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Hot on the heels

Tawanda Homba

Masvingo Rural – Jacob Mugwira who is father to the former MDCT MP for Masvingo West Tichaona Chiminya Mharadze has died at the age of (83).
Mugwira was buried on Tuesday at Mugwira Village near Bondolfi Teachers' College under Chief Charumbira.
Some 2 000 people from all walks of life including MDC-T party supporters converged at the Mugwira homestead to pay their last respects.
He died of sugar diabetic at Masvingo general hospital last Saturday. 
In a telephone interview with The Mirror, Mharadze said the death was a big blow to the family.
"My father managed to see the fourth generation. He was a pillar of strength for the family," said Mharadze.
Mugwira is survived by two wives, 30 children and several

Elizabeth Mashiri
Zvishavane Bureau

ZVISHAVANE – Police came down heavily and stopped a Return Itai Dzamara Rally that was supposed to be held at Mandava Stadium in Zvishavane on Saturday.
However, Tsvangirai and 400 other people could not be deterred as they gathered at MDC T Senator for the Midlands, Lilian Acropol's house where they prayed for the return of Dzamara.
Police vehicles started patrolling the small mining town with their sirens wailing and water cannons early in the morning.
Tsvangirai ctiticised the Police for their action and described it as unprofessional.
 "This was very unprofessional to stop concerned people from praying for their loved one who is missing. Police should also have considered the fact that the prayer meeting had been cleared and friends, family members including Dzamara's wife and children had travelled all the way from Harare for this," said Tsvangirai 
 "Dzamara was like family a family member to me. l have always seen him as a man on a mission in the struggle to free Zimbabwe and that assignment he will fulfil no matter what," said

Business Reporter

Masvingo - National Foods Holdings, a conglomerate which is the business of stock feeds and consumer goods has opened its sixth branch in the city of Masvingo.
The branch is at the corner of Leopold Takawira and Bradburn Street making it the sixth branch in the province.
The branch opened its doors to the public on Monday and there was a lot of activities as customers jostled to be the first to buy as there were opening special offers.
 "Our main target is chicken farmers although we have stock feeds for horses, cattle, goats, donkeys and pigs.
"We have opening specials for our customers where the price of 100 day old chicks has been reduced from $75-00 to $65-00, phase I to III for poultry is $29-00, layers' mash is selling at $26-00 per 50kg and many others," said Mutsira, the area sales manager.
National foods is also involved in training of animal farmers in the seven districts of the province.
"We train farmers in a number of areas for example on poultry housing, poultry nutrition, common animal diseases, cattle fattening, beef supplementary feeding as well as feedlot infrastructure construction," said Denis Dube the stock feeds technical advisor.
This he said is done to promote poultry farming which is quite lucrative these days.
The branch is under the supervision of Persistance Julius who is the Depot

Josphat Chigohi

MWENEZI - A Mwenezi woman (32) who has eight children has given birth to triplets bringing the total number of children to 11.
Her battle now is to keep her set of triplets alive as she is giving milk from just one breast.
Sithembile Charlie is also single after the father of the triplets deserted her before she gave birth in June 2015.
Charlie delivered the triplets at home and only proceeded to Neshuro Hospital for management of her health and that of the babies.
 Charlie comes from Village 5 Orwood, under Chief Neshuro, Mwenezi.
She is now appealing for help to feed the babies. Her 11 children  are from different fathers. Efforts to get a comment from Tawanda Mupangi (43) the latest husband were fruitless.
"I did not expect triplets. My father who is a subsistence famer had to sell his cow in order to assist me to look after these babies.
 "Mupangi who is the father of these new babies did not buy anything for preparation, even paying a visit," said Charlie.
She said she was particularly struggling with the food and this is worsened by the fact that she is getting milk from one breast.
"I grind sorghum for porridge and traditional maheu to compliment my single breast for the  two months  old triplets," she added.
Tawanda Charlie (21) the brother to Charlie said her sister was battling to make the three children survive.
 Charlie is going for her maintanance hearing against Mupangi  at Mwenezi Magistrates Court on September 1, 2015. Mupangi worked as a taxi driver in South

