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Bid to kill snake - man burns 800 hectares of forest

Ellen Mlambo - MASVINGO
- A man has appeared before Masvingo Magistrate Tafadzwa Mhlanga for allegedly starting a fire with the intention of killing a snake but ended up destroying 800 hectares of veld at Arksden Farm near Masvingo last week.
 It is the State case that Katinos Chirongoma (48) an illegal settler at Arksden Farm in Masvingo accidentally started a fire whilst trying to kill a snake which had vanished into a hole in a nearby bush.
Chiringoma said he was not sure whether the snake was eventually killed because his attention was then turned to putting out the fire that had got out of hand.
It is said that the fire got out of hand as a result of the windy weather.
The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) visited the area and assesed the immense damage caused to the environment .According to the law, no person shall deliberately cause fire that he or she cannot extinguish which causes damage to the environment, property or life.
Furthermore the law says it is an offence to light fire outside residential or commercial premises during the period July 31 to October 31 of each year.
The accused pleaded guilty.
He was sentenced to 15 days imprisonment or to pay $50 fine.news

Stop the madness , focus on collapsing economy!

If you buy any paper today you are likely to read about factional politics in Zanu PF. You see politicians putting all their energy in tarnishing each other's images. In fact, President Robert Mugabe once said that he was aware of secret factional meetings being held in dark corners where individuals plot to topple each other from positions of power.
As I see it ladies and gentlemen Zanu PF is at war with own self. Although I cannot exhaust all the fights in the ruling party, it is now common that you have to belong to a faction in order to survive politically. Although people deny leading any factions in the revolutionary party, it's no longer a secret that we now have two warring political parties within one party. I  remember very well the poorly attended victory celebrations in Mucheke stadium recently where speaker after another castigated those who fuel factionalism in the party. Ironically, it was one faction which attended the so called victory celebrations.
As I see it ladies and gentlemen, it would appear as if my colleagues from the ruling party or should I say parties are aware that they have  to make some kind of roll call in order to find out whether everyone is still in the factional tent. However, they have to perform these rituals under the guise of victory celebrations. It is again at such meetings when those who want promotion in the faction have to memorise some poems of praise so that they would recite such in front of their faction leaders - those who can outdo others in this whole drama are likely to be elevated. As I see it ladies and gentlemen, if we are not careful, the politicians who are supposed to lead us might continue to fight for their selfish interest while our economy continues to bleed. People were hoping that ZANUPF 's  most popularised ZIMASSET will  improve their lives but one year down the line, signs of improvement are not anywhere near. What has taken centre stage is backbiting, denouncing each other and calling each other names.
Who shall we blame for our failure?
Zimbabweans are yearning for answers to their problems but unfortunately all they hear from the media is factional politics within Zanu PF. Remember the inclusive government is gone - all we have for our salvation is Zanu PF government. Don't continue with the sanctions talk because it is almost a tired excuse. It would have been better to blame sanctions while showing your own efforts to improve the lives of Zimbabweans than to blame sanctions and direct all your energy to factional fights. Zimbabwe could have been a better place without these fights.
Is it that Zanu PF as a revolutionary party would want to fight at all cost - to the extent that in the absence of a strong opposition to fight, they would rather fight among themselves?
It's now a year after the resounding victory against MDC-T and people expected to see a lot of development. Remember it did not take even six months to notice a positive change after the coming in of the  inclusive government.
When some of us saw brand new vehicles being donated to all people who aspired to be MPs coupled with all the things being dished out to people by Zanu PF during campaign, we thought that a party of the people was geared to lead Zimbabweans to Canaan. However, soon after victory, all the fire went off and people are at each other's throat. Zimbabweans deserve to be respected gentlemen! Give no chance for people to ever think that inclusive government was far better than what we have today.
As I see it ladies and gentlemen, if you continue to fight like this, even ZIMASSET will not work - in fact if you are not careful the economic blueprint will remain a pipe dream.
Remember your election promises and work towards fulfilling them. We are still  waiting for the promised jobs and our industry needs to be revived. Zimbabwean professionals want their dignity and pride restored.
If this fighting is being done to shift our focus from real problems at hand, then know that the strategy will not last as people yearn for economic solutions from the government of the day.
Let me end here for now lest I be accused of yep yep or speaking too much or yep yepping if you like!!!!
Golden Maunganidze is a journalist and a media trainer. He writes in his own capacity. You can send feedback or comments to goldenmaunganidze37@gmail.com.opinion

