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Mirror Reporters

MASVINGO - Schools from around the province posted impressive results in 2015 O level results released on Tuesday this week.
A Gokomere student by the name Tapara Mutizhongo is understood to have scores 15As and 1B while 95 students from the same school have 5 As and above.
When contacted for an official comment the Provincial Education Officer, Zedias Chitiga said he was out of office and will only have the full analysis next week.
Unconfirmed reports reaching The Mirror say Chibi High has 89.07 % and 82 with 5As and above with 183 students siting for the exam, at St Antony in Zaka out of 152 candidates who sat for Geography 116 have As and the overall percentage pass rate is 92.8% while the best student has 11As.
It is understood that the best pupil at Chiredzi Government High has 7As while Christian College has attained the best results since the establishment of the school with reports saying the pass rate is above 50% and the scored the highest has 8As.
At Ndarama the best student has 11As and the pass rate is
Don't miss out the full analysis of the O level results in next week's edition of your favourite regional weekly.  news

Many of our business people we see today in our beloved country have done well over the past years. Given the harsh conditions that are prevailing in the economy, where it is almost impossible to survive, one wonders how they are making it, but they are striving to stay afloat. Thumps up to the brave entrepreneurs, you have kept your heads above the water and survived. This week I am going to talk about growing a business through engaging other partners. "No one is a master of all'', that is what my A level teacher used to say, "Engage with others to learn more and exploit the opportunities that are in front of you", he would say. In a way he was encouraging teamwork. More often businessmen hide information from each other and yet they dwell in ancient ways of doing business. In case of adopting a business venture, if the business you are managing today is the same as your predecessor used to run, then this is the time for you to be innovative and grow it beyond your imaginations through partnerships and also consider engaging in Private Equity funding.

Many family-owned companies or businesses need to transform the way they operate and expand (even beyond geographical means) the markets they operate in, so that they can achieve a step-change in performance and grow their market share. To achieve this dream, the entrepreneurs need access to finance, industry know-how and managerial expertise. With these factors as a nation we will reduce the risk of failure and it is for this reason why as an individual I favour private equity funding than credit funding. Every single dollar employed in the company is accounted for thereby becoming allocative efficient. Ultimately, they need to adapt to a changing macro-economic environment and market conditions, by becoming more innovative in marketing their wares and also being productive and enhancing their competitiveness with special attention being given to changes in technology and also embracing it. Our entrepreneurs are running their businesses to feed their families, yet with such a philosophy there is no business growth for our country we can talk about. The greatest investor of all times Warren Buffet once said "Never depend on single income, make investment to create a second''. A successful private equity industry is not always a panacea for macro-economic underperformance and poor competitiveness. But it can make an important contribution to the re-generation of the economy by nurturing new enterprises and reenergising existing small companies. In so doing, it can lay the seeds for sustained growth and job-creation and assist in the drive to be increasingly regional and globally competitive.

The business environment is not a vacuum where one individual operates alone, our entrepreneurs need to coordinate and come up with partnerships that may see our industries booming again, thereby increasing economic activity within our economy. As we move towards recovering our economy as alluded by ruling party at the Conference in Victoria Falls in December 2015, businesses need to employ intellectual graduates with necessary skills that can bring the necessary innovation for business growth and hence resulting in productivity and competitiveness in the region. Steve Jobs once said "It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do rather, hire smart people so they tell you what to do'' hence this promotes new ideas within the business circles. This movement or transformation affects everyone within our economy from graduates coming up with new ideas to the town councils, to business owners, to property owners (giving entrepreneurs longer lease agreements and favourable conditions to allow renovations on properties thus allow smooth production and attracting business) and lastly we all need to be involved to make Zimbabwe the busiest economy with tremendous economic activity again. opinion

