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– Chivhu is going the way of many towns in Zimbabwe when it launches Chikomba Residents and Rate Payers' Alliance on Tuesday next week.
The platform will represent the interests of residents in the town of Chivhu and in Chikomba District.
Some 10 executive members have been organising the launch.
 The executive currently has Collen Zvarevashe as the association chairman, Moses Jiri is the vice chairperson, Richard Gwatidzo is the secretary, Simoyi Zirecho is the organising secretary, Elijah Ruvete is the treasurer an Dexter Fikani Nkomo and Tawanda Maregedze are committee members.
The number of executive members is expected to increase as special interest bodies like the disabled will also appoint their representatives.
Collen Zvarevashe, the association chairman said their executive shall include people from different backgrounds which include the business community, the informal sector, the disadvantaged, youths, churches, arts and talents, civic groups, culture and tradition.
Zvarevashe said Committees which will be at ward level will assemble to appoint the executive committee.
 The association served the council with the notification of their existence on Tuesday. Zvarevashe said they will also hold a meeting with residents in two weeks' time together with councillors. He said the details of the operations of the association are well spelt in their constitution which will be issued at the meeting.
The Association chairman said the thrust of the association is not on local government but on enhancing development through promotion of talents by employing them. He said this will be done through fundraising for the needy children to support their education, assist them with medication, conducting community awareness campaigns on civic rights, promotion of gender equality through promoting women in society and integrating culture in society through cultural activities.
He also said that they were driven to form an alliance because they believe in a community where decisions are both made and implemented by the masses, where health, education, shelter, food and information is a right for every citizen.
Zvarevashe added that the association will open an office in town soon.
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The Aquaculture fishing project has been hailed by Sekenende (Zimuto) small scale farmers in the notion that it has vividly improved the living standards of the vulnerable households in the area.
In an interview with The Mirror, one of the beneficiaries alluded that the project enabled them to source income to pay school fees for their children as well as gaining nutrients from the fish as food.
"The project is helping us in that we are now able to raise fees for our children. From eating fish we are also gaining nutrients which improve our health standards," said Jane Zekiya a beneficiary from the project.
Fishing projects also harnessed the gap of poverty and unemployment rate in the area as a number of 40 members ventured into this type of farming.
 This small productive technological farming is ecologically conducive in that it allows farmers to alternatively engage in other activities such as animal husbandry.
Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development and Member Of Parliament (MP) for Masvingo North Davis Marapira who graced the event, appreciated the farmers for embracing aquaculture production and promised to donate feeds for the pigs which are being reared at the site.
"As I have noticed the project is promising and I thank the farmers for venturing into such type of farming. As way to support them, I am going to give to them food to feed the pigs which they are rearing here," said Marapira. 
However, country director for Aquaculture Zimbabwe Martin Dingwa elucidated that despite the aquaculture being implemented country wide, the farmers are still facing a plethora of problems which include lack of technical experts, adequate resources to cater for the projects and failure to find a reliable market.
"We are facing challenges with the technological experts in the notion that there are a few who have knowledge to this type of farming. The other challenge is the rising of conflicts between the farmers and other members of the community who will be complaining of the usage of water which is sourced from the river," said Dingwa.
Binga, Beitbridge, Mwenezi and Hwange are other districts which are also practising aquaculture projects.
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The number of farmers who attended Chikomba District Agricultural show held at Wiltshire two weeks dropped by more than 60 percent from more than 500 in 2015 to just 209 this year.
There were 58 exhibitors displaying 664 different products.
The number of companies participating at the show also dropped heavily from nine in 2015 to just one this year. The company that attended is Klen Karoo (K2) which deals in seeds.
The Show also had no livestock, making it a sorry sight compared to 2015 when there were 37 cattle.
There were no prizes for the overall winners due to financial constraints. Prices were received by the best farmers in various categories such as in crops, horticulture, art and craft and modelling.
District Agricultural Extension Officer Gibson Tokotore attributed the low attendance at the show to the drought that ravaged the country this year.
The show was held under the theme "Climate change: Agricultural production strategies". Judges for the show were brought from neighboring Buhera District.
Tokotore encouraged farmers to farm different crops in order to suite climate changes and to enhance food security. He also stressed the importance of knowing the best seeds that suit the type of soil in specific areas.
