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– In the first such tough move, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) which has received and dealt with reports of politicians who are politicising food aid will now take such culprits to court, the head of the Commission has said.
ZHRC chairperson, Elasto Mugwadi told The Mirror that his organisation has already dealt with and resolved a case where a family was denied food aid in Manicaland because of its political affiliation.
Mugwadi said this in an interview on the sidelines of a public meeting held in Mucheke in Masvingo recently. He said ZHRC was extremely concerned by the discriminatory nature of food aid allocation by some political heavy weights.
This human right violation was taking place at a time when thousands of Zimbabweans were in dire need of food.
Commissioner Mugwadi said the Commission was receiving reports of politicisation of food aid and has already dealt with one case of a family in a similar situation in Hauna in Manicaland.
He said discrimination of people in food aid distribution along political lines was one of the serious violations of human rights prompted the Commission to embark on a nationwide campaign to make people aware of the Commission's work and hear grievances.
Commissioner Mugwadi said politicians or any distributors of aid discriminating beneficiaries of food aid along political lines would from now on be taken to court.
Politicisation of food in Masvingo is done openly despite President Mugabe's recent message that every Zimbabwean is entitled to food. In our issue last week, Zanu PF Chiredzi West MP,  Darlington Chiwa openly says the maize that he was distributing in his constituency would not go through constitutionally elected MDC T councillors as the programme belongs to Zanu PF and this is despite the fact that all food aid is being distributed through councillors.
Speaking at Mucheke Hall Commissioner Mugwadi said his commission has rolled out a nationwide campaign to familiarise all Zimbabwean citizens with the commission and enlighten people on what they should do whenever their rights are violated.
"The ZHRC which has two regional offices in Bulawayo and Harare is one of the independent commissions established by the State. Its functional role is to strongly guard against violation of human rights at all levels.
"We are mandated to take those who violate others' rights to courts. A total of 558 complaints of human rights abuses have so far been received by the commission through its human rights partners since 2014 when commissioners were appointed.  Over 200 complaints were directly received by the commission. To date, 82% of these cases have been resolved either by way of writing petitions or lobbying the State," Mugwadi said.
He said some of the heart-rending reports that the commission has so far received include the case of Bindura prisoners who were not being given clothing ,and the case of a family in Hauna area in  Mutasa  district which was denied relief food on grounds of political affiliation.
"We immediately intervened and both cases were resolved amicably," Mugwadi said.
ZHRC was expecting a budget of US$7,5million for conducting human rights programmes this year, but only US$1,3 million was realised from the Government.
Mugwadi told the Mirror that the Commission eventually sourced another US$1,4 million from international human rights partners which include the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Danish Government.local news


- Zanu PF MP for Masvingo Urban Daniel Shumba is understood to have withdrawn a party motor vehicle from a war veteran who is aligned to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and handed it over to a G40 member as factionalism in Masvingo gets to boiling point.
The vehicle, a Mazda BT50 double cab which was allocated to former Provincial War Veterans chairman is understood to have been reassigned to the new party provincial chairman Amasa Nhenjana who has been walking to meetings because he has no car.
But Shumba allegedly withdrew the vehicle at the weekend after he realised that Muchena who was once his (Shumba's) campaign manager was now in a different camp.
Shumba is understood to be part of the G40 which is loyal to First Lady Grace Mugabe.
He is also said to have used his powers as the deputy secretary for transport in the Politburo to reallocate the car.
"Shumba found out that Muchena was no longer on his side after he was part of the war veterans who denounced the chanting of the slogan; "Pamberi na Dr Grace".
"This was exacerbated at the Nemamwa inter district meeting where Shumba had differences with some executives from his constituency over Grace slogan issue," said a source who attended the meeting.
Efforts to get a comment from Dr Shumba were fruitless.
However, Nhenjana denied having been given a car by Dr Shumba.
"I have not been given any vehicle by Shumba, I will get a car from the head office very soon," said Nhenjana.