Tinashe Tirivavi/ Tatenda Chizu

Masvingo Rural - Chenjerai Tongozi, a kraal head in Chief Musara's area in Hwendedzo has been accused of re-pegging land that was issued to resettled farmers in 1992 and selling it as gardens to the same beneficiaries.
Villagers cried foul when Tongozi ordered the villagers to pay $2 each so that he could re-peg the land and give it back to them for use as gardens. Tongozi told the villagers that what Government gave them for gardens was too big and he therefore wanted to reduce the sizes.
He said those who do not pay the $2 will lose their gardens.
Tongozi is alleged to have shared the money with a neighbouring kraalhead. The area is in Stone Groove Resettlement area in Masvingo North Constituency.
An angry Tongozi told The Mirror off and said the newspaper has "nothing to do with what he does with his people".
However, Tongozi called back the villagers after being questioned by The Mirror and gave them back their money. The villagers have now returned to their gardens and they are working as usual.
Chief Musara who is above Tongozi said the kraalhead's actions were illegal as he was not the land authority. He said there were so many complaints against Tongozi that he risked losing his position as kraalhead.
"I have not yet received such a complaint but I must state clearly that if that is happening then it's illegal. He must not interfere with that land because there is a responsible authority for that. Stern action will be taken against him if he continues," said Chief Musara.
"Do you know me? You do not know what's going on, why involve yourselves in something you do not understand, What you heard is the wrong version come here and talk to me personally,
"And who told you that?"
 an angry Tongozi
 "If found guilty Tongozi will be charged according to the act that clearly states the duties and responsibilities of the kraalhead and chiefs," said Musara. news

Tariro Machokoto

Masvingo – Reformed Church in Zimbabwe education secretary Cabson Magaya (73) has called it a day.
Magaya's retirement was announced at a farewell party held on his behalf at Victoria Junior on Saturday last week.
Hundreds of people, particularly from the education sector turned up for the function where speakers hailed the veteran educationist for the contribution he has made to the sector in general and the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe in particular.
Dr Reverend Rangarirai Rutoro the RCZ moderator was the guest of honour and had full of praises for Magaya for his dedication to his work.
"He worked for eight years for the Church as Education secretary and previously in the Ministry of Education for 43 years.
"Magaya was a very innovative person, he produced high quality results and improved the infrastructure at RCZ run schools," said Dr Rutoro.
He also added that many RCZ schools had won merit awards through his hard work.
Many who spoke at the farewell party showered praises on Magaya descrbing him as a humble person and loyal to the church.
 Samson Muzirikazi Shava, who was head at Nyashanu High school for 35 years has now taken over as the education secretary.
He told The Mirror that he had worked with Magaya for eight years as his superior and he promised that he was going to follow his footsteps.
"I have been also working for  the Ministry of Education for 44 years and I promise that I'm going to keep up the high standards set by my predecessor," said Shava.
Magaya did his primary education at Zimuto Mission and went on to do his secondary education at Goromonzi High in 1962.
In 1966 he completed T2 Primary school course at Mutare Teachers' College and went on to teach at various schools in Manicaland and Masvingo.
 It was when he was at the college that he met his sweetheart Sarurai Magaya who was also doing her teaching course and they got married in 1969. The couple is blessed with five boys.
 In 1975 he was appointed headmaster at Nhangwi School in Zimuto before he went back to Mutare Teachers' college for further training in 1979.
At independence Magaya who is now RCZ church elder was appointed to head St Stanslus in Zimuto until 1985 when he was promoted to be the District Education Officer for Chivi North in charge of 32 schools.
When teachers' employer was changed to Public Service in 1987 Magaya was promoted to the post of District Staffing Officer for Chivi-Mwenezi District.
He furthered his education and attained a Bachelor of Education degree with the University of Zimbabwe.
From 1999 Magaya was appointed the District Education Officer for Gutu in charge of over 200 schools until he retired from Government in 2008.
During this period he introduced the ranking of schools according to their performance from Grade 7 to 'A' Level.
"During the 43 years that I worked in Government I was only absent from work for only two weeks on sick leave, and I attribute this to the Almighty for giving me the strength and good health to serve my country," said Magaya with a chuckle.
The grandfather of eight was also a trade unionist during his time as a teacher. He was an executive member of the Rhodesian African Teachers Association (RATA) from 1972 to 1979 and from 1980 to 1984 he was secretary for Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA).
In 2003 Magaya was appointed Presidential Land Audit

coordinator for Gutu district and chairman of the delimitation committee in 2007 in the same district. 
After retiring from Government he was employed by RCZ as the education secretary a position he held until December 2015 when he retired.
During his time as education secretary the schools under the church had notable achievements in sports and academic studies like Chibi High, Pamushana High, Marozva Primary, Alheit High, Henry Murray and Makumbe High all at one time or another won the Secretary's Merit award.
"This was all possible because of the support I received from the moderator, heads of schools, good communication, mutual trust and the Lord's guidance in doing our work," said the ever smiling Magaya.
It was also during his tenure that the RCZ established the Reformed Church University headed by Vice Chancellor Professor Wiseman Magwa.
On a parting note Magaya who is going into full time farming and consultancy had a few words to the new secretary for education.
"I wish him the best of luck in the new job, God will guide him. I appeal to headmasters to rally behind the new secretary and keep on upholding and flying the RCZ flag higher," said Magaya. education