Dignitaries present at the show were the Assistant district administrator Monica Mutsimba,  ….Takawira, Chief Mtekedza, representatives from the department of Livestock production, Agritex and EMA.
Phyllis Chikumbirike (65) from Masasa under Chief Mtekedza was on first position in the craft section, first position in the vegetables section and fourth position in modeling.
Chikumbirike won two big pots for dominating in two categories and a 20-litre bucket for taking fourth position in modeling.
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Zimbabwe is expected to get normal rainfall this year because the effects of El Nino will be replaced by La Nino, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Crop Production and Irrigation Development, Davis Marapira has said.
Marapira said this during a field day held recently in Ward 10 in Bikita. He said the situation has been predicted by meteorologists. He said the meteorologists predicted drought last year after observing the presence of El Nino and this year they have observed the presence of La Nino that has the opposite effect.
Marapira promised Rozva irrigation scheme a new coffer dam. A coffer dam is a temporary structure but holds water.
Rozva irrigation has less than 20% cultivated land due to the problem of water supply, leaking pipes and an old fence.
"I am going to make sure that you get a new coffer dam, the new pipes and the fence we are building are so that you rope new people who are not already in the scheme." said Marapira.
He said Government is introducing command agriculture where agriculture extension workers will be on farmers' backs to ensure that that maximum production is made.
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– A polyandrous marriage has sent tongues wagging in Mkwasine in Chiredzi as two men are living harmoniously together with one wife who they share one bed with.
The three even eat their meals from the same table and one plate.
The woman Mollen Zvidzai confirmed her marriage to Mugari Zibuda known as Chikwanda and the second man only identified as Makamure when The Mirror ambushed her at her homestead for an interview. She however, became evasive and refused to comment further when she became suspicious of the reporter.
The family stays in S Village in Admin, a compound for general workers for Tongaat Hulett and indeginous sugarcane farmers. The polyandrous family has two round huts.
Neighbours told The Mirror that they are no longer surprised by the marriage. They said the marriage initially shocked them but now it looks normal to everyone.
 Zvidzai is popularly known in the compound as Mai Chikwanda.
They said Zibuda who works at Hippo Valley Estates was the first husband and he has four kids with Zvidzai. Zibuda once worked in Mkwasine but was transferred to Hippo when Mkwasine was acquired during the land redistribution program. Zvidzai stays in Hippo Valley during most of the week and regularly visits the compound to see his wife and kids.
When he comes back, he allegedly shares the same bed with Makamure and Zvidzai without any squabbles.
Makamure works as a cane cutter and was at home when The Mirror arrived but he immediately left on a bicycle. He has two children from the marriage. Neighbours said Makamure left his original wife when he eloped with Mai Chikwanda.
Ironically Mai Chikwanda is a known member of Johane Masowe and goes to church together with his second husband.
"I have never heard of a woman who has two husbands, even animals give each other a chance. The husbands need to be mentally examined or they were given love portions because this woman is known for that in this area.
"How can a man wait for another man to finish while you are salivating? If you look at it you can see that this is not normal maybe their minds were disturbed or went to sleep due to juju," said Wills Mujaji a neighbour.
Fadzai Zibuda Chikwanda (29) the daughter of Mai Chikwanda with the first husband confirmed her mother's marriage and said Makamure was also her father.
"Who told you about the woman who has two husbands? Did the people who tell you said I am the one or it is my mother? Yes everyone knows my mother here since we stayed here for a long time together with our fathers. My father works in Hippo Valley and my mother`s young husband is a cane cutter here in Mkwasine," said Fadzai.local news

VHUU pajunction HOTH wasvika.
Yaa correct paMajange apo situated in Masvingo's oldest suburb of Mucheke on your way kuF. Apozve painwirwa naSisi vedu vakatisiya mazuva apera awo (MHDSRIP).
Tiise maoko! Akadii Jah Prezha munyowani.
 HOTH understands that the drinking place has of late regained its past glory with the arrival of this new proprietor ehe uyo anozviti muC number and claims to visit State House from time to time for briefing with the first citizen of the country.
 But HOTH heard kuti anojuta to intimidate people. Manje HOTH haana izvozvo totamba tose gore rino Nishimbo, Nishimani or Nikisi mukwasha wa Rodza chero uChiwanzazvako naNikorasi unochiona gore rino.
