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ZIMTA provinces hold games competitions

…Select teams for Livingstone Games

Shingirirai Matsongoni

Masvingo - Over 600 teachers from Zimbabwe's 10 provinces converged in Masvingo for the 4th edition of the Zimbabwe Teachers Association Games that will help association select teams to represent the country at the Southern Africa Teachers Organization (SATO) Games to be held in Livingstone Zambia next week.
The Masvingo Games took place during the Heroes' Holiday on Monday this week. 
 Teachers battled it out in five sporting disciplines which included basketball, table tennis, netball, volleyball, darts and athletics.
Masvingo male volleyball team came out tops in the discipline as they dismissed Mashonaland West 2-0 and walked away with the winner's trophy.
Godfrees Gonye the team captain was naturally a happy man after the game.
"We play professional volley hence it was easy to dismiss teams from other provinces. We are very excited with the win and expect to do well in Livingstone next week and do the nation proud," said Gonye
In the men soccer, a final match could not be staged as it was getting late and the match commissioners decided that the two finalists, Matebeleland North and Midlands be declared joint winners.
"These games are just nice as we are mixing and mingling, we are winning some and losing some, what matters most is that we are socializing.
"I have had a once in a lifetime chance to meet people I could have never met," said Amon Mlilo who was playing darts at Railton Club.
"These games are in way promoting internal tourism because teachers from all provinces are coming together to share experiences at the same time refreshing after a long academic term at various schools and we are proud to be doing this the country's educators," said Sifiso Ndhlovu Zimta chief executive officer.
The Zimta presidium was in all in attendance. The president Richard Gundane, vice president Thomas Muzondo and secretary general John Mlilo expressed satisfaction in the way the games were organized.
Over 100 athletes were selected from the over 600 who took part in the games and they will represent Zimbabwe in the Southern Africa Teachers Organization (SATO) to be held on 17 August in Livingstone Zambia. 
In his closing remarks at the prize giving ceremony held at a local college, Gundani urged the selected athletes to be good ambassadors of the country.
"Go and represent your country and be good sportspersons, lose and win in good spirit these are adults games and do not begrudge each other in the event that you lose a match," said Gundani.sport