Princess Sibanda
Midlands Bureau

Gweru - The Commission running the affairs of Gweru has suspended the Town Clerk Daniel Matawu for allegedly failing to respond to allegations raised in an audit report.
The Mirror understands that Matawu was suspended on Monday last week.
The Commission which was appointed by the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Saviour Kasukuwere is chaired by Tsungami Mhangami.
Information leaked to The Mirror indicates that Mhangami expressed his displeasure at the time taken by the town clerk to respond to the audit report. He says that the response was supposed to come out in 30 days but it's now five months before a response is received.
"We have not received his response despite having had the report for the past four months, that is sometime in September last year.
"If you are given allegations and you don't respond as expected in time then we begin to wonder whether the person concerned wants to respond or doesn't, so we couldn't keep waiting.
"The Commission gave him the report and we have been waiting for the responses but he was not forthcoming," Mangami is understood to have said.
Commissioner Mark Choga went on to say the Town Clerk had been given ample time to respond to the report which took him almost five months instead of 30 days hence they had to give him the boot pending investigations into the alleged charges.
"Under normal circumstances the audit report should be responded to within 30 days but he took 5 months and has not responded.
"In other words if he failed to respond we will just say he was rubbishing the report," he said.
Matawu was recently fired in what the three member commission said is the beginning of a process that will see the cleansing of corruption in the council.
Kasukuwere said during a recent visit that all those implicated in corrupt activities in the audit report should be booted out to sanitise the city and normalise operations with priority given to service delivery. news

Nkulumani Mlambo

ZAKA – A prominent Zaka farmer and businesswoman, Sarah Munemo has been selected among 19 other Zimbabweans who are leaving the country for The Netherlands today for specialised training in keeping road-runner chickens.
The group will be in that country from February 12 to February 23, 2016.
The Netherlands training programme will see her being equipped with the latest technology on rearing road runner chickens. She will also be able to network with organisations that can empower her.
The programme is being sponsored by the Netherlands Embassy in Harare. The Netherlands has some of the best technology in chicken farming in the World.
"In The Netherlands we are also going to learn how to put up a complete value addition factory, from eggs, chicks, laying of eggs and slaughtering chickens for sale," said Munemo who also runs a hotel and a college at Jerera Growth Point In Zaka.
Munemo is the only one in the group who is from the rural areas with the rest coming from Kwekwe, Harare and Bulawayo. They were all selected because of their projects in rearing road runners.
Munemo runs Safra Investments which is into hatching road runners in Zaka and intensively involves the community.
Road runner chicken business has taken Zimbabwe by storm due to health consciousness among citizens.
Munemo who runs a horde of other companies has taken the business seriously by establishing a strong base for the supply of eggs and chicks.       
She sells day old road runner chicks to the community who rear them and sell back the eggs to Safra for hatching. The project started in 2014.
"This process will continue until we reach our target of 15 000 birds and then we will start selling the chickens for meat at restaurants and hotels, at the moment we are selling eggs to the whole province of Masvingo and we are overwhelmed by demand," said Munemo in an interview with The Mirror.
The villagers first receive training from Munemo on how to look after the chicks and then they receive a consignment commensurate with their capacity.
"We have over 1000 birds at the hatchery and our target is 3000 in next three months and 15 000 in three years then we will start selling live and slaughtered birds to supermarkets, food outlets and hotels on commercial basis," said Munemo. business

Elizabeth Mashiri
Zvishavane Bureau

Zvishavane – Mimosa Mining Company is understood to be planning to sell at least 200 of its company houses at Platinum Park to sitting tenants.
The houses will be sold at minimal prices to the workers as part of the company's social corporate responsibility.
Efforts to get a comment from .....the company's public relations manager were fruitless.
Mimosa mine has built houses for workers in low and medium density suburbs like Lot 4, Lot 2 Eastlea, Platinum Park and many more near the mine.
 "The plan is at an advanced stage, the company is looking at selling its Platinum park houses to employees. The houses will be sold to employees with high grades and therefore most of them in managerial positions," said a source. business