2 Masvingo teams storms into Chibuku quarter finals

Mirror Reporter - Masvingo
- Chibuku Cup which made a come back thanks to the US dollar economy had its own fare share of surprises as bottom club on the Premier Soccer League (PSL) log made into the last eight of the 16 team knock out competition.
Chiredzi FC made it into the last 8 after knocking out Mutare soldiers by 4 goals to 3.
In a thrilling encounter at the Colliery Triangle F.C accounted for Hwange in a penalty shootout that saw the hosts failing to convert 2 of their first penalties as a result bowed out of the Chibuku Cup by a 4-3 score line.
What is also very important about these wins is the fact that they all came on the road which shows that the teams have the potential to go all the way to the finals of the Chibuku Cup.
Meanwhile the neighbouring mining town of Zvishavane had a weekend of mixed fortune in the Chibuku Cup as Shabanie were cruelly knocked out by Highlanders in a game played at a neutral venue at Ascot in Gweru due to previous fans disturbances witnessed the previous week when Bosso hosted Dynamos and unfortunately a life was lost.
Norman Mapeza on the other hand had a promising start to his come back in the coaching business as the tactician won his first game in charge of FC Platinum by beating Bantu Rovers 3-0 at Mandava stadium in Zvishavane in the other round of 16 match of the Chibuku Cup.
Mapeza  was under suspension for 6 months after being suspiciously implicated in the Asiagate scandals that rocked the game of football during the hyperinflation period of the last decade. sport

Memorial service for Diedricks to be held on Sat

Joy Mazhinye / Tawanda Homba - MASVINGO
- The family of Christie Diedricks, a prominent Masvingo businessman who  died last Thursday will hold a memorial service at the Masvingo Christian Church for him this Saturday.
The Mirror is reliably told that Diedricks' body was to be cremated on Tuesday evening this week in Harare.
A large turnout and among the  Masvingo's most senior politicians including Dzikamai Mavhaire were expected at the memorial service.
Diedricks owned large tracts of land in Masvingo and had chains of retail business including supermarkets and garages.
He was 79 and is survived by wife Alleta and three children based in South Africa and New Zealand respectively.
Diedricks was hit by a Care International truck and his car dragged almost 30 metres from the point of impact before the two cars came to a halt and the whole incident happened in front of his wife Cornelia Alleta who was driving another car behind him.
The accident happened next to Diedricks' Supermarket at StopOver in Masvingo.news

Cop catches wife pants down with boss

Oh! Yes the man is back in town after he strayed to Gutu two weeks ago where he spent most of his time drinking opaque beer with the guys in the rural area. He had gone just for a short vacation. In fact, he came back with his teeth looking brownish with some dregs still sticking on them.
Well, that's rural life. I am told rabbi vaya never came back again from the day he vanished from school. I am not sure if the wife is going to stay at the school any longer. I am told the guy skipped the border to a neighbouring country.
This has become common with most people who commit serious crimes here. No wonder why Zimbos are being called derogatory names that side of the Limpopo. HOTH understands Zimbabweans staying in Mzanzi are referred to as "Makwerekwere."
I am not trying to support these guys in a foreign land but I have learnt that every time one goes to a foreign land he is likely to be looked down upon especially in Africa. I still remember some time in the eighties when our neighbouring Moza was ravaged by war most of the guys from that side escaped to Zim side and they were popularly known as "Makarushi."
So you see! You should not feel offended when you go to a foreign land and you are addressed by those belittling names. I know some of you are already baying for HOTH's blood because he is supporting foreigners for mistreating your fellow brothers and sisters.
No, I am not supporting those uneducated savages but the point I am trying to drive home is no one wants to be demeaned by some funny name. Can you just put yourself in the shoes of those you call such names. Imagine someone calling you Munyasarandi, Bwidi or any other name that makes you feel like you are an alien that has just dropped on earth.
Unlike those people we choose to belittle without any reason here in Zim most Zimbabweans escape to Mzanzi after committing serious crimes which they will be sure they won't escape the goal. So they run away to S.A with nothing on them except the clothes they will be putting on.
So what do you think they will be doing for a living except kubata vanhu kwiyo. Robbing for survival and living up to their derogatory name.
Talking of escaping that brings to mind this story of this other cop who got married to this other lady in the same profession. Things seemed to work out quite well until the wife started climbing the ladder from a mere constable, to sergeant to inspector to chief inspector and was finally transfered to Harare.
HOTH heard there was a heated debate over the transfer but the wife was adamant and went ahead with her transfer. So the guy was visiting his wife every time he had time off but he noticed he was slowly loosing grip on his wife. Let's call the guy constable Mubaiwa, or Mambare or Mayaya whatever the name; you know HOTH is not worried in any way.
I am told she was not putting her phone down whenever the hubby was around and that sparked suspicion in him until he started checking on every SMS in her phone. Let's call the lady Ncube and the boss Dube.
So at one stage Ass Com Dube was commenting on how well she had performed in one of their sexual encounters.  From that day onwards he started visiting without giving any notice. One night he just burst into the room only to find the two love birds enjoying their night.
The guy could not stomach it and asked his wife who became jittery and refused to answer some of his questions. This angered the guy who beat her to a pulp. He thought she was dead since he had smashed her face against the wall several times, before he lunged at the police boss and crushed his head with a pot and left him for dead.
 He had no time to pack but just ran out and skipped the border to S.A and the two are said to be recovering at Parirenyatwa.gossip  