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- President Robert Mugabe has overruled Gutu Rural District Council's (RDC) decision to force a land developer to pay $320 000 for a piece of idle land that he is developing into a conference centre.
Professor Rangarirai Masanganise who is a medical doctor identified a piece of idle land lying in between the scenic Vutsinda Hills and decided to turn it into the largest conference centre in the district.
He constructed some infrastructure but was forced to stop developments when Gutu RDC approached him and demanded that he pay $320 000 for the piece of land.
Last week, Chief Gutu who is an uncle to Mugabe took advantage of the rally that the President was addressing near his home and made an appeal to the President against council's demands and Mugabe overruled the council and told Professor Masanganise to proceed with the developments without hindrance.
Mugabe said here was a man who was trying to turn an idle piece of land into a development that would benefit the community but council was stopping him.
He then went on to rebuke all the urban and rural councils for being corrupt and reaping innocent people of their money.
He also spoke of councillors who sell already sold stands to desperate home-seekers. He warned them that they have to stop being corrupt with immediate effect.
Masanganise thanked the President for such a kind gesture and promised that he was going to finish both structures as soon as possible.
This is not the first time that Mugabe has given away land for the development educational institutes. Early this year President Mugabe also stopped Bindura Town Council from collecting more than a million dollars for land from ZAOGA founder Ezekiel Guti who is developing a University.
 Mugabe addressed thousands of people who were gathered at Chamisa Primary School on the outskirts of Mpandawana Growth Point while he was on the visit to pay his last respects to the late Chief Gutu, Anos Kasirayi Masanganise and his wife Pamhidzai Masanganise who died a few years back.
Mugabe laid wreaths on both graves and said he had failed to attend the funerals because of pressing business.
Chief Gutu also said that he saw Mugabe's visit as an opportunity to air his problems directly to him on behalf of his community.
He also urged Saviour Kasukuwere, the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing to work together with Rural Development, Promotion and Preservation of National Culture and Heritage, Cde Abednico Ncube to get rid of those in the councils who are being corrupt.
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– Three men and a woman from Chigoi Village in Mwenezi have been arrested after they allegedly assaulted and killed a man they accused of being a rapist and buried his body in Viriviri Mountain in the same locality.
Aloy Chishiri (40) of Machingo Village in Mwenezi under Chief Neshuro Mwenezi was brutally assaulted and abandoned in a field by the group leading to his death on April 15, 2016.
He was murdered on a Saturday night allegedly by Armstrong Munamo (27), Shadreck Ndlovu (15), Christopher Ndlovu (17) all from Chigoi village and Prudence Kamwaza (25) of Chirimwirwa Village under Chief Neshuro- Mwenezi.
Masvingo Police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula confirmed the incident.
According to reports Chishiri met the group at Neshuro turn off around 9pm and they labeled him a rapist and forced him to go to the neighborhood watch camp where he would be arrested for his crimes.
Along the way the group began assaulting Chishiri with clenched fists and twigs until he became unconscious and they dumped him in a nearby field.
Munamo and his group then went to Kamwaza's residence where they slept.
At around 3am the group went to check on Chishiri but found out that he had already died and under the cover of darkness they carried the body to Viriviri Mountains where they buried it under a rock.
Kamwaza and Munamo ran away from Mwenezi in the morning but were apprehended by Police at the 144 kilometer peg along the Beitbridge Highway after Tambudzai Ruvanzo (30) who is aunt to Chishiri had alerted Rutenga Police station that Chishiri had been assaulted by Munamo.
The two were interrogated at Rutenga Police station where they mentioned their accomplices, Christopher and Shadreck Ndlovu who were later brought to the Police station.
Further interrogation saw them spilling the beans on where they had buried the body.
The deceased suffered a broken jaw, broken rib and several head injuries.
The accused are in Police custody and assisting the Police with investigations.
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- The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) has held driving competitions in Masvingo at which the Council emphasized concentration on the road as a hallmark of good driving.
