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Hot on the heels

Tawanda Homba

Masvingo – Eddison Zvobgo junior who is the managing director of Zvobgo Holdings and SDA church have donated to Mutimurefu Prison in Masvingo.
Zvobgo donated 220 dinner plates, 169 sheets and 180, 2x 20 litres of mazoe orange crush and pockets of potatoes.
The SDA Church donated food stuffs, soap, tissues, vaseline and sanitary wear to 716 inmates at Mutimurefu Prison in Masvingo.
Zvobgo is the chairman of the advisory board of prisons in Masvingo Province.
Zvobgo Holdings is the parent company of a number of hospitality entities in the country including Flamboyant, Chevron, Ritz Night Club, Panyanda Lodge and Fairmile Hotel in Gweru.
The donation was handed over to the Prison Superintendent, Tapiwa Norman Muzhingi.
The initiative came after Zvobgo Jnr was approached by the SDA for assistance.
"I would like to appreciate what the SDA is doing to the inmates at Mutimurefu and in particular the distribution of bibles to them. This will help their smooth integration back into society after serving their jail terms.
"Prisoners are people they need to be loved in difficult situation in prison, I would like to appeal to the business community and other churches to chip in as well,''said Zvobgo Jnr in a telephone interview.  
Some inmates get necessities brought for them by the relatives but the situation is quite terrible for those who do not get such assistance.
Kudakwashe Dzoro a committee member of the advisory board for prisons in Masvingo also attended the ceremony.
Dzoro appealed to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture responsible for Mechanisation and Irrigation, Davies Marapira  who is also the MP  in     Masvingo West constituency to donate tractors and other agricultural equipment to the prison.

Morris Bishi
Chiredzi Bureau

CHIREDZI – Chiredzi Town Council finance director Sanangurai Rukara has bid farewell after serving the local authority for 14 years.
Council chairman Francis Moyo said it was always good when organisations part ways with their employees in a happy way. He described Rukara as a man of vast experience in finance and dedicated to his duties. He said council would continue to seek assistance from Rukara if any problem arises and thanked him for his assistance during investigations which led to the arrest and firing of an accountant.
Rukara tendered in his resignation three months ago at the height of a financial scandal in which over $70000 was missing from council coffers.
 Many residents said the timing of the resignation was wrong.
"We are having a farewell party for Rukara who served council for 14 years. Rukara was an honest man who performed his duties diligently," said Moyo.
Rukara said he would be going into private practice while concentrating more on his farm. He thanked Chiredzi Town Council for the good time he spent at council saying it was a good experience.

Morris Bishi
Chiredzi Bureau

Chiredzi – A senior army captain, Faster Gono who is based in Chiredzi came under fire at a recent Zanu PF ward election meeting where a rowdy crowd allegedly called him ngochani (gay).
Captain Gono has since reported MP for Chiredzi West Darlington Chiwa at Triangle Police Station for calling him a gay.
Chiwa confirmed the issue and said he (Chiwa) failed to attend Vice President Mphoko`s meeting at Mkwasine because he was at the Police station where he was making a statement.
He said Gono made a report to the Police that he insulted him by calling him a gay in public.
However, Chiwa said the gay allegations were not new and he had in the past written to the army commander to investigate Gono on gay accusations.
When asked for comment, Gono said Chiwa can say whatever he wants about him.
"I was summoned to Triangle Police Station last Thursday by Inspector Masiya who is the officer in Charge. A warned and cautioned statement was recorded from me.
Those gay allegations are not new, they were brought to me by several people in my constituency and l was only saying that they should be investigated. I wrote a formal complaint to the Army Commander for them to investigate those allegations," said Chiwa. news

Beatific Gumbwanda
Chiredzi bureau

Chiredzi – The president of the Federation of Young Farmers Association, Phillip Sewera was in Chiredzi last week where he encouraged sugar farmers to integrate young people into agriculture.
Sewera said that agriculture holds the key to the reduction of ballooning unemployment in the country.
He also said that many people who benefited from the land reform programme were now elderly and there was need to inject young blood in order to revitalize production.
He also urged the farmers to take advantage of the agriculture graduates coming out of the country's many universities and harness their skills for the purpose of increasing production and optimizing output per unit area.
Sewera said this when he met the Zimbabwe Sugarcane Development Association (ZSDA) farmers in Chiredzi and encouraged them to engage the youth in agricultural projects.
"Unemployment is skyrocketing. Agriculture remains the best hope for creating employment and the youth must be absorbed in the sector.
"Older people who were given land are not producing as much as expected and we must encourage youth to use their energy, skills and knowledge obtained from universities to maximise production on the land and therefore create job opportunities.
"Students are making wrong choices at tertiary institutions as they are studying marketing which is at the tail end of wealth creation.
"Successful agriculture starts at primary level and once we get the primary stage moving, farming activities also moves.  The second stage is to get value addition and the third stage is to get export going. So we are here in Chiredzi to encourage the first stage that is production. Youths should play a major role in the production sector and that is involving them in the sugarcane production. Parents are failing to fully utilize the land and it is the duty of the youths to get it moving," said