2 Masvingo magistrates under investigation

•    Magistrate vows to hit The Mirror below the belt

Mirror Reporter - Masvingo
– The Chief Magistrate, Mishrod Guvamombe has ordered an investigation on two magistrates, one in Masvingo and the other in Chiredzi after The Mirror complained against deemed unprofessional and corrupt conduct.
Guvamombe, an immensely respected member of the bench ordered Provincial Magistrate Langton Ndokera to investigate the complaints and comment on all matters raised by August 29, 2014.
The Magistrate in Masvingo who was probably irked by a story covered by The Mirror in its recent issues posted several messages on Facebook promising to hit the newspaper below the belt.
He vowed to fight and bring down The Mirror through any defamation cases brought against the newspaper.
The Magistrate however, later apologised for the Facebook comments and promised not to do it again after The Mirror wrote a letter of complaint to Ndokera.
Although the accused magistrate promised to stop the comments, it took no time before he returned with further comments where he even bragged that no one would stop him writing what he wanted.
He said in one of his Facebook postings in reference to The Mirror that; "those that are defamed do not run to the gutter press but seek redress from the courts. Ha ha pano munomira ho (and when it comes to defamation, I will put a stop to you). ...I am not usually like this but when provoked; I will fight to the bitter end...those that cross my path bear the brunt.
"Nyora zvamunoda (write what you want)...don't cry foul when we hit you even below the belt".
In another instance he said in reference to Mirror property that was being attached by the Messenger of Court that; "kamwe kapepa imika, kapotsa katadza kubuda this week. Tichambotsvaka iyi yepepa nhau rakatorerwa zvinhu. Tichauya nayo kana yaibva (some little newspaper almost failed to come out this week. I will be bringing you more detail on the newspaper whose property has been attached by the messenger of court)".
Recently the Judiciary Service Commission fired Jefry Gogo, a magistrate at Zaka for giving a cattle rustler community service instead of a nine year sentence.
The Mirror and indeed several senior lawyers in Masvingo were shocked by the string of court rulings made against The Mirror thereafter.
In one instance, cars that had no link whatsoever to The Mirror were attached and auctioned. Efforts to get court files from Chiredzi Magistrates Court for The Mirror to lodge an appeal with the High Court were thwarted until The Mirror appealed for the intervention of the provincial magistrate. The Mirror lodged several complaints with the provincial magistrate.
The Mirror also complained against a convicted fraudster who hangs around the courts giving legal advice to accused and complainants. The said fraudster is close to court officials including prosecutors.
The other magistrate being complained against also had to remove another magistrate from a Mirror case midway through so that he could preside over it himself. He also forced the Messenger of Court to auction Mirror property when the Messenger of Court had insisted that it was nolonger legal. He refused to give reasons for his actions.
Mirror General Manager Nkulumani Mlambo said it would be irresponsible for any citizen not to report magistrates who abuse their offices for personal gain and in the process destroy companies and inflict suffering on innocent people or organisations.news

384 Mpandawana residents sign petition against ZNA

• Chief Gutu hands petition to Chiwengwa

Mirror Reporter - Mpandawana – Some 384 residents of Mpandawa Town Board including 26 traditional leaders have signed a petition against some rogue Zimbabwe National Army soldiers at 4.2 Infantry Battalion who have allegedly been making savage attacks on civilians.
Mpandawana has allegedly been rocked by unprovoked attacks on civilians by members of 4.2 Infantry Battalion since 2009. More than 40 people were seriously injured four weeks ago when suspected soldiers went about assaulting civilians with logs and iron bars at Mpandawana.
Edmund Masanganise who is Chief Gutu led a delegation comprising three other members and handed over the petition to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwengwa's secretary on Tuesday last week.
Efforts to get a comment from the delegation were fruitless last week as they all did not want publicity around the issue.
Charles Mushangwe who is the chairman of the executive committee of Gutu Development Trust Forum refused to discuss the matter with The Mirror and said the organisers of the petition did not want any publicity.
Efforts to get a comment from ZNA were fruitless.
The Mirror has however, gathered that the delegation of four that went to deliver the petition to Chiwenga's office comprised Chief Gutu who represented traditional leaders and led the delegation, ....Maronga who represented the churches, Isaiah Ngwaru representing the business community and Maushe Chagonda who represented Mpandawana residents.
The petition called for a stop to violence against civilians by members of the army and called for the punishment of those involved in the attack of four weeks ago.
The petition also called for the barring of members of the army from entering Mpandawana for the safety of civilians.
The petition said the soldiers' behaviour reminded the community of the notorious Ian Smith forces.news,local


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