Corruption begins at home

Corruption, eish! Corruption in the world! Corruption in countries! Corruption in governments! Corruption in the police force! Corruption in parastatals! Corruption in councils, rural and urban! Corruption in companies! Corruption in organisations! Corruption in institutions, in schools and colleges, in churches! Corruption everywhere! Chibhoraniland is said to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world. We talk about corruption. We practice corruption every single day. We are corrupt, we are corruption.
Question is where does corruption begin? Check out this scenario. The man of the house, the breadwinner, after sweating it out at the sweaty and corrupt workplace, dashes off to his favourite watering hole. There he meets man friends and girlfriends and they quickly start to down the thirst- quencher that never quenches the thirst while roasting choice T-bone and pork chops with some nice music in the background.  Late in the night the breadwinner staggers home without a loaf of bread. He pushes away the unpalatable plate of sadza and vegetables his wife left in the warmer and lazily gets into bed. Corruption begins at home.
Corruption begins with the man of the house. The man of the house, the breadwinner is supposed to work hard and support his family; he is the one who started it all. The salary that he gets at the end of the month does not belong to him; it actually belongs to the institution called the home that is actually named after him. "PaVaChibhorani", Chibhorni's homestead. Ideally in this little supposedly cosy institution called the home there should be a little cabinet composed of the husband and the wife. After getting whatever money the two can lay their hands on this cabinet should  sit down and come up with an agreed budget allocating their home fund to departments like education, health and child care, transport, agriculture, small enterprises, housing and any other expenditures without forgetting entertainment of course.
However in most cases budget meetings never take place in the home. This is where corruption starts. The breadwinner will pocket his salary. For him it is his money, he worked for it. He will then, oftentimes reluctantly, let it out of his pocket as per repeated requests from his partner. We have seen executives allocating themselves scandalous mega salaries and huge allowances while fellow employees went for months without their meagre salaries. We can also, every day, witness the same scenario when the breadwinner literary steals from the home fund and allocate himself scandalous amounts for his own personal entertainment and other unnecessary expenses while his own wife and children struggle to survive. Corruption begins at home.
Go to popular Mereki in the capital city or any "gochi gochi" place around Chibhoraniland and behold the juicy meats on the braai and the alcohol that the corrupt man of the house will be pouring down his throat while donating more to corrupt man friends, girl-friends and even corrupt strangers. Is that fancy and expensive cell phone really necessary? Do you have to attend every football match your favourite football club plays all over the country and even abroad with your slim budget? When your partner asks for cash to buy exercise books for the children you have to scold her first before you can reluctantly part with the Dollars that you had earmarked for your evening's entertainment. Corruption begins at home.
Check out the title "Breadwinner." The man looks at himself as the winner, he is on top, the brains that runs the institution and without him there would be no cash. The rest are losers who depend on him for their upkeep. Being the winner he thinks that he is entitled to allocate himself more cash and do whatever he wants with it. Isn't this the attitude of some of our corrupt executives who award themselves mega salaries and huge allowances? The breadwinner makes sure that there is just enough bread to keep the family alive while he has more than enough for his own needs.
In this environment of corruption the woman of the house can also resort to corruption to get what she wants from the man of the house. During a workshop discussion on marital relationships a woman stood up and confessed, "Isu madzimai tinonyanyavo kukava varume pabonde." What she meant was that wives deliberately starve their husbands of sex in order to get what they want from them or as an instrument of revenge; corruption beginning at home.
The word "corrupt" is defined in the Macmillan English Dictionary as "doing dishonest, illegal, or immoral things in order to gain money or power." It is dishonest, illegal and immoral for the man of the house to steal from home funds and allocate ridiculous amounts to himself. It is illegal and immoral for the woman of the house to deny the man of the house his conjugal rights in order to gain power or to revenge herself on him. Corruption begins at home. To win the war against corruption let us begin in the home, it begins with you husband and wife. Let us start fighting corruption in the home.opinion

Head denies wife conjugal rights for 3 years

Ellen Mlambo - MASVINGO
– The head of Buroma Primary School near Ngundu has been accused by his wife of finding her a job in South Africa so he could remain behind and marry a teacher who was teaching at the same school with him.
Christina Charuma (34) of Yeukai in Masvingo complained in court that since her husband, Edson Mukuna (39) married; she has been denied her conjugal rights. She said she had sometimes forfeited conjugal rights for periods running to three years.
Charuma said she would not mind her husband dating girlfriends but what she was against was her husband marrying another wife.
 She told Magistrate Dorothy Mwanyisa at the Masvingo Civil Court that she did not get married in order to get food.
"Handina kuvinga sadza kumurume wangu (I did not marry my husband for sadza)," said the complainant.
Mukuna married Rumbidzai Mukova, a teacher at the same school with him as his second wife.
Charuma appealed to the Court to force Mukuna to come back to her since he was no longer coming back to the family.
Mukova however, told the court that she entered into a relationship with Mukuna after Mukuna told her that he was not married.
The complainant said that 5 cattle and 10 sheep were sold by her husband to marry the defendant.  She said she had accumulated that wealth together with her husband.news

