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Gerald Mudzengi, who is Chief Chirumanzu will appear in court on Thursday next week (August 25) facing three counts of stock theft and two of contempt of court.
This is according to court documents in the hands of The Mirror.
The court summoned six people to appear as State witnesses to testify against Mudzengi. Those summoned are Vincent Jumo, Julian Maguudze, Elia Jemwa, Magidi Garutsa, Anyway Nhokwana and Ishmael Chiro.
The Mirror is reliably informed that Elia Jemwa is a complainant against the chief in a charge in which the later impounded two cattle after accusing Jemwa of carrying out agricultural activities in an area close to a water spring.
Jemwa contends that the chief has no jurisdiction over a resettlement area and therefore has no powers to bring or hear a case against him.
In another case Julian Magudze is fighting back to recover 10 herd of cattle allegedly impounded by the chief from her husband. The cattle were to pay lobola for another woman that the hubby allegedly was in love with. Magudze stays in a resettlement area.
Magidi Gutso is trying to recover one beast and a scotch cart allegedly impounded for holding church service at a place the chief considered to be sacred.
Another complainant, Vincent Jumo won a court case against the chief after his eight beasts were allegedly impounded. The chief is facing a charge of contempt of court after his aides intercepted the messenger of court who was returning the eight beasts to the complainant. The aides allegedly took the beasts back to the chief.
The chief is also alleged to have ignored a court order that required him to return two goats he impounded from Anyway Nhokoro who worked during chisi (sacred day).
Ishmael Chiso is the messenger of court who was barred from effecting court orders.
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- A man from Lower Gweru who has been in the habit of calling his daughter whose mother passed away into his bedroom and raping her with a condom has appeared before Magistrate Florence Nago.
The court heard that Forward Sibanda of Fini Village under Chief Sogwala raped his 16 year old daughter on several occasions.
It is alleged that on an unknown date but during the month of March 2016 the accused called his daughter to the bedroom where he raped her after putting on a condom.
It is also alleged that the father did it again two days later and went on to do the same on the third and fourth occasion.
It is also said that the girl who is in form two was once staying with her mother in Gokwe but her father collected her after her mother passed on in 2012.
Sibanda was remanded in custody to August 28, 2016.
Lloyd Mavhisa prosecuted. crime news


- Solomon Tsvangirai who is headman Neshangwe and Rosemary Mudzviti whom is ZANU PF councilor for Ward 26 in Mupatsi in Chikomba East, nearly exchanged blows at a meeting held in the ward last Sunday over accusations of corruption.
Hell broke loose at a meeting held at Mupatsi Business Centre when Neshangwe told the gathering that Mudzviti and Zanu PF chairman for the ward Owen Matsike went to Chikomba Rural District Council and collected $600 intended for development.
The amount is a percentage of the rates paid by farmers which is retained in the ward for development.
Neshangwe who was not invited at the meeting alleged that Mudzviti collected $600 and $200 reached the ward.
Mudzviti however, informed the village heads at the meeting that she only received $200 from Council.
Furious village heads who contacted The Mirror on condition of anonymity alleged that Mudzviti and Matsike stole some money they received from Council.
The money was to be used for the construction of a ward clinic.
Headman Neshangwe accused councilor Mudzviti of not involving him in developmental issues in the ward and holding meetings without his knowledge.
Councillor Mudzviti confirmed the exchange she had with Headman Neshangwe but  refuted allegations that she stole money from council.
Sources said that the exchange between the two was so fiery that Mudzviti pointed a finger into the headman's face as the two got close to exchanging blows.
Headman Neshangwe also confirmed the incident and said Mudzviti nearly beat him up.
"I had some misunderstanding with councilor Mudzviti over council funds that she collected with Matsike. She almost assaulted me in the presence of village heads," said Headman Neshangwe.
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A man who worked as a general hand at Gweru General Hospital shocked his family when he sold all his belongings before hanging himself from a mango tree in the backyard of his mother's house in Mambo Suburb.
Mwaneyi Mathe (27) was found hanging from the tree two weeks ago. Christin Mwakamui the deceased's grandmother confirmed the incident to The Mirror and said she was not really sure why the grandson committed suicide.
She said there was speculation that he was dumped by a girlfriend that he had stayed with for some months.
It is said that the deceased danced a lot at the just ended Gweru Agricultural Show and he allegedly told companions that he was dancing for the last time.
"What I really know is that he had not been going to work for about seven days. His workmates came here asking for him but he said he no longer wanted to work because he wanted to make fast money", said the grandmother
He was buried at Gweru Cemetery on Monday.
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– The case of Makwasha Primary School headmaster Tapiwa Majange (54) who is facing three counts of fraud involving $11 418 has been postponed to August 25 next week by the presiding magistrate Shepered Munjanja because ...

It is a State's case that during the period between January 1, 2014 and September 7, 2015 Majange allegedly made a misrepresentation that $500 had been withdrawn from the school account for audit expenses when no audit had been done at the school during the period in question.
In another count Majange is also alleged to have withdrawn $4 095 from the school's FBC bank account which was not accounted for.
Majange is also alleged to have made an under-banking during the same period but on a date not known to the prosecutor. On this particular day Majange made an under banking of cash amounting to $6 823 in the school's FBC bank account.
The court also heard that the receipt books that were kept in the school safe went missing. In his defense Majange said he reported the matter to the Police but there was no action taken.
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Seeks refuge in the mountain


– Self-styled Masvingo Prophet Isaac Makomichi (20) is allegedly running away from his Mucheke homestead as he is being tormented by 'goblins' that he alleges are being sent by Chipinge based n'anga, Ndunge.
An elder who was recently dismissed from the church following some misunderstanding with other church members, confirmed the developments.
The incident occurred after the controversial priest alleged that he cleansed Ndunge's younger brother from the grip of his brother who is well known for tempering with the dark arts.
It is said that Makomichi who resides in Runyararo West in Masvingo has been spending much of his time in the mountains running away from the goblins which have been tormenting him.
The controversial prophet however, claims to have killed the goblins and was spending his time in the mountains praying and thanking God for killing the goblins.
"I have been spending my time in the mountains thanking the Lord for killing the owls, I am not running away. I have killed the three owls which came to me talking to me asking about the snakes (sic). These were sent by Ndunge to haunt me down; anyway what has that to do with the Press. This is my private life, leave me alone to deal with my problems," said Makomichi.
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- Simbarashe Makazhe (32) is appealing for money to buy a laptop to enable him to study towards his degree program with a local university.
Makazhe, who resides in Masvingo was born with physical disabilities and is appealing to well-wishers to assist him to get a mini-laptop to use in his academic research. He is a fourth year student at the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) where he is studying towards a Bachelor of Psychology Honours degree.
"If I could get assistance to acquire a mini-laptop that will go a long way in helping me achieve my goals as I am having difficulties in conducting research due to lack of equipment," said Makazhe.
Those who wish to assist can contact him on 0775 748 582 or through The Mirror on +263 (039) 264372.
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