a brand new Yutong which will be used by students at the school on trips from educational to sport.
The bus has a capacity of 63 passengers.
Jirivengwa said she was happy about the new acquisition and hoped the students and the community will put the bus to good use.
"I would like to thank the headmaster and the parents from this community for being focused and working together towards the goals of the school.
"With this new state of the art bus, the school is empowered and as a result we hope to see improvements in the education of these children," said Jireivengwa.
She also added that she was happy that the school was making great strides in the academia and co-curriculum activities.
"This school deserves to be a boarding school and I am going to make sure that Chivi Rural District Council (CRDC) gives has you land to develop it into a boarding school. If the school continues to work hard like this, there are going to get the Secretary`s Merit Award," said Jirivengwa.
Speaking at the same function, Danhamombe headmaster Josiah Kurima Sithole said the school managed to acquire the new bus through the initiative of the parents backed by the School Development Community (SDC).
"We are very grateful with this new development as a school and I would like to thank the parents from this community for being supportive to school developments projects.
"I would also like to thank Banc ABC for providing us with the loan to purchase this bus and for the support they rendered to other schools that are into school development projects," said Sithole.news,education

Charumbira speaks to empty space

Artwell Wikirefu - MASVINGO
– Chief Charumbira who is also the president of the Chiefs' Council was left speaking to an empty space on Sunday when the crowd gathered for Zanu PF election victories at Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo deserted him to scramble for food and cakes that were being distributed.
The frustrated chief could be heard pleading for respect and attention from the people gathered there including Ministers who were also scrambling for the cake.
The event was attended by Masvingo's Zanu PF high profile including Minister of Energy and Power Development Dzikamai Mavhaire, Walter Mzembi, Deputy Minister Matthias Tongofa, Minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and Deputy Minister Tongai Muzenda.   
MP for Masvingo Urban, Daniel Shumba was conspicuous by his absence.
"Ministers you are disturbing my speech, because of that plate of cake circulating there. May you please stop that because this is a sign of disrespect to a chief?
"Imi amai vari kufamba necake chimbomirai zvamurikuita izvozvo, hazvitaridzi unhu hwakanaka. Nemhaka yei musingaremekedze kana ishe vachitaura.
"Look there are respected people who are present here like the former MP for Chivi North Samuel Mumbengegwi and Williard Chiwewe the former Governor for Masvingo who are seating among the povo. Why are you doing this to your fellow colleagues guys?
"This is kind of treatment is not good. These people deserve to be in the VIP`s desk, but there are down there. What is that?," said Charumbira.news,local