2 Masvingo magistrates under investigation

•    Magistrate vows to hit The Mirror below the belt

Mirror Reporter

Masvingo – The Chief Magistrate, Mishrod Guvamombe has ordered an investigation on two magistrates, one in Masvingo and the other in Chiredzi after The Mirror complained against deemed unprofessional and corrupt conduct.
Guvamombe, an immensely respected member of the bench ordered Provincial Magistrate Langton Ndokera to investigate the complaints and comment on all matters raised by August 29, 2014.
The Magistrate in Masvingo who was probably irked by a story covered by The Mirror in its recent issues posted several messages on Facebook promising to hit the newspaper below the belt.
He vowed to fight and bring down The Mirror through any defamation cases brought against the newspaper.
The Magistrate however, later apologised for the Facebook comments and promised not to do it again after The Mirror wrote a letter of complaint to Ndokera.
Although the accused magistrate promised to stop the comments, it took no time before he returned with further comments where he even bragged that no one would stop him writing what he wanted.
He said in one of his Facebook postings in reference to The Mirror that; "those that are defamed do not run to the gutter press but seek redress from the courts. Ha ha pano munomira ho (and when it comes to defamation, I will put a stop to you). ...I am not usually like this but when provoked; I will fight to the bitter end...those that cross my path bear the brunt.
"Nyora zvamunoda (write what you want)...don't cry foul when we hit you even below the belt".
In another instance he said in reference to Mirror property that was being attached by the Messenger of Court that; "kamwe kapepa imika, kapotsa katadza kubuda this week. Tichambotsvaka iyi yepepa nhau rakatorerwa zvinhu. Tichauya nayo kana yaibva (some little newspaper almost failed to come out this week. I will be bringing you more detail on the newspaper whose property has been attached by the messenger of court)".
Recently the Judiciary Service Commission fired Jefry Gogo, a magistrate at Zaka for giving a cattle rustler community service instead of a nine year sentence.
The Mirror and indeed several senior lawyers in Masvingo were shocked by the string of court rulings made against The Mirror thereafter.
In one instance, cars that had no link whatsoever to The Mirror were attached and auctioned. Efforts to get court files from Chiredzi Magistrates Court for The Mirror to lodge an appeal with the High Court were thwarted until The Mirror appealed for the intervention of the provincial magistrate. The Mirror lodged several complaints with the provincial magistrate.
The Mirror also complained against a convicted fraudster who hangs around the courts giving legal advice to accused and complainants. The said fraudster is close to court officials including prosecutors.
The other magistrate being complained against also had to remove another magistrate from a Mirror case midway through so that he could preside over it himself. He also forced the Messenger of Court to auction Mirror property when the Messenger of Court had insisted that it was nolonger legal. He refused to give reasons for his actions.
Mirror General Manager Nkulumani Mlambo said it would be irresponsible for any citizen not to report magistrates who abuse their offices for personal gain and in the process destroy companies and inflict suffering on innocent people or organisations.news

Diedricks’ death opens can of worms

Garikai Mafirakureva - MASVINGO
- The death of prominent Masvingo businessman, Christie Diedricks probably one of the city's wealthiest man has set in motion serious legal battles as powerful politicians and business entities are claiming shares and ownership to his vast estate.
Diedricks who died on Thursday last week owned a 208-hectare farm at the fringes of Masvingo some 4km from the city centre along Masvingo Beitbridge Road. He also owned land near the Masvingo Showgrounds and a massive retail business empire.
Former MDC T councillor for Masvingo Urban, Misheck Gapare this week claimed that he was in charge of the 208 hectare piece of land including stands that are being developed near Wimpy outside Masvingo. Boniface Musara who is allegedly fronting powerful Zanu PF politicians in the province is also making claim to the land and stands being serviced near Wimpy.
However, a lawyer who declined to be named said the said land was gazetted and taken over by the State and there is no private individual who has any claim to it.
When asked for a comment, Gapare said his company Labourhold properties (Pvt) Ltd was the only company with a legally binding power of Attorney to run the affairs at Lot 2 Clipsham Farm including low density stands that are being developed there, adding that he would soon be taking to Court anyone claiming ownership of the land.
"Labourhold is the only company which is legally involved in the daily running of Lot 2 Clipsham Farm and we have a power of Attorney authorizing us to do so. I am not aware of other people. I know Musara is trying to use his political muscle to wrestle away that piece of land but I am going to approach the High Court to seek redress," said Gapare. 
Gapare produced documents showing that he indeed was granted power of attorney over the property by Diedricks.
The Mirror however, also has documents in which Diedricks signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Musara of Gorge Safaris on January 15, 2011 intending to create individual exclusive low density residential units that meet the needs of the high class urbanites at Lot 2 Clipsham Farm.
According to the agreement Gorge Safaris was supposed to retain 51% stake of the value of the whole project once completed and Diedricks would get 49%. The 51% was to be calculated after the developer has been remunerated 30% of the whole project.
Asked for comment, Musara said he had an agreement with the Ministry of Local Government, Public Construction, Rural and Urban Development where he is to develop stands in Clipsham and he would get 90 percent as the developer and the Ministry would get 10 percent.
Documents in the hands of The Mirror also show that Diedricks through his late wife Alison Jean Diedricks signed a 25 year lease agreement on June 1 1991 with Shell Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd and Kudauana Estates trading as Shell City, relating to a filling station and Lot 2 of Clipsham Farm, popularly known as Wimpy, during which Shell City was supposed to sell a total of 180 million litres of blend and gas oil with a clause that stated they shall continue to do so until they had sold such litres.
Representative of Shell City or Shell Zimbabwe were not available to comment as their phones were not reachable.
Other documents indicate that Diedricks applied for the incorporation of Lot 2 of Clipsham into the municipal commonage for the purpose of development of one hectare residential plots and donated 69 hectares of the 208 hectare farm to Masvingo city council and the application was granted by the Public Works and Planning Committee at its meeting held on August 17 2010.
Masvingo Mayor Hubert Fidze said he could not comment on the issue because it was done before he was in office but was quick to say he will ask the responsible department about the agreement.
"I cannot comment on that issue because I was not in office at that time. Actually, I have to talk to the responsible department," said Fidze.
When contacted for comment over Deidricks' properties his current wife Alleta Cornelea  referred all the questions to Musara.
"You can talk to Bonface Musara, he will be able to put you in the picture. That Gapare guy is talking nosense. Don't write the story otherwise I will take you to court ," said Alleta before cutting off. news