Hey, like always I tell you that HOTH get his facts correct although some guys would like to compare him with those people from the funny farm. When the truth is said people are quick to dismiss it and label anyone who said it.
I know when most of you see a story from HOTH, your knee jerk reaction is always trying to discredit the story as mumbo jumbo and try to make him go down like a lead balloon to your friends but what I know is, he goes above and beyond whatever is required for the task at hand to say things as they are said in those dark alleys or behind closed doors without being angry and overcome by emotions and he put a sock in it.
Anyway, ndoziva hangu kuti dzinenge dzangova shungu dzebofu kutumba richicheuka cheuka. Chokwadi munege machinzwa henyu uye muchichiziva. I know at the end of the day you will definitely run out of steam and keep quiet.  
Well, that's not a big deal I should quickly switch over to this week's matter. Yaah! I am told there is this majestic-looking guy, with an astute and compassionate appearance in spite of the fact that his behaviour leaves a lot to be desired.
Yes, I know most of you know him. He is a teacher at one of the primary schools whose parent institute is known for training teachers. I am a told the father used to work with Masvingo's first resident before he joined his ancestors a few years ago and the mother was a well-known employee at the biggest human garage in the province.
Ehee! Ndiyeye uyu murefu mutema ane meno akatarangana sechibage chakakavirwa nebofu uyu. Yes, he is the guy I am told the guy has a knack of marrying from pubs every time he goes there for the wise waters.
Did someone tell me that he stayed with Jorijo for almost three years as husband and wife? Yes, I heard that with my very own ears. However, someone told me that he grew up as mama's boy and she tries by all means to discourage him from marrying these ladies from night spots but it seems her advice is falling on deaf ears.
His mother calls him home now and then to caution him but as soon get as she is out of her sight he picks any lady and co-habits with her.  I can see that a leopard cannot change its spots. He cannot change who he is.
You know this lady who is a staunch supporter of Una Una. I heard others calling her Jorijo. Ehee ndiye iyeye, he had stayed with her for over three years. HOTH had it on good authority that every time he gets in the pub he hooks up with a lady of the night and marries her paying a few dollars to the parents and starts co-habiting with her.
Ko kana imi vanotarisirwa nevanhu uye vana vamunodzidzisa vanoti murairidzi wavo arikuiteyi? You are a role model and you behave like a vagrant. I don't have an axe to grind with you neither do I have a dispute with you but I think this is getting way out of hand.
I am just giving you advice not as a back seat driver, I mean that kind of person who criticize from the sidelines; someone who gives unwanted advice from the back seat of a vehicle to the driver. No my brother. I am giving you advice as a caring brother, father, mother or sister. I just thought I can give you advice because I can foresee hell in a hand basket. The situation is likely to deteriorate and head for complete disaster.
If you think marrying from pubs is the right choice you can make, you should remember that a thief passes for a gentleman when stealing has made him rich. So if you can pick a perfect lady from those places then I can say to you congratulations my young bro because I know every Jack has his Jill.
But before you make her your Jill just consider eating a bushel of salt with her. Above all I urge you to dot your i's and cross your t's. I hope you got my advice my bro. hoth

Tinashe Tirivavi
Mirror Reporter

Masvingo - Godard Dunira, the chairman of Vashandi Housing Co-operative has said that electrification of houses at Vic Ranch has started with the business centre and some schools already being electrified.
He said this at the scheme's Annual General Meeting held at Victoria Range on Saturday last week.
"The electrification of Vic Ranch has started as you can see, schools and the business center will receive electricity first then the rest of the houses," said Dunira.
Dunira urged beneficiaries of the scheme to pool resources together so they can buy material like pylons.
Vashandi has 1 500 members according to Dunira.
"We should buy our own poles, cables and provide labour in order to speed up the process, if we work together every house in Vic range will have electricity soon," he added.
Ephraim Gwanongodza the MP for Chivi Central and also Vashandi treasurer said that every member of Vashandi Housing Scheme got a stand.
"We are blessed that every member of the scheme now has a place they can call their own," Gwanongodza said.
Gwanongodza urged those who built houses on their stands without authority of the city council to regularize them immediately.
"We have some of our friends who built structures without the authority of the council and I am urging them to go and regularize immediately otherwise the houses will be destroyed since they are considered as illegal structures," Gwanongodza added.
Dunira also said that those who have their papers in order should get the city council to connect water to the houses.
"Those that have no arrears with the council and have their accounts in order with the scheme should approach the city council and have water brought to their door steps," Dunira
Morris Bishi
Chiredzi Bureau

CHIREDZI – Jennifer Mabuyawa (34), a Police officer based at Mkwasine Police Station in Chiredzi has appeared before Magistrate Tafadzwa Mhlanga facing allegations of stealing money kept at the station as exhibit.
Mabuyawa allegedly stole $111 while she was on duty.
The State led by Liberty Hove alleges that on June 30, 2013 Assistant Commissioner Loveness Ndanga went for inspection at Mkwasine Police Station and found that $50 which was lost and found money and $61 which was exhibit money was missing. Mabuyawa who is a sergeant major had received the money from other police officers in the charge office.
The State further alleges that upon questioning from Assistant Commissioner Ndanga, Mabuyawa went home and took the money to replace it leading to her arrest.
Leading state evidence in court Assistant Commissioner Ndanga said she personally asked Mabuyawa where she had put the money and was surprised to see her taking the money from her home which is against the operations of the police force.
However, Mabuyawa argued that the case was put under the force`s disciplinary hearing where she was exonerated of any wrong doing hence there was no need for the criminal charges to continue.
Magistrate Mhlanga postponed the matter to September 8, 2015 for continuation of