Man, the violent self-destructive brute

Oh what a sight! A rather blood chilling sight! Seeing a woman lying on the ground in a pool of blood with an axe embedded in her head. This is happening in our midst! Well it happened in Chiviland where they axe you and tell to fall nicely, lest you break the axe handle as it belongs to the school boy. All over Chibhoraniland numerous wives are mercilessly tortured by their husbands every day. How many henpecked hubbies were scalded with boiling water or boiling cooking oil by their wives? The spouse of your dreams yesterday becomes enemy number one today. What about this father who thrashed his little boy to death because he had stolen some ground nuts?  Brothers and friends kill each other over trivialities. People have died in fights over an empty scud. "Wogoshaiwa kuti zvinhu zvacho zvinombofamba sei?"
Violent criminals rob, stab and gun down their victims. Someone reaping where he never sowed grabs your cash and valuables and kills you in the process. Did you read about these four rural school boys who clobbered a fellow school mate to death over a $40.00 debt? In USA students have gunned down other students and teachers at colleges. Chibhoraniland police have just reported an upward trend in murder cases with most cases happening among relatives and friends "Wogoshaiwa kuti zvinhu zvacho zvinombofamba sei?"
Elsewhere in the land of the Africans Boko Haram abducts more than 200 girls from a school and continuous to terrorise and kill people.  They are said to be totally against girls going to school. There is no peace in other west African countries. In northern Africa Gaddafi's reign came to an end after heavy fighting. Today Libyans continue to kill each other.  East African countries like Kenya and Sudan have their own problems of violence. In central Africa the genocide that happened in Rwanda is a wound that will take time to heal and the DRC has not tasted total peace for some time now.  "Wogoshaiwa kuti zvinhu zvacho zvinombofamba sei?"
On the continent of the white people some trigger happy separatists have just shot a passenger jet from the sky and killed almost 300 innocent passengers and crew in the Ukraine. Then some crazy fellows go on to search the decapitated passengers to steal cash and valuables like passports and credit cards. Believers of different religions are killing each other. A suicide bomber is more than willing to bomb his enemies and die in the process. "Chokwadi unoshaiwa kuti zvinhu zvacho zvinombofamba sei?"
The violent conflict between Israel and Hamas is costing hundreds of human lives and millions of dollars' worth of infrastructure. Now what is happening in some European cities is that people who are angry at what Israel is doing are demonstrating and destroying properties and businesses of Israelites living in these cities. There is no peace in Syria and Iraq. "Wobva washaiwa kuti zvinhu izvi zvinombofamba sei?"
European countries have just commemorated the end of the devastating Second World War. Any lessons learnt you might ask. The unasked question is how far are we from the third world war as countries continue to manufacture and amass deadly weapons of war, most of them of the mass destruction nature? Some say if you want peace prepare for war. What kind of peace can you have when you are sitting on an array of weapons enough to wipe this planet out of the universe? The United Nations becomes a mockery in a world were nations, ever suspicious of each other, are never really united, a world that should actually never have any boundaries. Man, can you believe that we are all from the same father? "Unobva washaiwa kuti zvinhu izvi zvinombofamba sei?"
We find ourselves living in a violent world, so violent that we have to lock our cars, our business premises, our schools and our homes while imprisoning ourselves behind security walls and fences. That ferocious dog can improve your security. A security guard might come in handy while some find it necessary to own a gun. Governments all over continue to spend billions on defence. Defence not against some hostile extra-terrestrial beings flying UFOs, but against fellow human beings just across some so-called border. How many well-built, well equipped, well stocked and well-staffed clinics can you construct with two billion Dollars needed to build just one of these supper war planes? But we continue to stockpile weapons while millions go hungry and die in poverty. Violence has become a way of life. How bright and peaceful is the future as the violent brute in man continuous to roar? Ini ndashaiwa kuti asi chaizvo zvinhu zvacho zvinombofamba sei?opinion

Nhema launches FML franchise with Dunamis

Business Reporter - Harare
- The Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Francis Nhema challenged Dunamis Advisory Services to protect brand First Mutual Life (FML) as they enter in a unique business partnership in Zimbabwe.
Minister Nhema said this in Harare recently at a ceremony to launch the FML Franchise with Dunamis Advisory Services.
"I urge you to continue to uphold the good works as exhibited by FML and ride on this strong brand to further grow your business. Compromise on your quality of service will have a negative effect on FML which has been in existence for over 100 years and that should never happen," said Nhema.
FML entered into an agreement with Dunamis Advisory Services which will see FML products being sold by Dunamis as a way of expanding its reach to the whole country using brand FML.
This is a unique development in Zimbabwe as it is the first insurance franchise to be launched in the country, the managing director for FML, Ruth Ncube said at the launch.
"First Mutual Life, the first insurer in Zimbabwe to open a franchise, has seen it strategic to expand its distribution channel to reach out to all parts of the country by promoting the informal sector," said Ncube.
Dunamis Advisory Services is headed by Madzishe Chipunza, a former employee of FML. Chipunza thanked the management at FML for affording him a chance to prove itself in business.
"Let me give you my assurance and commitment that I will continue to work hard and uplift the FML brand and continue to provide unparalled services," said Chipunza at the launch of the franchise.
The Group CEO of FML Holding Douglas Hoto also attended the launch with several business leaders and board members. business

MDCT loses 2 by-elections, learns nothing


 -MDC T does not produce elections reports
 -Zanu PF poised for another landslide in Chivi

