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CHIVHU – A Chivhu taxi driver who was a witness in a case of theft where a member of the Central Intelligence Office was the complainant collapsed while standing in the witness box and was whisked to Chivhu General Hospital for treatment.
Tichaona Bareta who is also employed by the complainant collapsed while waiting to testify testified before Chivhu Resident Magistrate, Story Rushambwa
Dellen Hove (37) who is employed by the Ministry of State Security Chivhu was the complainant in the case.
Bareta started sweating when the State prosecutor led evidence in court.
He produced a sharp sound like he was having difficulties in breathing. This happened before cross-examination.
He fell from the witness's stand where he was standing and landed on the bench and was placed on the floor and then taken to hospital. 
It was the State case that sometime in April 2016, the accused, Thomas Paradza (44) of Chivhu received and took into his possession a motor vehicle Honda Fitz registration number ADU 0713 from Bareta who was employed by the complainant.
It was agreed that the accused would hold it in trust for the sole purpose of repairing the gear box and return it to Bareta.
Thereafter, the accused, in breach of agreed terms neither repaired the motor vehicle nor returned it to Bareta but instead stripped 4 coil packs, gear box censors, valve board and gear box seal from the engine.
The complainant allegedly discovered the offense when he came to collect the vehicle and the accused person was questioned on the whereabouts of the parts but could not give a satisfactory answer.
A report was made to the Police leading to the arrest of the accused person. Value of the missing parts is $390 and nothing was recovered.
Magistrate Rushambwa found the accused not guilty and acquitted Paradza. He said that there was no evidence produced to show that Paradza stole the parts.
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GOKWE – Father Rudolf Nyandoro who has been appointed new bishop for Gokwe Diocese is going to be ordained on April 29, 2017.
This was confirmed through a Press statement released this week by the Apostolic Nunciature (Pope's representative in Zimbabwe).
 Thousands of Roman Catholics are expected to gather at Gokwe Cathedral at Gokwe Centre where Father Nyandoro is going to be ordained.
Father Nyandoro was announced as the new Bishop last month and he is going to replace Bishop Angel Floro Martinez who has retired after reaching the age of 75.
Gokwe Diocese is the 7th of the Roman Catholic's 8th dioceses in Zimbabwe and it was established on June 17, 1991 from Hwange Diocese. Bishop Michael Dixon Bhasera was the first bishop of that diocese. Bishop Martinez took over from him in 1999 to 2017.
Canon 401 of the Catholic Code of Canon Law states that diocesan bishops must submit their resignation to the Pope on reaching the age of 75.


HARARE - The National Social Security Authority (NSSA) has drastically reviewed its garnishees on companies that are in subscription arrears and will henceforth not garnish the whole outstanding amount at once.
This is contained in a statement released to the Press recently by Barnabas Matongera who is the chief contributions, collections and compliance officer.
Although efforts to get a comment from NSSA chief executive officer, Lizzie Chitiga who was said to be in meetings were futile, sources said NSSA will as a matter of policy no longer garnish whole amounts from owing companies because this has either crippled struggling entities or led to total collapses and losses of jobs.
The Press statement which is titled; Procedure in collections of arrears in contributions and premiums says that clients must note that although the Authority will still issue garnish orders, it will only do so to the extent of missed instalments.
In the past NSSA would if a company has a debt of $10 000, invade the account and garnish the whole amount and this left many companies without money for operational costs and the result was that many became crippled and never recovered. In other cases companies ground to a halt and shut down.
In the new procedure, NSSA urges owing clients to come up with an agreed payment plan which must be adhered to as much as possible. NSSA will only garnishee the account if there are defaults and the garnishee will only be to the extent of the missed instalment.
"NSSA endeavours to first reach a duly signed payment plan with all clients in financial difficulties. The payment plan stipulates the instalment amount and due dates. The client is adequately informed that failure to adhere to the payment plan without a 'variation agreement' with the authority, may result in the issuing of a garnishee order but only to the extent of the missed instalment," said the statement.
Efforts to get comment from the Minister of Labour, Public Service and Social Welfare Priscah Mupfumira were fruitless.
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CHIVHU -   Chikomba District Better Schools Program Zimbabwe (BSPZ) Management Committee has sent Ephie Kafesu, a typist at the organisation on an indefinite unpaid leave allegedly because of cashflow strains.
