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OK donates a $1000 voucher to Mayor’s Christmas cheer fund

Tapiwa Muzondo - MASVNGO
– OK supermarket,  one of the biggest chain stores in the nation donated a voucher worth $1000 to  Masvingo City Mayor's Christmas cheer fund to buy groceries for the needy  last week.
Shepherd Mahiya, OK Masvingo branch manager handed over the voucher on behalf of the company.
The mayor picked groceries which consisted of flour, cooking oil, porridge, peanut butter, pumpers, salt, nestle milk, tea leaves, soap, mazoe drinks, sugar, rice, mealie-meal, Vaseline and stationery for school kids.
"I would like to thank OK for the gift to the less privileged because they just came at the right time.
"I chose the groceries to buy bearing in mind that we have six adopted kids Masvingo General Hospital , who are in need of Nani milk, porridge, peanut butter, pampers and other basic things.
"Not forgetting the children at Alpha cottages, who are also in need of books and other school stationery," said Mayor, Hubert Fidze.
" The donation should have been made last year, but its better late than never. As a result we decided as a company that should fulfil our obligation of giving back to the community, "said Mahiya.
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Msv shines at tennis tourn

​Masvingo juniour tennis team

Shamillah Phiri - MASVINGO
- It was a sensational moment that raised the provinces flag high when the team representing Masvingo province scooped a total of 7 medals and 5 trophies at the New Winner tennis tournament held between 6 and 9 January in Harare.
The tournament sponsored by Tennis Zimbabwe saw teams competing at provincial level with competitors emerging from different schools to represent their province
Of the 7 medals that Masvingo brought back home 5 were gold and 2 were silver
The most outstanding were Tanatswa Tanyongana (10), Thabo Ncube (11) and Prince Madzore (8) who managed to walk away with a trophy and a medal each.
Tanatswa Tanyongana and Thabo Ncube had a trophy and a silver medal while Prince Madzore scooped a trophy and a gold medal
Godfrey Samson (33) who is a senior coach at the newly established Swing Tennis Academy were the children are trained has urged parents to support their children to help promote the game
"I want to urge parents to support their children by buying tennis kits as this will help boost morale in our tennis stars and it will up our game and we also want the academy's  coaches to work together in training the students " he said
Mark Chinyani (26) a coach also appealed to the business sector and other stakeholders to chip in financially.
" We are urging the business sector to support us financially so as to help those kids that are financially challenged however greatly talented but are hindered by the fact that they cannot afford to buy things like sports kits and even transport money to come for training sessions" he said.local news

Masvingo District Administrator retires

Runesu Gwidi - MASVINGO
– Masvingo Rural District Administrator, James Mazvidza is retiring from the Civil Service next month.
He will officially retire on February 2, 2015.
The Mirror has confirmed this information but Mazvidza who is on leave said he could only discuss his retirement next Saturday.
"Yes, it is true that I will be retiring on February 2, 2015 but it is too early for me to give you the details. I will furnish you with all the information relating to my retirement next weekend," said Mazvidza.     
The Mirror understands that there would be a farewell party for Mazvidza at the Civic Centre on January 30, 2015.
The Acting Provincial Administrator for Masvingo, Godwin Chipika declined to comment.local news

Uncle Jaunda pens a song for Manyuchi

​Charles Manyuchi

Rachel Maipisi - •     "Go Chale Go"