Tawanda Homba
Municipal Reporter 

Masvingo – Masvingo City Council has received $556 000 that it was being owed through services by the Zimbabwe National Army.
The debt was settled through a set off arranged by the Ministry of Finance.
This position was revealed at the full council meeting held in the city on Monday.
The city council is owed $30 million by various debtors including Government departments and residents.
Central government and parastatals continue to default and this group constitutes 50% of debtor's ledger.
There has been an upward movement on the amount owed and engagement is continuous but it is not yielding desired results.
"Failure to collect debts has resulted in council also failing to timeously pay its obligations to Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company," read the minutes.
According to the recent full council meeting, the city managed to raise $287 256.50 against a total billing of $391 125.87 for high density residential areas for the month of February this

Morris Bishi
Chiredzi Bureau

Chiredzi – A threesome sex tape allegedly involving  the daughter of a pastor with White Harvest in Chiredzi (name supplied) and two young men (both sons of prominent businessmen in Chiredzi) have gone viral in the small sugarcane town of Chiredzi.
The three are all students at the Midlands State University and they are studying Human Resources management degrees.
There has been serious concern about sexually transmitted diseases at the Midlands State University. The first names of the students are Esau, Debra (the girl) and Tinashe.
The two minutes and fifty seconds long tape shows Esau who is wearing spectacles making love to Debra while she is at the same time licking Tinashe's private part.
Esau is wearing a condom while Tinashe who is being licked is not putting on a condom. Towards the end Esau who looks fatigued by his energetic work on Debra hands a condom to Tinashe who seems impatient to have his turn on the girl.
The scene shows that there was obviously a third person who was taking the video. The person has since been identified as Freedom.  Freedom however refuted that he was the person in the video. Debra who is donning long hair is completely naked while the boys are just wearing shirts and they are doing it from a single bed. They play loud music Bust it Babe as they had sex. news

Nkulumani Mlambo

Masvingo – The collapse of the country's hospitals came to the doorsteps of authorities when Masvingo Provincial Administrator (PA)'s beloved daughter Tendai Chikovo (27) died on Friday partly due to power outages.
There was no power at Masvingo General Hospital and the generator had no diesel when Tendai who had just given birth through a caesarean and suffered cardiac arrest (the heart stopping to pump) arrived in a critical condition.
Felix Chikovo (PA) who is the province's most powerful civil servant could neither hide his pain nor the truth from mourners gathered at his daughter's funeral on Tuesday afternoon.
"Some things have gone wrong. The ambulance carrying Tendai had to be turned away from the General Hospital because there was no power. What is worse is that the generator at the hospital was also not functioning because it had no diesel," said Chikovo.
He said he had to run around with friends to buy diesel for the generator so that his daughter could be admitted.
Chikovo also condemned the state of ambulances which he likened to lorries. He said the ambulances at the hospital are not suitable for people who are ill and could worsen situations for patients.
As a result, the Chikovo family had to request for an ambulance from MARS.
The Mirror has in the last few months been inundated by complaints against total power blackouts at the hospital. Several people has also reported deaths caused by by the situation.
Tendai who gave birth through a ceaserian and then suffered cadiac arrest could not be immediately attended to at Masvingo General Hospital because there was no electricity and the hospital generator had no diesel.
While deaths during deliveries is said to have gone up.
According to Chikovo, Tendai who wedded in 2013 had come back to her parents (kuzosungirwa nokubatsirwa) to give birth to her first child in the traditional Shona way.
She went to a local clinic in Masvingo when she started feeling labour pains and the doctor decided to do a ceasarian when the baby took long to push.
She went into theatre around 2pm and at 4:30pm disaster struck as Tendai could hardly breathe. At least five doctors from around the city gathered to try and help the situation and at around 7pm, there was noticeable improvement and hence her transfer to the General Hospital for better facilities.
After the transfer, Chikovo followed a while later and was taken aback to see the ambulance turning back without leaving the patient. He was shocked to be told that the hospital was in a total blackout because even the generator did not have diesel.
The Mirror has received three complains in the last two weeks where delivering mothers died after operations at the hospital.
Tendai was later resuscitated at the General Hospital before being transferred to the Avenues Clinic  in Harare. She was admitted at  the Avenues Clinic for two weeks and died on Friday last week.
The post-mortem indicated that she died due to lack of oxygen in the brain.
Tendai delivered a bouncing baby boy but she could not live to see her son.Tendai, a nurse who was married to Nickson Mukapa who is a medical doctor in Nyanga.
The funeral was attended by the who is who of Masvingo including all provincial heads of ministries, district administrators, councillors and politicians from all political parties.
The Minister of State for Masvingo Shuvai Mahofa also addressed