3 Chiredzi men in court for stock theft

Givemore Kudzwida - CHIREDZI
– Three men from Chiredzi have appeared in court after they allegedly stole two beasts and slaughtered one of them.
The accused men are Jacob Mundau (30), Tafadzwa Masiya (20) and Thomas Zindoga (39).
Mundau and Masiya both residing at Village 5, Chizvirizvi Chiredzi East pleaded not guilty to the offence. However, Zindoga told the court that he bought the stolen cattle from Mundau.
The State alleges that on August 14, 2014 at 1800hrs Mundau and Masiya proceeded to Chingonje Sping at Village 5, Chizvirizvi, Chief Tshovani Chiredzi where they stole one cow and a bull which belonged to Pazari Khoza (70).
The duo then drove the two beasts to Mundau's homestead and penned them in his kraal waiting for the arrival of Zindoga to slaughter them.
On August 15 2014 at 10am, Zindoga came and they slaughtered the cattle before Zindoga ferried the carcasses to Chiredzi.
Khoza made a follow up on his cattle and discovered the remains of his cattle at Zindoga's homestead which led to the consequent arrest of the accused persons.
The State says the total value of the cattle stolen by the accused persons is $650-00 and only $ 200-00 was recovered in cash.
Mundau and Masiya pleaded not guilty saying that they knew nothing about the offence.
The case was heard before Magistrate Honest Musyiwa and will be heard again on September 09 2014.
Prosper Chipangura prosecuted.news

Daughter identifies mum killer after a decade

Garikai Mafirakureva - BIKITA -
A suspected murderer was last week apprehended in Chiredzi after the daughter of the deceased positively identified him having spend over a decade on the run.
The suspect Derius Tsinda of Tsinda Village under Chief Mkanganwi has since appeared before Bikita resident Magistrate Bishard Chineka for initial remand.
It is the State case that some 10 years ago Tsinda who was in love with Marudana Badza now deceased fell into a heated argument with her lover leading to a brawal that killed her.
Derius ran away and was on the wanted list for over ten years. He was however, spotted roaming the streets of Chiredzi by Jane the daughter of the deceased who immediately alerted the Police leading to his arrest.
Sources close to the matter revealed that Tsinda initially said he was from Muzarabani but later changed and said he was from Mtoko but failed to prove his claim. He later admitted that he was from Bikita.
He later appeared before Resident Magistrate Bishard Chineka facing murder charges on August 21 2014. He was remanded in custody and told to apply for bail at the High Court. Richard Nyamuhomba appeared for the State.news


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