The competition which saw eleven organisations participating in four different categories which were buses, rigid (lorry), articulated vehicles and kombi's.
Drivers who entered the competitions held at the Civic Center were tasked to drive whilst observing and abiding by rules of the road. They also had to go through drums and height tests.
Winners of the competition walked away with $500 each while the first and second runners-up pocketed $300 each while number four to seven got $50 each.
Leonard Shoshore of the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) came first in the rigid truck competition and walked away with $500 while Macnight Mapezuweni of Masvingo City Council and Gift Magunje of ZESA came second and third respectively and pocketed $300. Kyle Preparatory School's Norman Ranganai came tops in the bus competition while Vurayayi Mapepa of the Great Zimbabwe University and Ernest Zezetu also of GZU came second and third respectively and won the same prizes respectively.
Zimbabwe Republic Police's Taona Nemacha won in the kombi competition while Staff Sgt Tatenda Mapfumo of the Zimbabwe National Army came second and there was no third in this category. There was no number one in the articulated vehicle competition with judges saying that no one deserved first place and Zimbabwe National Army's Sgt Terrance Mapurazi therefore came second. There was also no third winner in this competition.
The organizations that entered the competitions are the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Zimbabwe National Army, Great Zimbabwe University, Kyle Preparatory school, Masvingo Polytechnic, Masvingo City Council and Delta Beverages, Zimbabwe Electrical Supply Authority, Francis Aphiri Primary School and Helen McGhie Primary School.
Tatenda Chinoda who is a marketing officer at TSCZ said the competition was aimed at teaching drivers the importance of concentrating whilst on the road.
The competition was also held to educate and mark two accidents which were declared national disasters, one in Kwekwe which killed 31 people and another in Beitbridge which killed 12 people.
"This competition is for the benefit of our drivers from different sectors to avoid road carnage, this year we had two serious accidents, one in Kwekwe which claimed 31 lives and another one in Beitbridge which killed 12 people. These were serious carnages that were declared national disasters.
"Competence in driving means concentration in driving so it's for the benefit of our organizations and the drivers," said Chinoda.
Drivers were urged not exceed the given speed limits and pay attention to the rules and regulations of the road for improved efficiency.
National competitions are scheduled for 29 to 31 July this year at a venue that is still to be announced.local news


- A Chivhu General Hospital employee is under investigation for allegedly stealing a hospital wheel chair that was recovered from his house.
Tafara Muchena who is employed as a general worker at the hospital however disputed the allegations.
"It is framing. I did not steal any wheel chair but someone took it to my home," said Muchena.
Chivhu General Hospital administrator, Daniel Sakupwanya, said he is aware of the stolen wheelchair but investigations are still underway to determine what actually happened.
Sources told The Mirror that the wheel chair was found at Muchena's place of residence by someone whom he owed some money.
The person wanted to collect some of Muchena's property to clear the debt when he found the hospital wheelchair hidden under the bed.
He notified the hospital officials who recovered the wheelchair.
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– The Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) is holding belated Press Freedom Day Celebrations at the Golden Mile Hotel on Friday 27, May 2016.
The Mirror confirmed the event in an interview with ZMC chairman, Godfrey Majonga.
The Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Dr Christopher Mushowe will be the guest of honour.
Majonga said ZMC delayed its commemorations in order to avoid duplication of the event that is always witnessed on May 3 in the capital city.
World Press Freedom is celebrated on May 3 every year.
The event which is being hosted by Kwekwe Press Club will have ; Access to Information and Fundamental Freedoms: This is Your Right as the theme.
"We are going to have belated commemorative event at the Golden Mile Hotel on May 27, 2016. That is going to bring together members of the Kwekwe Press Club, Zimbabwe Association of Communtiy Newspapers and ZMC commissioners.
"The choice of the date and venue has been necessitated by the need to avoid duplication of events on May 3 here in Harare as has been the case in the past," said Majonga.
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