Uncle Jaunda has released a song for Charles Manyuchi called "Go Chale Go" along with other songs from his album that will be launched on January 30 at Charles Austin Theatre.
Charles Manyuchi is a born and bred child of Masvingo who has made history in Zimbabwe Boxing.
Manyuchi was named the Sportsman of the year 2014 making Masvingo proud.
Manyuchi is among the other sportsmen such as Ovidy Karuru, Brian Vhitori, Tafadzwa Chitokwindo and many others who have succeeded from Masvingo to represent Zimbabwe in their disciplines.
Manyuchi has won several tittles in     Zimbabwe and across the globe such as defending his WBC International Welterweight title in November 2014 beating Clombian Davis Caceress.
Manyuchi became prominent in boxing to a point where the Zambian Ministry of Sports offered him a Zambian Citizenship in which Zimbabwe strongly denied.
"I was born and bred in Masvingo but I'm no longer that ordinary Charles from Gutu, I'm a Zimbabwean world champion" said Manyuchi
Manyuchi rose in June 2013 when he claimed the Africa Boxing Union tittle from defending champion Patrick Sou Toke of Burkina Faso.
Manyuchi made history in March 2014 when he defeated the world known champion, Patrick Allotey of Ghana in Lusaka to land the WBC title.
 Manyuchi has been listed the 30th best Welterweight by the WBC which is the biggest boxing sanctioning board in the world.
Jaunda says that he wrote this song to encourage his fellow star from Masvingo who has made the Wezhira proud.
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Class P releases two singles

​Class P

Margaret Mazhangaidze - MASVINGO
- Masvingo born artiste Philip Mapfumo popularly known as Class P has released two singles at the beginning of the year.
The first single is called Jojina which is a love song that reflects the issues of cheating and quarrelling in relationships.
The other single is called six to six which is again a love song where he is encouraging people to love each one another. Asked on why he chose love songs, Mapfumo said that love is a very important factor in society and it affects all age groups so his music can be listened to by everyone.
Mapfumo recorded his songs at Cee Clear Studios. He has been working with Cee Clear for some time now and he is his great motivator.
Mapfumo said he is also doing a song on Cee Clear's new riddim Sweet Emotions and the song is called Changu chii.
Mapfumo said he wishes to be played on air and to reach greater heights like Tocky vybes and Soul jah Love this year.local news

Grade 7 results analysis:

It is like comparing oranges to naartjies

Victoria Primary head Larmeck Mashuro.

PED Zedius Chitiga.

Helen McGhie head Hebert Horuno Zengeya

Matthew Takaona
- If there is one good thing that the Provincial Education Director, Zedius Chitiga has done, it is to publish grade seven results for all to see.
This is in the public interest. It is in the interest of every stakeholder to know the performance of pupils, of teachers, of schools, of headmasters, of different districts, of district education officers, of provincial education officers and of the ministers themselves.
This is not only because the right to information or the right to know is enshrined in the new Zimbabwe Constitution but because there are many advantages derived from making this information public.
We have since The Mirror started publishing grade seven results some three years back witnessed unprecedented interest in the information by all stakeholders. The Mirror sells out each time we have these results.
The interest has also spread to national newspapers. We have also seen national newspapers and in particular The Daily News and The Herald taking a keen interest in the grade seven results and this has also generated a lot of interest among parents who want to know the best schools to send their children.
Publication of results is important because it generates competition. There is a great sense of competition kindled when headmasters realise that they are now being ranked. The purpose of any school examination is to find the best and it is more fulfilling when one's good performance is laid bare for everyone to see.
We have noted very keen interest on this information from heads who head the province's best great seven schools ie; Shakashe, Hellen Mcghie, Vic Primary and Gokomere. They have become so competitive that 100 percent pass rate is always their focus and when that fails to happen, there is immense concern.
It is not just 100 percent pass rates that they aim for but they always strive to be the best not only in the province but in the whole country. These schools have therefore for the last fiour years always been in the top 5.
Their percentage pass rates have not gone below 96 percent during that period. For Herbert Horuno Zengeya, the head of Hellen Mcghie and Alexandar Mashenjere of Shakashe achieving quality results is a preoccupation. They cannot imagine one child failing their grade seven examinations.
The demand for grade one places in these schools is as a result of the consistently good results very high.
Every parent wants his/her child to go to one of these schools and sometimes the situation on the opening day of first term is so tense that Police is on standby to control jostling parents.
The teaching profession in this country has many a times been described as a thankless job what with teachers earning a mere $510. However, just appreciation and recognition for the good work can work wonders in terms of inspiring teachers who have no other incentive.
Publishing the names of the best teachers and the best headmasters is one critical way of rendering  recognition to teachers and headmasters for their toil.
However, while the ranking and publication of schools' results according to the best results has been hailed by stakeholders as a good development, the system has inherent weaknesses that need to be removed.
For example, it is not conceivable that a school like Chilonga in Chiredzi with just three candidates sitting for grade seven examinations can be compared to a school like Shingai which had 226 candidates sitting for the same examinations. It is like comparing oranges and naartjies.
It is an unfair comparison that almost every reader including newspaper vendors touched on when they gave routine feedback to the newspaper. As a result of this skewed ranking system, Masvingo Province's best grade seven school is Chilonga which had only three pupils who all passed thereby giving the school a 100 percent pass rate.
The other number one school is Citrus that had 12 candidates and a 100 percent pass rate. These tiny schools displaced big schools  like Shakashe, Hellen Mcghie and Gokomere from the top positions. These three schools on the other hand had candidates ranging from 85 to 135.
There is need for the PED to come up with a more credible system of ranking best schools in order for the players to have confidence in this process. One way is by ensuring that all schools that are ranked must have at least a full class which according to Ministry of Education standards is 32.
A group of three pupils cannot make a class. It is probably a study group.
Officials at the province are well qualified to come up with a grading method that is representative of the results. It can be a tedious process but it is better than making the misnomer that we see in the current ranking.
Oranges and naartjies cannot be ranked together.local news