Baba angu dziva nhaka.
He drives a Gravunia awa mahombe emubhero awa and stays kuWest America, muvakadzi rukono he was officially married to three wives the other one committed suicide (MHDSRIEP) and the other one left in a huff after failing to stomach the abuse, so kwasara wedumuKaradhi uyu akati handiyende ndinogarira vana vangu, baba angu shoko iwe, vuya uzoona.
You know the person I am talking about, he used to lease a shop at Yeukai business centre and has some Gone yet or Gonyeti which are contracted to do work at this company which brews the wise waters which used to be advertised as international beer from Kenya in the 80s.
Namai vangu diro kudai the guy is causing havoc as imbibers are not going home early these days as he offers free Zondo for every Quart and a free egg for every Gondo quart, manje pane angainda kumba here ipapo, apaMadhuve ichidambugwa, hameno ikoko namai vaDhikondo!
Beware you will get broke soon, so don't say we was not warned! Ask Munyama from Mashaba.
He is not only good at entertaining customers but the fairer sex as well, they are fighting over his sausage or his riches because kwai anobhadhara chaizvo.
Even women of Alike complections have been exchanging blows with Jorijori over him and it took this popular resident (Rasta) to stop the spilling of blood over Nishimbo wekuWanza.
Guys I am talking about big women here, very big and vane zvinhu zvavo, Jorijori akati ndewangu ndakabva naye kwa Yeukai uyuwo akati aah can't you see we look Alike ndewangu haa bhogo chematsenganzungu and Jorijori would have none of that pahuro kachu, fortunately the good Rasta arrived in time to rescue the situation.
Those who witnessed the short boxing match revealed that the match was too close to come up with a winner because matumba aienderana kukanda nekuvhika, ihwitakwi chaidzo.
Let me warn you Jojo vachihera and Araiki weLawez uyu, Nishimbo is in love with the daughter of this woman wandakambonyora uyu friend yaUyoyozve yonini mhanhi ehee the daughter stays in Harare and is married. But anombouya hake kuzoona Nishimbo and checks Inn at local city lodges, yes last time paBash yamudhara she came and HOTH saw her sneaking into one of the lodges for the business of hiding the sausage.
You need Patience to know her don't worry.
Nishimbo does not end there as he also goes for his workers big time and dumps them after satisfying his ego, true anokanda uko without pay futi vhunzai Prusika or Cony who was conned of both her salary and special meat.
Pakadii apo, pakanaka Dhewa, till next week nawo makuhwa!


Police in Chiredzi have barred Tongaat Hullet workers from holding a planned peaceful demonstration against the Minister of State for Masvingo, Shuvai Mahofa.
Police said in response to the application made by workers that the demo was not approved. Instead the letter by the police urged the workers to exhaust all channels.
The demo which was supposed to take place on Sunday last week was intended to appeal to Government to stop arbitrary acquisition of land from their employer Tongaat which is threatening 2 000 jobs.
Adonia Mutero, the general secretary for Sugar Production and Milling Industry Workers Union of Zimbabwe (SPMWUZ) confirmed the development and added that a letter dated August 12 came from the officer commanding Chiredzi District, Chief Superintendent Knowledge Usayiwevu giving notice of the ban.
He said that Police did not give them any good reason for the ban and his union was consulting on the next move to take. He said the case of land acquisition was of major concern to the workers.
"Reference is made to your notice to hold a demonstration in the sugar milling industry against compulsory acquisition of land by government from Hippo Valley, Mkwasine, Mwenezana and Triangle Estates. Your demonstration has not been approved. You are advised to exhaust other channels concerning your grievances to the relevant authority," reads part of the letter.
 "We notified ZRP in accordance with the laws of this country but on Friday we received a letter barring us from going ahead with the demonstration. We were supposed to hold the demonstration on Sunday August 14, 2016.
"Our concern as workers is that we are against job losses which will be caused by the planned acquisition of 4000 hectares from our employer. All we want is to air our concerns as workers. We have appealed to some Government Ministers and if that fail, we are approaching the High Court so that we get permission to express our views as enshrined in the supreme law of the land," said Mutero.
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