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MASVINGO- Lithium Stadium in Bikita under Chief Marozva which the previous management at Bikita Munerals had condemned and planned to turn into cattle auctioning pen has been renovated to international standards.
"The stadium is being renovated in different stages and it is 90% complete. So far almost $200 000 has been poured in by Bikita Minerals but the work is still going on," said Mike Mushava project supervisor and Bikita Minerals FC chairman.
He said this during the annual Chief Marozva Trophy held at the new look stadium on Sunday which was attended by thousands of villagers from Bikita and surrounding areas.
Ealier on Bikita Minerals chief executive officer Grant Hudson officially opened the stadium.
"By the time you come back next year for the Marozva Trophy hopefully Bikita Minerals would have been promoted into the Premier League the VIP shade will be extended to cover half of the ground and there will be new toilets," said Senator Chief Marozva, Philip Mudhe.
Chief Marozva paid tribute to Hudson for spearheading the renovations at the stadium which he said was almost turned into cattle pen as it was becoming difficult to maintain.
"I am grateful to Grant Hudson for spearheading the Marozva Trophy which is in its second year and we have been promised that it will be there as long as possible, we are also happy for the renovations done to the entertainment hall which was in a dilapidated state.
The mine bought uniforms for the eight teams that took part in the two day soccer and netball tournament.
I am happy that the company is also complying and paying its dues towards the Community Share Ownership Scheme a Government program," said Chief Marozva.
Meanwhile, Bikita Minerals won the 2016 Chief Marozva Trophy in style after dismissing impressive Pamushana 2-0 in a pulsating final.
It was a balanced game in the first half but Bikita Minerals took its chance when Blessed Marwisa found the back of the net and made it one nil in the early stages of the game.
In the second half Bikita Minerals dominated the match as they virtually camped in the Pamushana half although they were also launching some sporadic counter attacks but to no avail.
The home side also found themselves celebrating after Tawanda Gepe added another one which sealed the game as a contest in the second half.
Pamushana could not penetrate their opponents' defence which was well marshalled by the no nonsense Bikita Minerals captain Martin (Warrior) Taruvinga and midfielder maestro cum striker Benedict Bhera (18) assited by dribbling wizard Kudakwashe Tsvamuro (17).
For their efforts Bikita Minerals received $300, a floating trophy and jerseys from Zanu PF aspiring MP Beauty Chabaya for the vacant Bikita West constituency while Pamushana who won the trophy last year pocketed $250 for being runners up.
Nyika FC came third and got $150 and Domboshawa FC on fourth position received $100.
In netball Bikita Minerals who won the trophy last year were on fourth position and received $75, on third position was Pamushana who got $100, Nyika Netball team came third and pocketed $150 and the 2016 Chief Marozva Netball queens were Gombo Netball from Chabaya Village who received $200, a floating trophy and a ball from aspiring MP news


CHIKOMBA - Chikomba Rural District Council is suing 117 primary and 53 secondary schools that are under its ambit for failure to remit school development levy.
The Council is demanding a total of $68 000 for the levy that has not been paid since the advent of multi-currency in 2008
Chikomba RDC Treasurer Hophini Mupamhadzi said they have engaged debt collectors from Mangwana and Partners to recover the debts.
He said Council has already served the schools with demand letters and some are coming for payments whilst some are coming and making payment plans.
Mupamhadzi said their intention is not to arrest or sue schools but to encourage them to come and arrange payment plans.
He added that clearing debts has an advantage to schools in that in cases of natural disasters like floods, the local authority can swiftly respond and assist since there will be resources available for that purpose.
However, school heads who declined to be named accused the council of not doing anything to assist schools even if it collects the levy.
"The situation is that parents are even failing to pay fees for their children so where do they get an extra dollar per child to pay to council," said one school head.local news

More incentives for use of plastic money

MASVINGO -The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has revealed that the introduction of bond is not meant to ease cash shortages which have hit the country for the better part of this year.
"The introduction of bond notes is meant to incentivise exporters so that there is more foreign currency in the country and not to ease cash shortages for the people.
"Instead we encourage people to use electronic money which has paper trail as cash causes corruption and money laundering, to that effect the RBZ has reduced charges on transfers and other measures are in the pipeline towards a cashless society," said Amon Chitsva, head of policy and research at the apex bank.
He said this at the bond notes stakeholders consultative meeting organised by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe Masvingo region at the Civic Centre on Monday this week.
The 5% incentive on exporters will help grow the economy as the manufacturers and gold producers will double their production in order to get the money.
He added that for the past ten years the bank has been on an all-out campaign to encourage the public and businesses to use electronic money and the introduction of bond notes will not stop the bank to continue with the