Government about to legalise boats at Chilonga Bridge

​Members of the Civil Protection Unit inspecting the boats at Chilonga bridge.

Morris Bishi - CHIREDZI
– The Government is taking steps to legalise home-made boats as a means of transport to cross the flooded Chilonga River Bridge in Chiredzi. This is in order to alleviate the plight of the public who need to travel between Chiredzi South and Chiredzi Town.
Speaking during a disaster awareness campaign held at Chilonga River Bridge which crosses Runde River and links Malipati and Chikombedzi to Chiredzi Town on Monday, Chiredzi District Civil Protection Unit Chairperson Clara Muzenda who is also the District Administrator told the boat operators to stop operating while modalities are being made by the Ministry of Transport to legalise the boats which operate across the river.
The route across Chilonga Bridge is also the shortest gateway to Sango Border Post.
The bridge which is about 100 meters long is frequently impassable during rain seasons and people are forced to use a long route of 110 km to get to Chiredzi and they pay at least $10 per trip. However, the trip across the bridge is only 32km and travelers pay $2 a trip.
In order to avoid the long trip, travellers are being assisted by boat owners to cross the river but several people have died as the boats capsized or met some other misfortunes along the river.
 Boat owners are recording brisk business as they are charging $2 to cross the river and each boat ferries about 20 people every day. There were 28 boats when the Civil Protection Unit visited last week.
 "We are here to tell you that Government will send a team from the Ministry of Transport, specifically the Department of Lake and Navigation to come and inspect the boats as well as accessing demand for the service so that the boats can be allowed to operate," Muzenda said.
She also urged boat operators to repair their boats so that they will not pose danger to people especially by capsizing during crossing. The committee recommended that the operators buy life jackets for their passengers so that life can be saved in case of accidents.
The Chairperson of the boat operators Richard Magezani told the committee that boat operating was their way of living and urged Government to consider the plight of the people from their area who wish to travel to and from Chiredzi saying the other alternative way is expensive for the villagers.
"Sometimes we take our boats home in compliance with the Police directives but people follow us, so we have no option but to continue with the business although it is risky" said Magezani.
In 2004 a couple died when their boat was marooned by heavy flowing water at the bridge and on 6 January 2013 four people died when a vehicle which was being pulled by a tractor got marooned by water.
Muzenda told The Mirror that government had a long term plan to construct a bridge across the river but there is need to find a quick solution to deal with the prevailing situation hence the need to inspect and register the boats.
"We made an appeal to Government and negotiations are still underway between Chiredzi Rural District Council and the Ministry of Transport for the construction of the bridge as outlined in ZIMASSET," she said.local news

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