Mirror Reporter - MASVINGO - Masvingo Province will soon be holding its third council by-election since the harmonised elections of July 31, 2013.
This means the province has held three council by-elections within a year. All the three councillors who have or are being replaced have passed away and going by this death rate, though unpalatable it means Masvingo is going to have lost 15 councillors come 2018 or held 15 by-elections.
Two main contending parties, the MDC T led by Morgan Tsvangirai and Zanu PF have fought it out in the first two by-elections in Zaka Ward 32 and Gutu South Ward respectively. The National Constitutional Assembly led by Lovemore Madhuku is the only other party that has participated by involving itself in Zaka and Gutu South.
Tendai Biti's Renewal Team which was widely expected to enter the Gutu South race did not and one of the reasons given was that support was too thin on the ground.
Chivi South recently lost its councillor for Ward 14 and ZEC has slated the by-elections for September 6 2014.
Going by the trends, the MDC T led by Morgan Tsvangirai is obviously going to throw in the hat in the Chivi by-election and if it loses to Zanu PF, which is almost certain, it will be the third time that it does so inside a year.
For a party that has cried foul and claimed that it lost the 2013 harmonised election through rigging, then these by-elections must either be proving beyond doubt that MDC T indeed lost through rigging or at least they must be learning something from the rigging system.
None of the two seems to be happening as the MDC T is losing the elections by even wider margins. The party is not even scoring 50 percent of Zanu PF's total votes in the by-elections.
In Zaka, the by-election results were MDC T 1 054 and Zanu PF 129 and in Gutu South it was MDC T 318 and Zanu PF 852.
When journalists asked for reasons why Zanu PF performed so well in Zaka against MDC T, the answer was that Zanu PF had bought the electorate by dishing out agricultural inputs. This is a familiar excuse; one that has also been raised over and over again after the harmonised elections.
But if this surely is called rigging then what is the MDC T doing about it? The MDC T has not raised a formal complaint, it has not filed a case with the Electoral Court and it has not even gone out of its way to tell the public that rigging is continuing.
What this precisely means is that the Zaka by-election was free and fair. There is no rigging detected. Zanu PF did win the by-election just the way it won the harmonised elections where it made a clean sweep of all the 26 Parliamentary seats in the province.
In the Gutu South by-election, the MDC T went into the campaign trail well ahead of Zanu PF and even chose its candidate weeks before Zanu PF finally settled for a candidate. Party officials that included the losing MP for  Gutu South Eriam Musendekwa and Jefrey Tangemhare the only MDC T councillor in the whole of Gutu expressed the confidence that they were going to beat Zanu PF by a wide margin.
Musendekwa was confident that MDC T will be putting Zanu PF rigging mechanism under check.
However, the results  were so bad for the MDC T that if Zanu PF rigged, then Zanu PF is so good at its job that MDC T will see nothing even if it was given another 100 years to put this rigging system under the microscope.
Musendekwa refused to comment after the results and referred all questions to Tangemhare.
Tangemhare however, said Zanu PF bussed people to the polling stations and complained that the MDC T did not have a voters' role. He said bussing of voters and the unavailability of the voters' role constituted rigging.
However, as in the case of Zaka, the MDC T has again not raised any formal complaints and we know that this party will start making noise about an uneven playing field three months to the 2018 harmonised elections.
"We cannot go to an election without a voters' role and hope to win," complained Tangemhare.
The Mirror tried to find out whether the MDC T has party reports on the two by-elections and the answer was a loud no, which means that the MDC T will draw no lesson from its losses but continue to be cry-babies in the face of Zanu PF victories.
Zanu PF obviously understands its enemy better and continues to alter the electoral terrain to deal with any hurdles to its election victories. Zanu PF is more switched on and its victories are plotted from the top as opposed to the MDC T which basically relies on the mood of the disgruntled electorate.
Now the Chivi by-election will be in the next few weeks and MDC T will fall again!news,local

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