MASVINGO - Two independent and four party sponsored candidates will battle it out in the vacant Bikita West constituency in January next year after successful nominations on Friday last week.
The nominations were done at the Masvingo Magistrate courts. Beauty Chabaya of Zanu PF, Kudakwashe Gopo from the new kid on the block Zimbabwe People First, Mudorch Chivasa National Constitutional Assembly and Tanyaradzwa Mugumbo of Progressive Democracy of Zimbabwe are going to contest under their respective parties.
Heya Shoko, former MP for the constituency between 2008 and 2013 under MDCT and Innocent Muzvimbiri, a salaries administrator with Bikita Minerals will stand as independent candidates. For the candidates to qualify they had to be nominated by seven registered voters from the constituency and pay a non-refundable fee of $50 according to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission officials who presided over the exercise.
The Bikita West constituency fell vacant after the incarceration of former Central Bank governor special advisor Munyaradzi Kereke in June this year for raping his minor


SEKE - In a bizzare incident, a Beatrice man Bwanali Belo of Gabaza farm under Chief Seke killed his wife after catching her red-handed with a boyfriend.
Bwanali then buried his wife alone but later confided the incidences to a third person before hanging himself from a beam at his house.
Belo hanged himself on Monday morning after he killed his wife Enia James (27) of the same farm last month.
Allegations are that Bwanali went to Darwendale in Harare on October 29 to his in-laws' place and told his father-in-law James Simani (59) that he had caught his wife with another man.
When he returned home, he allegedly killed his wife and buried her. He informed his neighbours that she eloped with her boyfriend.
On monday morning, he took his neighbour Lazarous Kasvosve (16) and showed him where he buried his wife and also informed him about the incident. He then proceeded to Gabaza farm and hanged himself. Police dug out the remains of James.crime news


SHURUGWI – A Shurugwi family nearly buried a wrong body of a relative who was severely dismembered by a debilitating cancer had it not been for the twin brother who checked for several marks on the deceased's body including the private part.
The Gundani family from Shayamavhudzi Village under Chief Shayamavhudzi collected the wrong body of Jacob Gundani from Shurugwi Hospital Mortuary.
Gundani who passed away last week after a long battle with cancer was in a sorry state that his relatives could not recognise him by looking at his face.
Esaul Gundani the twin brother of Jacob the late saved the family from further tragedy when he told the elders during body viewing that the person they had collected was not his brother. Gilbert Machacha, one of the mourners said people initially could not believe Esaul when he raised the issue.
"At first we could not believe Esaul as we thought that he only wanted to cause chaos, so we requested him to support his claims and give detailed evidence" said Machacha.
Esaul then told the mourners of two prominent scars that his brother had and they were one on his left foot and the other one on his private part.
"We decided to stop the burial after quarrels and check if what Esaul had said was true. We checked for the marks on the corpse and there was none," added Machacha.
"I grew up with Jacob and there was no way I could not identify my brother. I then decided to tell my relatives who doubted me the prominent marks that I knew on his body," said Esaul.
"When we could not find the marks we then decided to go back to the mortuary to look for my brother and I managed to identify my brother with all the marks I knew he had, and we brought him home for burial," said Esaul.local news


MORGENSTER – Morgenster, one of the biggest referral hospitals in the country closed down on Monday after its entire nursing staff staged a sit-in to protest against a four-week power cut and another week without water, The Mirror has established.
The Mirror is reliably informed that Morgenster has a $137 000 debt which saw ZESA cutting-off electricity.
A visit by The Mirror crew to the Hospital showed that all out-patients were sent away while those admitted in the wards were being attended to by student nurses.
It is thought that the absence of power in turn triggered serious water shortages that saw the hospital drawing water from Munzviru River using plastic containers. There are also fears that the entire mission population is using untreated water as a result of the crisis.
Morgenster is also probably the country's biggest mission with a hospital, a teachers' college, a university, a primary and secondary school, a school for the deaf, a college for pastors and other services.
Morgenster medical Superintended Dr Tafadzwa Muchengwa confirmed the crisis but refused to discuss the matter as he referred questions to the Station Superintended Reverend Emidio Nkomo.
When contacted for comment Nkomo said people were lying that the mission had not paid ZESA debts. He said there were some people in the mission who were not paying their bills.
"Those who tell you should inform you that the issue has been solved, get it from the horse's mouth. It's just that money is a problem to all of us that's why we were failing to pay the bills," said Nkomo.
The Provincial Medical Director Dr Amadeus Shamu said he had been briefed on the situation and although the situation is now under control he was going to hold further discussions with Dr Muchengwa.
"I have been briefed by Dr Muchengwa but I will still need to engage him further to have a better picture. I am however told that the situation is under control. I am sure the Mission is doing something in line with controlling their bills by probably planning to install prepaid metres," said Dr Shamu.
The toilets at the mission were in a terrible state when The Mirror visited as they had not been flushed for three weeks.
Nurses who spoke on condition of anonymity said they were forced to stage a sit-in because the situation of the hospital without water was a recipe for disaster.
"This sit-in is in the interest of our patients and the profession. There is no hospital anywhere in the World that can run without water and we are being forced to do just that. It is better to send patients home than to keep them in an environment where they are bound to get more infections," said a nurse who declined to be named.
The workers refuted allegations that they owed Zesa some money. They said they paid all their Zesa bills through the Mission administration and if there is a debt, it is because the administration is not paying to Zesa.
The Mirror is informed that students at Morgenster Teachers' College were forced to close early as a result of the problem. It is understood the student teachers have since closed although most teachers' training colleges are still top story