A letter in the hands of The Mirror states that Kafesu was sent on unpaid leave on January 1, 2017 following a resolution passed by the Management Committee at a meeting held in November last year.
The Management Committee comprises of school heads, the District Schools Inspector Emmanuel Kwenda and other Schools Inspectors.
Efforts to get a comment from Kafesu were fruitless according to sources another employee only identified as Mutoreredzanwa at the Sadza offices also met with the same fate.
Chikomba District School Inspector Emmanuel Kwenda confirmed the development and said BSPZ Management Committee made the decision after a critical cost benefit analysis was carried out.
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BUHERA - A man from Mushinya Village under Chief Nyashanu in Buhera assaulted his wife and daughter accusing them for failing to feed his dogs.
Jossom Oria Mashinya (63) who is alleged to have been drunk when he committed the offence appeared before Murambinda Magistrate Dennis Mangosi facing three counts of domestic violence.
The court heard that on February 3, 2017 and at around 9pm Mashinya assaulted his daughter Lilian Mashinya (26) with a fan belt on her right arm. He arrived home from Gaza Business Center and started insulting his daughter for not feeding the dogs.
He then assaulted his wife Felistas Madawo with a mattock handle on her right hand side and she sustained injuries. He assaulted the wife again on February 5, at around 7pm with a wooden chair accusing her of putting poison in his food.
The matter was reported at the Murambinda Police Station.
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MBERENGWA – In yet another gruesome robbery recorded in the Southern Region in the last two weeks, Decent Moyo a gold dealer and businessman was allegedly waylaid on arrival at his farm and kidnapped, his body was later found outside a hotel in Mberengwa some few km from the farm.
Midlands Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the murder which happened on Saturday night.
It is suspected that the robbers who then escaped with Moyo's car wanted money as gold dealers are known for travelling around with large sums of cash.
Chief Maziofa expressed concern at the number of robberies that are being reported in Mberengwa where thugs wielding machetes are robbing people.
"We urge Police to act fast as the situation is getting out of hand," said Maziofa.
 "We have received the report about the kidnap and murder but I am yet to get more information over the case since investigations are still underway," said Goko.
Moyo's uncle James Zhou told The Mirror that the deceased was kidnapped around 8pm at his Costas Farm where he regularly stays when conducting his business in the district.
"Decent had just arrived at the farm and the moment he got out of his car a group of about five people armed with machetes came from the maize field where I suspect they have been hiding. They managed to push him into his car before speedding  off. A Police report was made," said Zhou.
Moyo's body was found dumped near Mberengwa Hotel the next day with deep cuts showing that he was attacked by machetes until he died.
His vehicle was not recovered.
A Senior Police officer who attended the scene said gold dealers usually travel with large sums of money and this might have attracted the robbers.
"Gold dealers usually travel with large sums of money and this attracts robbers. This was the same case with another businessman Taurai Zimwara who was robbed of $7 000 last month. For security reasons such people must travel with security details to avoid a case like this," said the police officer who cannot be named due to protocol.
Moyo's body was ferried to Bulawayo for postmortem; meanwhile mourners are gathered at his Coasters Farm.
 "The Police must do something about this gang, I know Moyo is the fourth businessman to be mugged by this notorious gang. My people are now living in fear hence the Police must do something about this," said Maziofa.


CHIVHU - A pupil attending Riversdale Primary School in Featherstone has died and her grandma is battling for life at Parirenyatwa Hospital after eating poisonous mushroom picked from the bushes.
Keisha Mavhunzi (5) was bleeding from the nose when she died at Chivhu General Hospital on Monday morning.
Mashonaland East Police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Mwanza said .....
Mavhunzi and her grandma Irene Mavhudzi (66) were admitted at Chivhu General hospital last Thursday and were both having severe diarrhea.
The deceased Keisha has a touching stories about her life, according to sources who spoke to The Mirror. She was left at the house of Irene when she was a baby by her mother who was a commercial sex worker and the who is not related to Irene disappeared for good. Irene looked after the girl until she was five.
Sources said the two ate the mushrooms just before the girl left for school. She started vomiting at school and was taken to Philsdale Clinic.
As well-wishers took her to clinic they passed through grandmother's place where they found the grandmother in the same state. Irene was transferred to Harare on Monday.
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